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Martin Lawrence Net Worth

The 90 kids know him from the famous comedy show “Martin” and kids today know him as Detective Sergeant Marcus Miles Burnett from “Bad Boys”. You must have got an idea of whom we are talking about here. Yes, he is Martin Lawrence and in this article, we will discuss his early, professional, and love life along with his Net Worth.

We all know Martin Lawrence is a great actor, producer, and comedian. But, how many of you know that he is an excellent golden glove boxer? Only true fans know. If you want inspiration you can always look at Martin’s childhood story. Born to a military man and after the parents got divorced, he was pushed into harsh circumstances. The story of the rise from poverty to the Hollywood superstar is truly inspirational.

Martin started his career in the early 90s. The actor collected a total net worth of $120 million with his hard work and dedication. 

Further in the article, you will find out about the professional and the love life of Martin Lawrence. We have also mentioned the assets owned by the Hollywood superstar. So, let us now begin with the article.

Martin Lawrence

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence is an American Actor, Comedian, producer, writer, and Golden Glove Boxer. He is a well-known television celebrity and talk show host. Martin came to the limelight after he started his TV show, Martin.

Other than the TV shows the actor has given powerful performances in various Hollywood movies as well. His works are majorly filled with different kinds of comedies. Most of the jokes used by the comedian in his stand-ups and tv shows revolve around satire, observational comedy, physical comedy, and blue comedy. 

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Martin Lawrence Early Life

Martin Lawrence Early Life
Source: AmoMama

Martin was born in the family of a US military soldier. His father was on his duty when Martin was born. He was the fourth child in his house and had five siblings. Martin’s father left the military when he was seven and they moved back to the United States from Germany. 

In the United States, the family settled in Landover, Maryland, in Washington DC. When Martin turned eight his parents got divorced. In an interview, Martin said that it was her mother that did different types of jobs to support the family. As a teen, Martin Lawrence became a Mid-Atlantic Golden Gloves boxing contender.

Martin Lawrence Carrier

As we told you, life was hard for Martin after his parents got divorced. He started doing comedy shows in the Washington DC area. Ritch Snyder, a comedian, saw him there and asked him to make connections in New York if he wanted to be a good comedian and earn more.

Martin Lawrence then moved to New York City and participated in a Comedy show, he was a strong contender and made it to the finals. But, somehow was not able to win it. 

This was not the end or we should say this was just the beginning of the Martin Era.

Columbia Pictures Television saw Martin performing on the stage and offered him to come as the guest spot in the “What’s Happening Now”, a famous TV show. This proved to be a big break for Martin Lawrence’s acting career. Soon after the show was over he was offered to host the Def Comedy Jam on HBO. He also started his own show `Martin” which ran from 1992 to 1997, Running a show for five consecutive years is an achievement.

After Martin, the show was over, Lawrence found his way to the comedy movies. He acted in several films, some of the blockbuster films are Nothing To Lose, Big Momma’s House, and Blue Streak. Talking particularly about Big Momma’s House, the sequel of the movie Big  Momma’s House 2, was the number 1 movie at the North America Box Office collection. The movie crossed over $28 million in the first week of release. In the third sequel of the movie Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son, Martin Larence acted as the Big Momma.

Other than these achievements Martin also got a chance to get featured with Jamie Foxx in the trailer for “The Skank Robbers” at the 2009 BET Awards. Lawrence also acted in the movie “Bad Boys”. 

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Martin Lawrence Wife & Affairs

Martin Lawrence Wife & Affairs
Source: Ebony Magazine

Martin Lawrence has a dating and a long divorce history. The actor got engaged with the actress Lark Voorhies in 1993. But, the relationship didn’t work out and both of them got separated.

In the year 1995, Martin married the former Miss Virginia Patricia Southall and was blessed with a daughter in 1996. However, the couple got a divorce in 1997.

The comedian then dated Shamicka Gibbs and married her in the year 2010. This time Lawrence was blessed with two daughters. But, the couple got divorced in 2012.

As of now the American comedian is dating nobody and is still single.

Martin Lawrence Net Worth

As of today, October 2021 the estimated Net Worth of Martin Lawrence is $120 million. 

Here is the list of a few of his salaries 

Work YearSalary
Nothing To Loose1997$6 Million
Life1999$8.5 Million
What’s The Worst That Could Happen?2001$13 Million
Black Knight2001$16.5 Million
National Security2003$20 Million
Bad Boys II2003$20 Million

Martin Lawrence Wealth

Martin Lawrence Wealth
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Mertin lives in the house in Telegraph Springs Rd Purcellville, Virginia, which carries a worth of around $8.5 million. The actor also owns a mansion in Beverly Hills that is around 15,000 sq feet in area and worths almost $27 million. He also owns a Ferrari 458 Italia that costs around $243,000.

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Martin Lawrence Bio

Name Martin Lawrence
Full NameMartin Fitzgerald Lawrence
Date Of Birth16 April 1965
Birth PlaceFrankfurt, Germany
Age56 years
Height1.71 m
Weight75 KG
Marital StatusDivorced
Wife/SpouseShamicka Gibbs, Patricia Southall
ChildrenIyanna Faith Lawrence, Amara Trinity Lawrence, Jasmine Page Lawrence
ProfessionActor, Comedian, producer, writer, and Golden Glove Boxer
Net Worth120 Million
Sexual OrientationStraight

Martin Lawrence Social Media

Martin Lawrence is active on Social media. You can find the comedian on Instagram.

Martin’s Instagram Handle: @martinlawrence

Martin’s Twitter Handle: @realmartymar

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Martin started his career in the early 90s. The actor collected a total net worth of $120 million with his hard work and dedication. Although he was a bit unlucky in his love life. But, extremely successful in his professional life. His command over his talent has made him rule the comedy culture in Hollywood for the last 3 decades. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Martin Lawrence’s net worth?

As of today, October 2021 the estimated Net Worth of Martin Lawrence is $120 million. Martin lives in the house which carries a worth of around $8.5 million. The actor also owns a mansion in Beverly Hills that is worthed almost $27 million. He also owns a Ferrari 458 Italia that costs around $243,000.

How much did Martin make per episode?

Martin earns around $600 K per episode.

Is Martin Lawrence German?

Martin Lawrence was born in Frankfurt Germany as his father was a US Military soldier. But, Martin has American Nationality.

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