Marvels Cloak and Dagger Season 3: Release date, Cast, Storyline

In terms of superhero movies, the Marvel Universe has no competition. Marvel gave birth to most of the superheroes we know today. Almost every Marvel superhero has an individually colossal fan following. And one of the superhero characters Marvel gave birth to is Cloak and Dagger.

Marvel presents the series with the sci-fi superhero genre. Which is Created by Joe Pokashi, Cloak and Dagger is the show based on the comics by Bill Mantlo and Ed Hannigan. The show was first aired on television screens on June 7, 2018. The show is about two teenagers who are from completely different backgrounds. After they become superheroes, their life is changed upside down. This series has a little romantic genre too. If we move further, we will see that both Cloak and Dagger eventually fall for each other. And their superpowers become more powerful whenever they both accompany one another.

There is no need to say that on its first season’s release this show drew a massive fan base. Which is the reason creators even decided to mix it up with other Marvel Superheroes movies.

This show has released its first and second seasons. But after its second season, when will the third sequel show up? Read the complete article to get an answer to this question.

Release Date: Cloak and Dagger Season 3

Marvel Cloak and Dagger became very famous after the release of its first season. Which eventually led to the release of its second sequel. But for the release of its third season, things were different.

From April 4, 2019, the second season of Cloak and Dagger was released and was premiered till May 30, 2019, releasing ten episodes. Few months after the release of season 2. Freeform ( broadcasting network owned by Disney) who released its first and second sequel confirmed the cancellation of, cloak and dagger season 3. Yes, you are reading r; we, we are not going to see the third season of Cloak and Dagger.

After this event took place, Marvel even lost interest and never tried to release the third season of Cloak and Dagger The reasons behind the cancellation of the third season.

The main reason for the downgrading of this show was because Jeph Loeb the head of Marvel TV was going to leave his position. So, therefore, all the shows under him were going to be tossed away.

And television rating was another critical aspect. Though from its first season’s release there was a strong response from viewers but for the second season, the ratings fell almost -40%. That eventually led to the termination of the third sequel’s release.

Cast: Cloak and Dagger Season 3

This series of Marvel has quite a colossal star cast. But there are only two main star casts for this show.

She is Olivia plays one of the two primary casts of the show, the role of Tandy Bowen / Dagger. She has a superpower from which she can create plasma knives/daggers. Due to a childhood tragedy, Tandy and Tyrone both are somehow connected. In the show, she is described as a cynical girl.

He plays the role of Tyrone Johnson/Cloak. He controls the darkness by which he can connect with Dadar. With his superpowers he hides anything inside the night, transport anyone through his dark force dimension. He holds the ability to see other people’s fear.

She plays the role of Adina Johnson, mother of Tyrone. She always wishes for her son’s useful life.

Plays the character of Melissa Bowen, Tandy Bowen’s mother, however, She is addicted to drugs and alcohol. But her nature is always optimistic.

Plays the character of James Connor Though He is an intimidating detective. But he has Prime Police Force who tries to solve mysteries and secrets.

In the show, he is seen as Otis Johnson, father of Tyrone Johnson.

The role of a priest, Francis Delgado is played by him.

She plays the character of detective O, Reilly. she is a detective having exceptional skillsets. Also, the role of Vigilante Mayhem is played by her too.

 Storyline: Cloak and Dagger Season 3

The show revolves around two unlikely teenagers, Cloak and Dagger. In the first season, we get to see that an oil rig from New Orleans is destroyed. However, This event helps our heroes to come closer to each other. But Dagger and Cloak both have very different family backgrounds. In contrast, Dagger is very rich and has a wealthy family background. At the same time, Cloak is not so rich and suffers from a speech disorder.

One day both of our Superheroes are targeted by drug dealers on the streets of New York. But This is where Cloak and Dagger get to form good relations with each other. This is where season 1 came to an end.

In season 2 Tyrone and Tandy take down Andre Deschaine, an evil antagonist. Who by kidnapping young girls wanted to become God of this world. But In the last episode, our superheroes take him down. After that event, they both decide to serve people as superheroes.

During a crossover with third and final season’s superheroes of Hulu’s runways, Cloak and Dagger have to fight a face-off with them. And the second season ends here.

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You can watch the first and second seasons of Cloak and Dagger from


If you loved the storyline and are planning to watch its first and second season then here we have a trailer for you so that you can get a glimpse of the whole season.

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