Amazing Matte Black Nails | Halloween Matte Black Nails That Will Make The Devil Cry!!

matte black nails

Matte is the “IT” choice for whoever wants to paint their nails! It can be any color ranging from light shades like ballet slippers or dark shades like black, the matte finish in all these colors is simply too charming to look away from! With Halloween just around the corner, let us jump into the darker side of the universe today with some of the best matte black nails!

Black, the achromatic color, which isn’t even considered a color in the first place, is actually the most favored color of people these days! And not only these days, but it has long been the favorite color of many even though it was considered inauspicious! All negative connotations are attributed to this spooky color like Blackmarket to black-hearted to the black plague! Even so, these psychological facts won’t let us bid adieu to the chosen color! Or would it? I guess not!

In this spooky month of Halloween, all evil will roam around freely shattering the peace we’ve struggled to establish! So, why not beat those wicked spirits with your stiletto matte black nails!! Here are some of the crazy and classy matte black nails ideas that you surely would not want to part ways with, even when the dark days of Halloween find their end!

So, take out your matte black nail polish and all your nail art accessories to start painting those nails! Let’s get your nails painted as armor to beat the wickedness of Halloween!

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Halloween Matte Black Nails Ideas

matte black nails
Source: Let’s Eat Cake

People will ward off spirits with their wands and magic, but “Pros” do not require such childish tools! We’ll use our classic black nails whose matte finish will blind any evil that comes our way! Was I being too dramatic here? Well! Wait till you see these Halloween matte black nail ideas!

Matte Black And Spiders

Shiny black spiders can not stay hidden in the matte! When those little spiders are painted on your matte black nails, it will add a subtle creepiness to your nails but you should know, that this kind of creepiness will be CHARMING! Ironic? Read further! It’s the creepiness that’s unlike the evil queen’s wickedness, but the cunningness of Cleopatra! It will be the kind of evil you’ll fall in love with! (I guess I’m too much into Halloween even though there’s still a month’s wait!!)

Matte Black Of The Dead

Envision “Grim” (from Powerpuff girls), and paint him or the silhouette of him on your matte black nails! Nothing beats Grim’s ax and it will only empower you to beat those evil spirits from the dead! Let the dark empower the dark! Because whoever said the light was the only way, never tried all the options!!

Matte Black With Blood Red

The red of the blood will submerge into the matte black night! Wow, I’m getting too poetic with these Halloween vibes! Well, leave that! The topic is how to nail your weapons on Halloween’s eve! You should definitely try the shiny red nail paint and let it submerge and fade into your matte black nail paint! The transition of red and black, is truly, Heavenly! Or wait, Hellish!!

Matte Black With Stabbing Chrome

Sharpen your stiletto nails and paint them matte black and chrome! The metallic chrome will give you the courage that you need to guide you on the darkest night of Halloween! You can either do combinations of matte and chrome or either paint your subsequent nails in both these colors! For a spooky touch, add creepy graffitis in your matte black nails but make sure that they are in the same color, which is black and are shiny! The reason being, any other color will make chrome lose its shine on your hands! 

halloween matte black nails
Source: Honestly becca

A Web On Matte

The creepy spider webs are the messengers of the dark! Paint them on your nails and fight your inner devil on the night of Halloween as we’re our own villains!! You can either paint the webs in white color on your matte nails or you lightly paint them on some other nail with a transparent black nail paint on! All you have to do is apply a thin layer of black nail paint and then paint a dark spider web on it! Do your other nails simply with your regular matte black nail polish or it can be in combination with shiny black and VOILA! You’re all set to beat evil!!

Spooky Eyes On Matte

Eyes are our biggest shield on the darkest of Halloween nights guiding and protecting us! Paint some spooky big eyes on your matte black nails and let them guide you through the night! And you know what? It’s rather easy! All you have to do is apply two dots of white and then two dots of black in it and then, you’re all set! You can just add these spooky eyes in one of your nails while painting your all other in different graffitis and graphics!

Vampire Matte Black Nails

Those blood-sucking, ruthless vampires are crazy and not forgetting, scary! But do you know how to deal with them once you cross paths? Show them you’re too strong to run away! Because you should know, they’re driven by chase and hunt! Don’t give them any chance to manhandle you! Bring out your nails in matte black and blood red with fangs and tell them, you aren’t scared, even a bit of it when you are carrying those pesky little creatures on your tiny nails!!!!

Bats On Matte

Bats are a bad omen but we aren’t scared! Bring the challenge on and pain some spooky bats on your matte black nails! Add some more creepiness to your nails by painting a lonely blood moon signifying that the dead have landed on earth! You can do whatever as it’s your Halloween and hence, do whatever you wish!!

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Creepy Laughter Nails

A lonely spirit is laughing at your foolishness. You are wandering all alone on these dark streets! But why not capture them instead and store them in your nails! Store that creepy laughter and ugly fangs on your nails as a reminder, “ONE DOWN!!” Painting laughter on your nails is easier than my complex storytelling! All you have to do is to take nail polish of different colors and paint an ugly and creepy-looking laugh or smile on your matte black nails! 

matte black nails
Source: Let’s Eat Cake

Jack-O’-Lantern On Matte

How can one miss those wicked pumpkins on Halloween, right? Pain those yellowish-orange creepily smiling pumpkins on your matte black nails and VOILA! You’re all ready to ward off spirits!!

Halloween Matte Black Nails On Etsy

Etsy has a beautiful collection of press-on Halloween nails! Here’s a list of some of the best matte black Halloween nails on Etsy!

1Black & White Barbed Wire Matte Long Goth/Emo Halloween Press On Nails
2Matte Black and Red Press On Nails
3Matte Black Green Glow in the Dark press on Nails
4Matte Black Orange Press On Nails
5Pink and black scream
6The Vile Files matte black red silver bloody spooky Halloween creepy murder witchy press-on fake nails 
7Black French Tip Halloween Nails
8Hand-Painted Matte Halloween Press-On Gel Nails
9Spider Web Press On Nails | Halloween Press On Nails
10Halloween Nails Red and Black with blood drips and spiders

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Wrapping Up

The beauty of matte black is beyond comparison and the darkness of it, UNMATCHABLE! We’re entering Halloween month and thus you need to carry your weapon with you! This Halloween, let your spooky nails do the job! Paint your nails in matte black and add whole lots of creepiness to them by adding wicked smiles and complex spider webs! Happy Halloween you guys!


Do matte nails last long?

No matter how much you love your matte nails, don’t expect them to last too long! Matte nails are easier to chip than your glossy ones and hence, they don’t last long!’

How much do coffin matte nails cost?

It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend! Coffin nails can cost you $30 too and even $100! It all depends on your pocket and choices!!

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