Amazing Matte Navy Blue Nails | The Royal Combinations Of Blue!

matte navy blue nails

I’m into the blues, all shades of blue, from the rarest to commonly found! Well, the question is, who isn’t? Blue is the color of royalty and this obviously gives it a major victory among the war of colors! There are innumerable shades of blue and thus, my humble self won’t be able to uncover all but one, navy blue! Oh, a correction, it’s “Matte Navy Blue”!! Let’s uncover the regality of navy blue color in our session of “Matte Navy Blue Nails!!” as the most perfect art is the one in which we paint ourselves and it doesn’t even matter if the canvas is our nail!

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Blue has many shades, as I previously said! But do you know what’s the rarest shade? It’s YINMN Blue! In the words of Bob Ross, “it was a happy little accident”. But I’m not going to delve too much into it because the star of the day is “Navy Blue!” 

Let your inner Picasso out today and join me to paint your beautiful nails in the matte shade of navy blue! There are many ways to bring out the noble beauty of navy blue color. Here are a few examples, you can either make a beautiful transition between shiny and matte navy blue, or you could simply add gems and rhinestones to make the navy blue on your nails pop! Graphic lines and patterns is also one of the ways by which you can beautifully paint matte navy blue nails. These few examples aren’t enough? Well, keep scrolling to know more!!

From our outfits to our nails, we love adorning this luxurious color, flaunting our skin in “the hues of blue!” We have surprises for you in the form of “Classic Matte Navy Blue Nails” to “Gold And Matte Navy Blue Nails!” So bring out your nail art supplies and let’s start! 

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Matte Navy Blue Nails

The regality of matte texture in our nails is far superior to the older shinier ones! I’m not degrading the glossy nails but it’s all about preferences! Matte is classy and those who refuse this, have never really tried out the beauty of matte!

Whenever matte touches any color, may it be black or blue, the beauty magnifies! And I’m not even exaggerating! My fellow matte-loving girls would surely agree! But those who aren’t convinced enough, stay tuned! You are certainly in for a surprise with these classic matte navy blue nails art!

matte navy blue nails
Source: Miss Nails India

Classic Matte Navy Blue

These nails bring out the raw beauty of matte navy blue! As we all know, the greatest of the beauty is that which stays untouched! Hence these nails bring out the purest nobility of navy blue color without any further additions or subtractions! You don’t even have to do much! All you need to do is prep your nails well and generously apply your matte navy blue nail color and VOILA! It’s all done! Simple yet perfect!

Regal Navy Meets The Humble White

The beautiful colors of dusk are truly regal! The stunning transitions and hues keep us going and that’s what we’ll recreate! Although the transition between matte navy blue and white is vastly different from the colors we see during dusk, don’t get stuck too much into the details! The motto is to create a perfect transition here, like dusk! Paint your white nail color as such that it perfectly melts into navy blue and doesn’t create any hard lines! This combination of humble white and royal navy will be heavenly and would fit well with your coffin nails!

Gold And Matte Navy Blue

Gold is royal and so is Blue! So? What happens when two royalties clash? Is the result chaotic or beautiful? If your answer is former then be ready to change your answer to later by seeing this beautiful combination of matte navy blue with gold! You can apply gold with matte navy blue in many ways! You can use simple golden nail color, golden shimmer, golden glitter, and even gold foil! You can also combine gold and matte navy blue with glossy navy blue! If you want to add more shine, try adding few rhinestones to complete the look! The results of matte navy blue with gold will truly bewitch!

Matte Navy Blue With Rhinestones

This is a simple yet elegant matte navy blue nail art! Rhinestones will only add shine to your already royal matte navy blue nails! The process is rather simple! Prep your nails well before applying generous coats of matte navy blue nail paint, and then, add some rhinestones on the ends! You can add rhinestones in any way you wish and no matter what way you choose, the result is only going to be beautiful!

matte navy blue nail art
Source: Pinterest

Matte Meets Gloss

Matte nail paint with glossy? Why not! Matte navy blue nails when done with glossy navy blue nail paint looks absolutely noble! They are the epitome of simple yet beautiful and I’m sure this one is going to be your go-to! If you don’t like too much wishy-washiness on your nails, then this one navy blue nail art is perfect for you! You add glossy navy blue to your matte nails in various patterns! Or you can just simply add your glossy nail paint on the edges of your nails!

Matte, Shine, And Precious Gems

If the previous nail art design was too simple for your taste, then this one will surely satiate you! The starting process is simple as the previous one, but these particular matte navy blue nails will have hints of shine on it! Try adding rhinestones and glittery shimmer on your matte navy blue nails! You can do this to one of your nails while keeping others simple to make sure your glitter and rhinestones don’t overpower your matte navy blue nails! 

3D Matte Nails

3D nail art is truly beautiful, so why not try it out with your matte navy blue nails! Draw a beautiful 3D pattern in one of your nails and combine it with your other matte-painted navy blue nails! The 3D art can be anything ranging from a flower to simple graffiti! Complete the look by adding some gems on your nails and VOILA! You’re all done to flaunt your beautiful 3D nails!

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Matte Navy Blue With Graphics

Graphic lines and patterns add a simple and elegant charm to our nails! To bring out the beauty of your matte navy blue nails, pair them with finely drawn graphic lines and patterns! Graphic art can be anything from shapes to some symbols! Try using light and dark combinations of colors to paint graphics on your nails! The results will truly amaze you!!

matte navy blue nails
Source: Pinterest

Chromatic Matte Navy

Chrome metallic nails are trending nowadays, so why not add their charm to your perfect matte navy blue nails! Try doing the combination of blue chromatic nails with matte navy blue! You can either try out the half-half pattern with one side being chrome and the other being matte, or you can simply do your subsequent nails in either of these! Either way, the results are going to be amazing!!

Light Meets Dark

Light and dark combinations are universally considered the most beautiful! Try pairing your matte navy blue nails with other shades of light blue like turquoise, arctic, teal, sapphire, sky, etc! All these light and dark combinations of blue color will only make your nails look more regal than they originally were! Try doing perfect transitions of light and dark with no hard lines! 

Best Nails Shapes For Perfect Matte Navy Blue Look

The most important thing in painting your nails, even more important than your actual nail art design, is the nail shape you’re doing all that artwork on! To make your matte navy blue nails look more classy, you need an ideal nail shape that will make all the colors pop! Here are some of the best nail shapes to try out matte nails looks!

  1. Coffin AKA Ballerina Nails
  2. Mountain Peak
  3. Stiletto
  4. Edge
  5. Squoval
  6. Almond

Best Nail Paints For A Perfect Matte Look

Many of these nail paints have the power to transform any glossy nail paint into gloss! Just add a layer of them, and voila! Everything turns matte! They will transform all your navy blue nail colors into matte!

  1. OPI Nail Polish Top Coats
  2. JINsoon Matte Top Coat Maker
  3. OPI GelColor Top Coat
  4. Ella + Mila Matte-ly in Love
  5. China Glaze Matte Magic Top Coat

Best Matte Blue Nails On Etsy

navy blue nails
Source: StayGlam

Are you a lazy peep who severely lacks artistic skills? Then here’s a solution! These Etsy matte blue press-on nails are not only beautiful but convenient too! Here are some of the best matte blue nails on Etsy!

1Matte blue glitter press on nails
2Blue Velvet Set | Press Ons | Press On Nails
3Matte Navy Almond Press on Nails
4Etched Blue -Press On Nails
5Berry Blue Nails•Navy blue press on nails with rhinestones
6Black, matte, blue holographic foil, high gloss
7Sapphire Dream Crystals False nails Rhinestone Dark Blue Glitter Fake nails
8BACK TO PLAID – Blue, Purple, or Pink Matte Gel Polish with hand-painted plaid accent nails – Fall Nails – Custom Press On Nails Set
9Old Blue Norse Run-Matte-Navy Blue-White-Hand Painted-Norse-Runes-Press On Nails
10Half Matte Blue Multichrome Press on Nails

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Wrapping Up

The regal beauty of Matte Navy Blue Nails is beyond comparison and hence, here we are! Painting our coffin nails with navy blue nail paint and decorating them with other classic nail art accessories makes beautiful combinations! We can apply gold foil, glitter, rhinestone, etc to our matte navy blue nails to enhance its charm!! There are many other ways and we already learned a few of them today!!


What are some of the best matte navy blue nail arts?

Some of the best matte navy blue nail art designs are-

  • Glitter And Matte Navy Blue
  • Striped Matte Navy Blue Nail Art
  • Graphic Matte Navy Blue Nail Art
  • Rhinestones With Matte Navy Blue Color
  • Gold With Matte Navy Blue Color

What are some of the best matte nail paints?

  • OPI Nail Polish Top Coats
  • JINsoon Matte Top Coat Maker
  • OPI GelColor Top Coat
  • Ella + Mila Matte-ly in Love
  • China Glaze Matte Magic Top Coat

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