Messiah Season 2 CONFIRMED with Mehdi Dehbi as Al-Masih

The Netflix original Messiah is a hit web series. The series was controversial, but it has created a mark among viewers. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for season 2. Michael Petroni is the creator of the series.

Season 1 came on January 1, 2020. And consists of 10 episodes, with a running time of 38-55 minutes. Even before the airing of season 1, the trailer made rounds among viewers. The Intriguing and mesmerizing storyline of Messiah made the show even more anticipatory.

In a short span, the first season became popular among audiences of all ages. The talented cast and unique premises were much appreciated. But, unfortunately, the narration is criticized for being uninteresting and bland.

Moreover, Muslim viewers have taken the series to be a parody and a controversy. Furthermore, Netflix is not allowed to steam it n Jordan, The Royal Film Commission of Jordan.

Messiah Season 2: Release Date

Fans hope for the renewal of Messiah Season 2. But it is deeply saddening that Netflix has ordered a cancellation of the series.

The cancellation of Messiah came on March 26, 2020, by Netflix, after the premiere of season 1. Netflix canceled Messiah after season 1. But fans still have heart, that season 2 might make a comeback on a different streaming network. Until then, the ten episodes of season 1 are available on Netflix.

Messiah Season 2: Cast

With season 2 called off, there is no confirmation about the cast. The cast prior in season 1 of Messiah includes:

  • Mehdi Dehbi plays the character of Al-Masih
  • Tomer Sisley plays the role of Aviram Dahan
  • Michelle Monaghan plays the role of a CIA Case Officer Eva Geller
  • John Ortiz characterizes Felix Aguero
  • Melinda Page Hamilton plays the character of Anna Aguero
  • Stefania LaVie Owen plays the role of Rebecca Aguero
  • Jane Adams portrays Miriam Keneally
  • Sayyid El Alami plays the role of Jibril Medina

Messiah Season 2: Plot

In the previous season of the show we see, a man making an appearance in the Middle East. Soon after, he starts gathering a large group of followers who consider him the Messiah. The large following considers the man as the return of Jesus, Isa.

The return of Jesus is part of the bible and the Quran, which makes the prophecy come true with the appearance of this mysterious man. Al-Masih gains popularity and starts performing miracles. Moreover, miracles raise an alarming suspicion in the western world. Investigations are going on through CIA officer, on the man.

But unfortunately, the final episodes have no cliffhangers. Season 2 is not confirmed. The characters of the show have a satisfactory end. The only speculations we can make is the focus on the return of Jesus.

If some other streaming network picks up the series for season 2, the story may continue. We can also expect a spin-off.

Messiah Season 2: Storyline

The storyline of Messiah Season 1 revolves around the return of Jesus (Isa). The Quran and the bible have mentions of the prophecy.

The sudden appearance of the man, as the Al-Masih, sparks concern and suspicion on an international level.

A CIA officer is in charge of the investigations against the man. Furthermore, a case files against him for causing public disruptions, Also, because he has been gathering a large following. The officer commences on a risky project internationally.

She moves on to discover the real identity of the fake Messiah. The show tests fate, religion, and underlying politics.

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