Beware! Mistakes To Avoid While Dating A Spanish Woman

mistakes to avoid while dating a spanish woman

There’s no going back once you turn SPANISH! Spanish women are simply beautiful and pleasing to look at. But that’s not an all-encompassing definition of how Spanish women are! The lady can kick asses! And if you don’t know what drove her out of her senses, then you are in serious trouble dude! Thus to save your sorry self from getting blue balled, there are a few things you need to keep in mind! You have to know “the mistakes to avoid while dating a Spanish woman”.

We’ve already taught you how to grab hold of your Spanish girlfriend, but it seems you still need a lot of experienced advice! It might be a whole new world for you if it’s your first time dating a Spanish woman. If you love your peace and are constantly stuck in the vicinity of your home then trust me on this- turning to Spanish Woman was a BAD IDEA! But if you really love the girl, which you obviously SHOULD!, then keep reading to find the mistakes you need to avoid in order to keep her by your side. 

A Spanish lady is not your usual American woman, she won’t approach you first and it doesn’t only end at this. If you think you have grabbed a prize once you’ve started dating and leave your girl alone by herself, then that’s the first mistake you’re making! Get to know more about such mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs!

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So? You don’t want Anna running away? Am I right Mr. Enrique? Then let’s stop her from running AWAY! Get the love of your woman back!

Mistakes To Avoid While Dating A Spanish Woman
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If You Are A Foreigner- Know!!

Dating a foreign lady is never an easy task and the more is doubled when your woman is- SPANISH! Where beauty and the sort are only the bait to lure you, and the real deal is actually – her personality! And it becomes really tough for a foreign dude who isn’t aware of how a typical Spanish lady thinks! Thus to help you out, we’ve made a list of things to which you need to pay close attention! Let’s jump to them!

  1. The Language Barrier and the Communication Gap: The first and foremost problem a foreign couple faces is obviously the difference in languages. Language is how we communicate and express our feelings to each other. But if you both aren’t able to communicate properly, then it’s really problematic. As we all have heard, small things lead to big misunderstandings at times, language is the same! Incomplete conversations create big loopholes in your normal dating life. These, later on, make you two grow apart and create situations where the other person thinks “he/she doesn’t understand me!”
  1. Discover your own Love Language: as mentioned earlier, the language barrier creates lots and lots of misunderstandings. Thus to avoid such a scenario, you need to discover your own love language! This doesn’t mean you start “actually” discovering a language with a script. But rather, try to develop some hints, some gestures, some other ways of communication where no words are required! Like a rose for a mistake or maybe even a KISS!
Mistakes To Avoid While Dating A Spanish Woman
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  1. Show Some Interest: as you both are from different cultures and have different traditions, thus, you have to truly get to know each other. You both have been living your life completely differently! And the whole equilibrium is now distorted just because you have to adjust to an invader. Oh no! Not an invader, but AH! YOUR LOVER! Thus, showing a keen interest in her culture and traditions will only show how interested you are in her life! And what your future plans for her are!

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  1. Know How to Adjust!: with different cultures and languages, you both are simply the opposites of each other. Thus it is very important that you avoid phrases like “I’m not used to this”, “you need to understand”, “this isn’t how it’s done in our culture” and the sort. These phrases only signify that you’re trying to mold your girl according to your own convenience. And we all know, who wants that? Thus! Accept the differences and love the differences!.
  1. Accept All of Her!: Now that you have realized that both of you are pretty different, it’s time for acceptance now! You need to accept all of her, with all her FLAWS! Try to be understanding and patient. You have to know that she’s been living her whole life in a certain manner and you can’t just expect her to be the “ideal lady” for you. Everyone has flaws and that is OKAY! If you don’t remember, then here are a few lines by Lord Cohen for you- “ There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” 

Mistakes To Avoid While Dating A Spanish Woman:

Mistakes To Avoid While Dating A Spanish Woman
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  1. Don’t be a Spoilsport: We all know that a usual Spanish lady is very bold and beautiful. Let’s remove that redundancy here! What else is she like? She freaking loves to party! And if you are the sort of person who loves sitting at home eating Chips, then it’s time to leave home dude! Your girl loves being out there having fun and not giving a damn about your sorry ass. Now, if you try to be her dad here reminding her it’s time to leave now. Then she’ll surely tell you, “NO JOSH! It’s not time to leave the party but rather your inexcusable self!” bye-bye! Josh, you’re out of her life now! 
  1. Don’t Compare Her: The most idiotic thing a guy can ever do to his girlfriend is – “COMPARING HER!”. Dude why in the world are you even comparing her to some Max’s girl. She is perfect as she is! And if you don’t find that attractive then why are you even with her? Don’t just outrageously compare a girl’s outfit with your dumb ex! That’s disrespectful and BLASPHEMOUS!

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  1. Don’t Forget her PERIODS!: Okay you’ll be laughing at this one for sure! Why? Because you are an IDIOT! Sometimes, forgetting a girl’s birthday is also not as big a deal as her periods! If you’re actually forgetting why your girl is acting up after every two hours, then we need some serious one-on-one session on women’s psychology here! A girl is a mess of hormones during her periods and not forgetting those worst period cramps. Thus, pay close attention to her and take care of her when she starts crying out of the blue. And here! Don’t commit a sin by asking her- “why are you even crying?” Why are you so curious Josh? Just shut up and take care of her! End of discussion!
  1. Don’t Try to Change Her: As we’re counting all the sins, here comes another! Tell me, Josh, what is wrong with how your girl dresses? Why do you want her to speak in a certain way? Why are you courting death in the first place? Do you want your girl from Spain beating you up and leaving you to date some “Alejandro”?
Mistakes To Avoid While Dating A Spanish Woman
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  1. Don’t Make Her Doubt You: Now comes the sixth sense! Girls always know when there’s something fishy. Thus if you think you can outsmart your Spanish girl, then you’re widely mistaken! The moment you make her doubt you, you’re out of her life! 
  1. Don’t Bad Mouth her Friends!: A common mistake a guy always makes is to judge a girl’s friends circle. Why Josh? Why are you so concerned about how her friend Tina acted at Max’s party? If you are trying to be that harbinger of peace and try to actually suggest your Spanish girl change her friend’s circle, then it won’t end well. The only person to be kicked out of her life WOULD BE YOU!
  1. Don’t Disrespect her: That’s A RED FLAG! Do not disrespect your Spanish girl no matter how angry you are! If you try to disrespect her or any girl at that, she will leave you! Straight! No questions asked! But with few of your bones lying here and there.
  1. Don’t tell her Everything: Now again, why did you tell her how many girls you kissed or made out with before meeting her! With NAMES! That’s unnecessary information! Try to keep some things to yourself as a girl’s mind is really complicated. She can make any theory to connect all the dots and leave you before you even get to ask- “WHAT?WHY?HOW?WHEN?”.
  1. Do Not Mock Her, especially When in the Company of Others: Many guys mistake the idea of making a girl seem comfortable with them to making fun of them. At times just to lighten up a mood, if you make fun of her outfit in front of your friend circle, then you know what will happen? You’re spending the night out JOSH!
  1. Don’t Force Her: That’s the bottom line if you’re trying to coerce your Spanish girl into doing something she isn’t comfortable with. Then sorry! You’re up for a serious fight. Spanish girls are very outspoken and if you think you can make a puppet out of her, then it’s a no-go! 

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Mistakes To Avoid While Dating A Spanish Woman
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Spanish girls are very outspoken and if she feels like there’s something missing, then she can and will look for it somewhere else. But if you love your girl and want to spend your whole life with her. Then, it is necessary you pay close attention to what she does and doesn’t like!

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