Mister Donut x Pokémon fukubukuro lucky bag is a deliciously cute adventure

Mister Donut x Pokémon fukubukuro lucky bag

Oh great! Here some bags for your doughnuts calendars, for your doughnut shopping days and everything. 

Lucky season bag! Finally! We all love it and you would definitely love it! It is very important to treat ourselves for 2021. That’s why these contents have been announced and the release dates of 2021 MisDo Pokeman lucky bags are here.

These pokemon/mister doughnut collaboration bags will be up for sale in mister doughnut shops throughout japan on December 26. All they come up in three different shapes and types separated by the number of doughnut coupons they have and the pokemon goods involved in them.

The cheapest price is priced at 1,100 yen (US$10.64) and it includes 10 doughnut coupons and one of the themes is the recently selected 2021 calendar and a tote bag. The tote bag will have everyone’s favourite gen starters and the starters from shield and sword just like them every time. Chansey also makes an appearance. 

The bag came up with 20 donut coupons, one of the two zipper pouches, one of the two tote bags, one of the two different designs of masking tape and a calendar and these were included in the 2,200 yen bag. 

The zipper pouch is a first in the lucky bag series of MisDo Pokemon series. 

Now the 3,300 yeh bag includes 30 donut coupons and it includes tote bag, zipper pouch, zipper bag, a calendar, masking tape and a planner.

You have a lot of bags to put your coupons in it. 

You have to use all your coupons by May 31, 2021. And we don’t think it will be an issue for you while considering the fact that you can use them for cherry blossom season. You can have some serious snacking in 2021. 

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