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money heist cast and all seasons review

What’s your take on the famous Spanish series Money Heist? Did you love the thrill of the show or found it quirky and prolonged at some points? This post is specifically, made to give you a complete Money Heist Cast and All-Seasons Critic Reviews.

Not every heist(robbery) you know is boring and old-fashioned. Some are well dressed and entertaining too, like the one we see in Money Heist. The signature red jumpsuits add the whole amazing feel to the drama. Until now the series has four seasons nicely wrapping the attention of the viewers with some loop ends too. Read the complete review of all seasons of Money Heist by critics here.

Money Heist is quite a fast-paced story with excellent hooks and characters. This series targets capitalism with its iconic dress and Dali masks. Get to know the main plot of the story, the amazing Money Heist Cast, and an overview of the series in this post.

English Conversation About TV Progr...
English Conversation About TV Program

Some feel the drama is overhyped and some find it interesting. While there are so many ups and downs in the show, that at some points the show is felt running out of the real plot. 

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Money Heist Cast and All-Seasons Critic Reviews

Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of this series. After completing the fourth season you are sure to ask when is the 5th season coming? It’s sure to come up soon.

Is Money Heist Worth Watching?

Money Heist Cast and All-Seasons Critics Reviews; Is Money Heist Worth Watching?
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Where many people enjoyed this Spanish series, Money Heist, some people found it below the box too. The first two seasons were the most loved parts of the series after which the series was felt like losing track. The actors did a fantabulous job and earned a huge fan following. Let’s find out whether the series is worth the watch or not?

Money Heist Plot

Money Heist is a crime robbery show. An Enigmatic professor forms a group of robbers and criminals around whom the whole plot of the story is based. Professor has been planning a grand robbery for which he trains the group for five months. His target is to rob the Royal Mint of Spain.

The dress code for robbers which is red jumpsuits and Dali masks has a whole different fan base. The professor has trained the group in such a way that they can face every twist and turn coming their way to rob. The whole show focuses on his meticulous plan. The robbers stormed the Royal Mint taking the people inside hostage.

The Professor trained the group so well that even they got caught, they won’t spill out each other’s names. In fact, the group was not allowed to use their real names and no indulgence in personal relationships, as per the set rules. The Professor along with the group plan to print untraceable banknotes worth 2.4 billion euros.

When the rules will break, there will be consequences. In the third season, the gang is caught up by the authorities. After that excessive drama, a hail of bullets, and clinky writing sets a shaky foundation for this season. The over drama was not required and doesn’t have to do much with a Heist. This laid the attention of the audience off from the series.

Money Heist Cast And Their Role Plays

Cast And Their Role Plays
Source: Film Daily
  • The mastermind behind the heist is played by Alvaro Morte. He is the real brain behind the robbery, who trains and recruits the team according to his set rules.
  • The role of a gang leader named Berlin is played by Pedro Alonso, who is also shown as a close friend to Alvordo in the series. Berlin comes up with some of the best moments as he is shown as an ill psychopath and a narcissistic.
  • Alba Flores did full justice to her role in Nairobi. She is a badass forger who knows how to deal with men working under her. With good leadership qualities, she’s also portrayed as a playful innocent character.
  • Miguel Herran and Ursula Corbero are young couples in love. Also, their relationship gets on the track of the group’s forgery plan many times putting them in trouble. Corbero is also the narrator of the series.

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  • The father-son duo of Moscow and Berlin is played by Paco Tous and Jaime Lorente who are the miners in charge of the escape tunnel. 
  • The Giant Mercenary Oslo is played by Draco Peric who has given the most memorable performance in the series with his real emotions.
  • Murillo, the inspector in charge of the robbery for the first season is played by Itziar Ituno.

Money Heist Detailed Review by Critics

Money Heist Detailed Review by Critics
Source: Daily Express

The thrilling Money Heist got its worldwide popularity for a single heist plot that didn’t change throughout the 4 seasons. No one else ever bothered to come up with such thrilling style as this one. The Ocean’s Trilogy was exceptional.

Money Heist is a pure treat for fans, as its twisted plots, the planned and unplanned heist thrillers were commendable. Not just the crime and robbery but the series contains the plots of love and relationships too. The charm of Spanish TV is clearly visible in the series.

The show was quite entertaining but is overhyped for sure. It’s good but not that great to be called the best show. The series was trolled for its weak scriptwriting that made the dialogue delivery look a lot more unrealistic.

The overall performance by the cast was brilliant. We all love and hate the characters for our own reasons. That’s totally justified. The whole plot revolved around the professor’s robbery plan but if you have watched the series you can clearly find out the loopholes in between.

The over-dramatization was a sure distraction for the audience. It seemed like the excessive yelling of the characters diverted the audience from the main plot of the story. The role given to policemen was immature and looked dumb.

Money Heist Series Overview

SeasonPartEpisodesRelease Date
1192 May 2017
2616 October 2107
23819 July 2019
483 April 2020

Shows Like Money Heist

Enjoy the intense money heist drama, then you’ll definitely like these ones too. Have a look at Shows like Money Heist!!

1. Narcos

Ambition, passion, drama, drugs, and thrilling action. Narcos didn’t have any edges like Money Heist but it surely matched the action sequence as in Money Heist. You can’t go wrong with Marcos. On top of that, Narcos is based on a real-life drug lord!

2. White Lines

Loved the heist, the romantic vibes, the storyline of Money Heist? You can’t miss out on White Lines then. It’s full of deals gone wrong, wild sex parties, and lots of drama worth watching.

3. Peaky Blinders

Ahh!! Damn, you can’t miss Peaky Blinders. This series is so irresistible just like Money Heist. At every next episode, there are twists and turns that keep you craving for more. It’s an epic show about the lives and lies of the Shelby family.

4. Ozark

Ozark has nothing to do with moneyheisting , in fact, it deals with money laundering. Sounds boring, right? But this series turned the storyline upside down with its an intense and thrilling crime story.

5. Dirty Money

Enjoy made-up and fake money heist and crime stories. Why not try something real? Dirty Money is based on true-life documentaries on real-life criminal masterminds. Be ready for a thrilling experience.

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Above all the drawbacks and distraction factors, you can’t call the show an overall flop either a hit show. It was quite engaging and kept intruding on the audience from time to time with its twists and turns. Not the greatest show, but a good one.

No doubt Money Heist is an entertaining show. If you want to watch it just for entertainment, it’s a good show. But getting too deep into the show may disappoint you at some points. The cliffhanger endings are sure to keep you hooked. It is one of the most hyped web series available on Netflix. Watch this amazing heist and do share your views on how you like it.

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