Most Attractive Hair And Eye Color Combinations | The Spectrum Of Colors Making You Effortlessly Beautiful!

Most Attractive Hair And Eye Color Combinations

Hair and eye color combinations that will make you effortlessly beautiful. #saynotomakeup!

Your LV bag or Gucci dress might woo a gentleman’s interest, but a flick of your shiny voluminous hairs and a wink of those beautiful orbs aren’t so behind the line making his little heart run a few laps! Did you know dressing is an art worth matching your hair and eyes? Did you know that a satin red dress would’ve gone best with a combination of Black hair and green eyes for your Saturday date night? Well, if you didn’t, welcome on board! Here’s a list of the most Attractive Hair And Eye Color Combinations that will make you a walking diva of your town! 

Fashion has numerous rules and that’s what makes it so worthy of an art! Not everyone is born with a sense of style and thus we go on changing ourselves, transforming even, to look our best version! The version that not only makes us confident but pleases the eyes of those passing by! I mean I have seen beautiful girls looking like a disaster owing to their lack of style. Like seriously girl! Did you think just effortlessly bleaching your locks was enough? Obviously not! 

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Your hair color and even your eye color need to be perfectly matched for you to shine effortlessly! Blondes with Blue eyes, Brunette with Hazel eyes, Black with Green, Redheads with ocean blue eyes are some of the most charming hair and eye color combinations! And you know what, these aren’t even gender-specific! Any guy can also pull these combinations effortlessly to be regarded as naturally beautiful! 

There are many attractive hair and eye color combinations that are definitely worth a try and you know what? Some of them are even RARE! Let’s hook you up with fashion and style today, and add your name to the list of #naturallybeautiful!

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Most Attractive Hair And Eye Color Combinations

Are you of the same idea that Blondes with blue eyes are the most beautiful? Well, let’s break your myth with facts today! Data collected by Badoo shows that Brunettes with blue-colored eyes are considered most beautiful by gentlemen! Well, who cares what men want or desire as women certainly don’t get those long extensions for men who don’t even recognize the efforts behind fashion and style!  So keeping all the gender-related bias aside, I’m going to make you count the most attractive hair and eye color combinations that please “your eyes”! To hell with what everyone thinks (might be a bit hypocritical from how I started but then again, who cares!!)

Red Heads With Forest Green Eyes

most attractive hair and eye color combinations

The picturesque beauty trapped in the eyes and hairs of a beautiful lady depicting a pleasant spring morning full of colors, soothing the hearts of the bystanders! That’s how I would describe the combination of red hair with forest green eyes! This combination looks so bewitching that it mesmerizes almost, ANYONE! This combination when paired with a few freckles on your nose and cheeks will definitely give you “the medieval beauty” charm!

Brunettes With Hazel Eyes

brunette with hazel eyes

Often under-appreciated brunettes will be surprised to know that they top the men’s preferences, more so than blondes! So, have you wondered what happens when a Brunette with hazel eyes appears? Well, all I will say is that she will be called- “all synonyms of beautiful!” This combination of hair and eye color has some fierceness to it that gets mellowed down if one looks into the beautiful soft hazel eyes which is deeply in contrast with the dark hairs that signify power and determination!

Blond Hair And Dark Brown Eyes

blond with dark brown eyes

Blondes with blue eyes are so common that they don’t interest people anymore but the charm is never-ending when dark brown and blond comes into the picture! Blond hair with loose curls and brown eyes with foxy eyeliner is definitely a go-to look for any college party!

Black Hair With Ocean Blue Eyes

black hairs with ocean blue eyes

Black hair and ocean blue eyes are one of my favorite hair and eye color combinations! The balance of light and dark is really charming and, breaking all the racial norms here, I would say, the dark-skinned people with black hair and ocean blue eyes are most attractive! As rare as it may be, this is certainly one of the most fascinating plays of colors and is definitely worth a try!

Blond Hair With Dark Blue Eyes

most attractive hair and eye color combinations

Well although it has become quite natural as many actresses top this look but do you know how rare naturally blonde women are? So cheers to the unique characteristics, this classic Marylin Monroe combination of hair and eye color will never get out of style! A bob cut with loosely styled hair and bold eyeliner will definitely be the best way to pull off a classic look!

Black Hair With Grey Eyes

black hairs with grey eyes
Source: Flickr

We all know the spectrum of colors and how grey dwindles off in the world of black and white, making it so regal! And when paired with black, it’s simply alluring! This charming hair and eye color combination of black and grey are very much suited for a gentleman in a well-fitted suit but it can also be pulled off with a loose-fitting white t-shirt and denim too! This is a unisex kind of hair-eye color combination and just anyone can pull it off beautifully, but obviously, with style!!

Brunette With Grey Eyes

hair and eye color combinatioms
Source: Wallpaperbetter

Brunettes are simply a unique creation of nature and when a brunette meets grey, it is just REMARKABLE! Brunette with grey eyes is a kind of beauty that has a subtle charm and quirkiness to it! With a hint of freckles, this will make you an effortless beauty!

Black Hair With Aniridia Black Eyes

most attractive hair and eye color combinations

You might have gotten mesmerized with black eyes that seemed to shine so brightly even in darkness, well they were, to put it simply, aniridia eyes! This is actually a chromosome mutation in which the iris seems too small that the pupil looks large and super black! People who have such eyes are very alluring and when they have black hairs, the combination is absolutely mind-blowing, like you’ve just met a living Cleopatra, a natural charmer!

Red Hairs With Ocean Blue Eyes

red hairs with ocean blue eyes

Red hairs give off fairytale vibes signifying fierceness and strength! However, when paired with a beautiful ocean blue, the fierceness melts off to give gentle and innocent vibes! Was it too poetic? Well, this combination actually makes you a poet just to praise the beauty of it! 

Black Hair With Coffee-Colored Eyes

black hair with coffee colored eyes

Black hairs are common and even brown eyes are but what are the odds that they end up together? Well to specify, many! But the light coffee-colored eyes when paired with dark black hair often leaves you speechless and that’s why it is one of the most attractive hair and eye color combinations! 

Blond Hairs With Blue And Green Eyes

most attractive hair and eye color combinations
Source: The Today Show

We all are allured and mesmerized by the unique traits and that’s the same case with a set of eyes having different colors! What are the chances that blue eyes and green eyes will cohabitate together? Very few right? Well, this is what makes it all the more attractive! The combination of blue and green eyes paired with blond hair is BEAUTIFUL! 

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Black Or Brunette Hair With Red Eyes

black with red color combination

Am I getting too fantastical here with this unusual Cullen-like eye and hair color combination? Obviously not! We all know how beautiful those red orbs can be and paired with black hair, I’m already drooling over the look girl! 

Rare Hair And Eye Color Combinations

Rare hair and eye color combinations are simply Alluring to look at as we tend to be fascinated by the sheer uniqueness of it! Although blondes with blue eyes are most commonly seen, the natural ones are very rare to find! Not forgetting the charm of black hair and forest green eyes as this combination are also very rare coupled with naturally red eyes! 

The game of hair and eye color combinations can go far beyond natural ones and we can simply go on experimenting! Like you might have already seen a couple of posts mentioning the possibility of purple eyes and black hairs and as beautiful as they can be, it’s actually pretty rare to find! 

Additionally, people with different eye colors in both eyes are also very fascinating to look at, no matter what hair color they have. Why? Well, obviously the oddity and uniqueness of it is a huge factor! 

Best Hair And Eye Color Combinations For Men And Women

1Black Hairs And Blue EyesBlond Hairs With Blue Eyes
2Blond Hairs And Grey EyesBlond Hairs With Grey Eyes
3Red Hairs And Forest Green EyesBlack Hairs With Grey Eyes
4Black Hair With Red EyesBlack Hairs With Green Eyes
5Black Hair With Aniridia Black EyesRed Hairs With Green Eyes
6Blond Hairs With Dark Blue EyesBlack Hair With Hazel Eyes
7Red Hairs With Hazel EyesBrunette With Hazel Eyes
8Red Hairs With Grey EyesBlack Hair With Blue Eyes
9Black Hairs With Coffee-colored EyesBlack Hair With Red Eyes
10Blond Hairs With Brown EyesBlack Hair With Aniridia Black Eyes

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Who knew fashion had so many rules! Who knew the color combination of hair and eyes should also be well matched just like our outfits! Indeed, the role played by the hair and eye colors is far greater than we all assessed, and thus it becomes vital that we up our styling game a bit! So even if you aren’t naturally endowed in that part, worry not! Book yourself a salon appointment and buy the contacts in any color you wish, then VOILA! Off you go charming the streets!


What hair and eye color combination is the rarest?

Blond hairs with blue eyes, black hair with forest green eyes, and red eyes, in general, are some of the very rare hair and eye color combinations!

What hair and eye color combination is best for guys?

A combination of dark green eyes and black hair, and blond hair with hazel colored eyes is best suited for guys!

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