The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World That Make Your Heartthrob!

The beauty of eyes: Most beautiful eyes in the world

Eyes are often called the “the gateway of heart”. They reflect our emotions, desires, expectations, and whatnot. Wherever we meet a new person, What do we notice first? I would say, their eyes! They reflect everything one needs to know. At times we get intimidated by them, sometimes we shy away, sometimes we challenge, and sometimes we cower. Our eyes truly give us away. But the question is what are the most beautiful eyes in the world?

It’s a rather subjective question, “the most beautiful eyes in the world”. No single human being has the same expectations and the definition of beauty is rather vague. It all comes down to “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.  

The unique and rare existence of anything is fascinating and eye-catching. This makes us question whether rare is beautiful or not? As a human mind is always intrigued by the rare and unique. So here certainly a rare eye color would be beautiful but that’s not always the case. Human emotions are inexplicably deep and the shallow measurements of science will never be an answer for the adjectives of the English language. What might be beautiful for one might not be for others! Thus it’s wise to say everything is beautiful and the most of it is the mind that perceives such beauty and beyond. 

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Without further delay, let’s find out what are the most beautiful eyes in the world that will make your heartthrob, and do they even exist? 

What Are The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World?

As I’ve said before, “eyes are the gateway of heart” which makes us wonder about the person who has them. Or we may sometimes even ask questions like – “Does such person even exist?”. Questions like these might seem trivial to many, but people always try to find validation for what they consider beautiful. Thus, before jumping onto the question of who? Let’s first find answers for what? What is beauty and who is regarded as beautiful?

What is Beauty? 

beautiful eyes
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Beauty as we all know is a social construct with subjective expectations that cannot be reasonably defined. As Hume has rightfully explained, “beauty is contemplation”, it is contemplated by one’s mind and thus exists in one’s mind.

Many philosophical discussions have been made to describe whether the construct of beauty is- subjective or objective? It is the personal attitude of a person that makes him/her believe whether something is beautiful or not. However, although subjectivity explains beauty, it doesn’t encompass everything that nature has to offer. Thus, comes the objective construct in explaining beauty that is universally agreed on. Here, for example, everyone agrees that a good heart, feelings of compassion, and humility are good qualities, beautiful even.

Hence, keeping in mind the objective and subjective constructs of beauty, we’ll be finding out what the most beautiful eyes in the world are and look like!

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Why Are Eyes Even Considered Beautiful? 

 most beautiful eyes in the world
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Coming to the most important question here! Why are we even talking about eyes and not something else? It’s because eyes reflect the soul of a person! Thus, people look for eyes if they want to know a person in a better manner. It’s usually the first and foremost feature we notice in anybody. In psychology too, the psychologist looks into the eyes of the person to decipher what’s going into his/her head. Thus, eyes it is! The most important feature is to enjoy the beauty of this world.

Are There Any Standards For Beautiful Eyes? 

most beautiful eyes in the world
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Every country or culture has different perceptions of beauty. For countries like India where most of the population has black or brown eyes, rare eye color is considered rather beautiful. For those who have it, cherish it.

South Korea: There are countries like South Korea where beauty standards are very strict. There, being beautiful is a luxury and thus many plastic surgeries happen in South Korea to join the race of the beauties. In South Korea, double-lidded eyes are considered most beautiful as most of the population has hooded eyes. Thus, many young girls go through the knives to get to that standard of beauty.

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China: In China, in many light novels, one will find that oftentimes the main protagonist, the female lead, is described as having “doe-like” eyes. So I guess we can say that having eyes that are doe-shaped is considered beautiful in China.

Japan: Can you recall your favorite Kawaii Japanese character? No? let me remind you then! all cute Japanese characters, may it be in a manga or an anime will always have those signature big eyes with long eyelashes. This compels one to believe that big eyes are considered beautiful as people from East Asian and Southeast Asian countries have small hooded eyes.

But here the question arises? Is such beauty important? Who set such standards? A human right? Why is everyone so ardently believing that such a construct is beautiful? one can only wonder!

The Degrees of Beauty – Answers to Least and Most

most beautiful eyes in the world
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The beginning of this discussion started with the adjective “most beautiful”. Hence the question arises, who is measuring such beauty, or is beauty even measurable? Can one quantify the degree to which something is beautiful or not? My humble answer would be NO! But if we were to ever explain, could we have? I don’t know but let’s try finding the answers to those adjectives!

Let’s be creative and use economics to measure beauty! To try that, let’s first try to find the relationship between beauty and satisfaction. It is widely accepted that beautiful things, events, etc provide us satisfaction, it might be temporary but the satisfaction is present. Now linking these two variables of beauty and satisfaction together, I’d be applying the economic concept of “the law of Diminishing Marginal Utility”. I would try to define those degrees and where does it lead us to?

This law states that as we consume more, the satisfaction that is derived initially keeps on decreasing. So if we change the word consume with “admire”, “cherish” etc, and apply it here, then the more beauty we admire, the degree to which we appreciate and derive satisfaction from it will diminish. Thus, what was immeasurably beautiful at first is reduced to a lesser and lesser degree. Hence, there comes the hypothesis that what was considered as most beautiful at first is also the same beauty that can be reduced to least. Thus, most or least, beauty is BEAUTY!

Do The Most Beautiful Eyes Even Exist?

most beautiful eyes that make your heartthrob
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Subjectively and objectively, the answer to this question is YES! They do exist. The rare and most beautiful combination of colors in the irises is considered the most beautiful. Green eyes and even gray eyes are considered very rare and thus, they can be considered the most beautiful as people are awed by the rarity of things. But there are no limits to what can be considered beautiful. For a child, his mother’s eyes are most beautiful and for a lover, his/her beloved’s eyes are most beautiful. Thus subjectively, it’s the beholder’s choice and their biased expectations define the existence of a beautiful pair of eyes. 


All eyes are beautiful, even if they work or not. It’s a subjective construct at best that can be at times objectively defined. However, the degree to which one’s eyes can be considered beautiful is questionable as it is an emotion that can not be measured.

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