9 Most Expensive Apartments In The World | Experience The Luxurious Lifestyle!!

Most Expensive Apartments In The World

Do you fancy living a luxurious lifestyle? Well! Well! Well! You got heard, as we bring to you some of the amazing and most expensive apartments in the world. Experience the luxury you have always dreamt of residing in any of these beautiful places from around the world.

Most Expensive Fan
Most Expensive Fan

What makes these apartments so expensive that very few can actually afford them? Among the various factors responsible for the high cost of these apartments, one of the major reasons is the locations where these apartments are set up in places like Dubai, New York, London, and many other places. These places are the hub for billionaires!!

Many royal celebrities live in these apartments making the worth of these places even higher. You get A1 quality services here, from food to maids and everything else. You can choose one according to your need like one with a side lawn, one with a big swimming pool, one with a mesmerizing view or a complete glass finish. 

If you are willing to pay a good amount to ensure that you get the best of the best services and safer areas with the most beautiful views and amenities, then these apartments ought to be on your bucket list for sure. Have a tour!!

9 Most Expensive Apartments In The World

Nothing can replace the comfort of being in your own home and doing whatever stuff you love to do without worrying about people. To give you the best experience of sumptuous living, here are the top 9 most expensive apartments in the world that offer top-notch living standards. 

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9. Capella The Club Residence

Most Expensive Apartments In The World; Capella The Club Residence
Source: Capella

Land of shopping malls, and the most beautiful skyline, Singapore is the most admired city for its tall and posh buildings. Capella The Club Residence is one such wonderful apartment in Singapore that has been listed in the world’s most expensive apartments. The living standard in Singapore is quite elevated.

In its high standard of living Capella, The Club makes the best place to reside. You can either buy this apartment or can rent the place. You get some of the best services here with first-class amenities.

Cost: $40,000

8. Le Reve Penthouse

Most Expensive Apartments In The World; Le Reve Penthouse
Source: Luxuryproperty.com

The Burj Khalifa, luxurious apartments, and glamorous shopping malls give you a clear idea about the richness of Dubai. In fact, UAE is the world’s 3rd richest country. Le Reve Penthouse is the finest place where you can dream of residing with your family.

You get 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a separate study, and a grand hall. The best part is the private elevator for your apartment. You also get an inbuilt gym, steam room, and much more free space for other stuff. 

Cost: $12 million

7. Le Panorama

Most Expensive Apartments In The World; Le Panorama
Source: James Edition

Known for its luxurious beaches and casinos, Monte Carlo is also a hub for various riches like the Le Panorama, one of the best apartments in the world. This place is so beautiful and covers around 157 sq. feet of area. 

You can enjoy an overwhelming view from this apartment as it’s located at the heart of Monte Carlo. You get 4 personal parking spaces here, with 6 king-size bedrooms and bathrooms, and an amazing soundproof cinema. Wow!! 

Cost: $13 million

6. 16e

Most Expensive Apartments In The World; 16e
Source: My Luxury Villas

From the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, to its magnificent architecture, Paris is a wealthy and most beautiful city in the world. Paris is also home to one of the most expensive apartments in the world, i.e. 16e. I personally love this apartment so much.

For all the business persons, this is a perfect place to live in as it has an inbuilt office, 5 large bedrooms, one courtyard and a mesmerizing view of the city of lights. The interior design is so wonderfully done with golden finishing which gives the apartment a classy royal look.

Cost: $23 million

5. Federation Tower

Most Expensive Apartments In The World; Federation Tower
Source: Luxuatic

Moscow is a wonderful city known for multiple things like its industries, culture, educational capital, and science. Federation Tower is one of the most expensive places in the world where you can plan your living. It’s located in Moscow, the populous city of our country. 

You’ll be mesmerized to witness the amazing views of Moscow from this beautiful apartment. You are offered 7 bedrooms and a spacious living area. The entire space is made of a glass finish. 

Cost: $39 million

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4. One Thousand Museum Penthouse

Most Expensive Apartments In The World; One Thousand Museum Penthouse
Source: 1000 Museum

Miami, a place best known for its beautiful beaches and sandcastles also stands on the list of having the most expensive apartments in the world. One Thousand Museum Penthouse is the most luxurious place to reside in Miami. 

You get the best views of the downtown living at this apartment. As it’s located at the heart of Miami. The design is commendably good and includes a large terrace around 1,000 sq. feet. Wow!! You get a completely luxurious feel residing here with six bedrooms, a private poolside, and 8 bathrooms.

Cost: $49 million

3. Residence Odeon Tower

Most Expensive Apartments In The World; Residence Odeon Tower
Source: The Pinnacle List

Monaco is well known for its Billionaire background, casinos, lavish apartments, etc. Residence Oden Tower is one of the richest apartments in the world. The apartments here are well praised for their breathtaking views and refined living facilities. 

You get a 4BHK apartment with a cellar and a high-tech kitchen. The apartments are so beautiful and spacious. 

Cost: $67 million.

2. Le Penthouse

Most Expensive Apartments In The World; Le Penthouse
Source: City Realty

New York is well known for business tycoons, art museums, exclusive shops, and the royal lifestyle. Another thing what New York is famous for is its most expensive apartments like Le Penthouse. It’s the second most costly apartment in the world. It’s situated at the core of NYC. The apartment is situated in a 19,815 sq. feet area. 

The apartments are amazingly provided with live-in nannies to help you with your child and house stuff. The apartment is worth paying for as it provides the best contemporary lifestyle.

Cost: $98 million

1. One Hyde Park

Most Expensive Apartments In The World; One Hyde Park
Source: Knight Frank

Known for its World Class Museums, Global Status, Tea Culture, and the famous Buckingham Palace, London is also famous for being one of the most expensive apartments in the World. One Hyde Park is situated in London and is one of the most luxurious places there to reside. 

What makes this place so costly is the building material used for its making like an ozone swimming pool. 

Cost: $237 million

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To Sum Up

Hope your hunt for the best apartments in the world joyfully ends here. In this post, we talked about the 9 most alluring and expensive apartments in the world that are commendable for their living facilities and A1 services. What else can you wish for!!

If you liked the post, do share it with your friends and family. Tell us which is your favorite apartment that resembles your dream place in the comments section below. To get more worldwide updates, stay tuned! 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Most Expensive Apartments In The World

Where is the most expensive apartment in the world located?

It’s in Monaco. The most expensive apartment in the world is Odeon, The Sky Penthouse. 

Which is the richest apartment in the world?

The five richest apartments are:
1. CitySpire Penthouse, New York – Worth $100 Million.
2. House No 1, The Peak, Hong Kong – Worth  $102 Million.
3. Ritz-Carlton Penthouse, New York – Worth $118 Million.
4. Penthouse D, One Hyde Park, London – Worth $237 Million.
5. Odeon Tower Penthouse, Monaco – Worth $440 Million.

What is the most expensive thing in the world?

The most expensive things in the world are:
1. “Graff Diamonds Hallucination Watch” – USD 55 million.
2. “1963 Ferrari 250 GTO” – USD 70 million.
3. “Bluefin Tuna” – USD 3.1 million.
4. “Antilia, Mumbai” – USD 1-2 billion.
5. “Manhattan Parking Spot” – USD 1 million.

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