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Knock knock!! Who’s there? Well, luxury boots are on your way! You’re welcome on our humble yet extravagant adobe that serves everything lavish!!! It is not a hidden fact that gentlemen and ladies like the finest leather in their boots! Any problem with that? NO! We all know genuine leather comes at a cost but how much? Aha! That’s why we’re here! Well, not for leather per se, but for the most expensive boots! 

Best Western Horseback Riding Boots
Best Western Horseback Riding Boots

I was once told that I had a rich taste and an eye for luxury! I, obviously, humbly denied such statements and went on with my new Louis Vuitton’s! Well! End of story! If you like luxury boots and want to add some of these magnum opuses in your closet, then check out these most expensive boot catalog! Additionally, we also have covered the most expensive whiskies, swords, sunglasses, things, chains, etc! We at Deasilex are the humble patrons of everything luxurious so why not board this ship to the world of lavishness!!!!

For those wondering what you’ll be seeing in our five most expensive boot catalogs, here’s a reminder! No LV’s or Gucci’s are on the list? Baffled? As expected! Wondering which brand would sell the most extravagant and luxurious boots? Well, keep on guessing until you move further! However, to satiate your curiosity, I’ll name one of them! Nike Air Mag is the name! Note it down! How much does it sell for? Well, it doesn’t! These are exclusive limited-edition Nike sneakers that were auctioned two times! And a guy literally paid $104,267 in the Hong Kong auction, 2016, for them!

As I always say, DUDES, are craazzyyy! Man, he just pay over 100k for a pair of sneakers! Yes! By the way, mind if I correct myself a tad bit here, these were self-lacing Nike sneakers where Mag stands for Magnetic Anti Gravity! So are you excited enough? Let’s get onto the list of BOOTS!

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5 Most Expensive Boots

We’re a fan of luxury and it doesn’t matter where it lies! We’re going to find it and adorn it! May it be in our pocket, on our eyes, neck, or even under our feet! So coming back to the question of the most expensive boots! Have you ever wondered what makes them so expensive? Well obviously the diamonds etched on them are a real game player fetching an astonishing sum but what else? Let me tell you!

The most famous and expensive shoes are sold in an auction! Sometimes for a noble cause like that of the Nike Air Mag whose sale proceeds were donated to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. While some of these boots are meant to fetch donations, some are just for keep-sake! MJ-worn sneakers in Olympics or even Kanye’s sneakers, these too fetch exorbitant prices only because of sentiments involved, histories made, or as a simple fan behavior!

Now let’s jump onto some of the most expensive boots that were ever sold! This is an exclusive section reserved for boots and some sneakers might also have crawled into it! However, there exists another list of the most expensive boots, sneakers, and heels that will blow your mind off! You will come across the latter once you proceed!

For now, let’s know about the five most expensive boots! Like I always say, make a smart guess and then proceed to check whether your mind gave you the right answers or not! 

5. US$75,000 ~ Tres Outlaws’ Cowboy Boots

most expensive boots
Source: Shop Talk Magazine

The fifth most expensive collection of boots is sold by Tres Outlaws Boot Company. This name doesn’t ring a bell-like Gucci or LV do, but it still made its way on this list of most expensive boots! How? Is it based in a rich city of NY or Paris or London, the fashion capitals? No! Yet here we are! Let me elaborate more about the company first and then we’ll go look into the details of this boot which makes it worthy of such an astonishing price! 

The Tres Outlaws Boot Company is an El Paso, Texas-based company that was established in 1995 and specializes in making fine handmade boots! Everything is done from scratch to ensure high-quality boots are delivered to their customers! The company has a history of making cowboy, rockstar, custom-made boots for men, women, and children!

Now coming back to the boots that are worth $75000! To say the least, these boots carry a rich history of Mexico with them! The design on these boots is intricately carved and carries $18000 worth of gold and silver coins on it! And the best part? These coins are historical treasures dating from different time periods! Furthermore, it took 100 hours for the design of these boots, 300 hours for handcrafting the design, and an additional 200 hours for dying this masterpiece!

4. US$104,267 ~ Nike Mag “Back To The Future” 2016

most expensive boots
Source: Pinterest

I started off with Nike Air Mag and here it comes! First of all, you should know that these boots aren’t that costly as the previous Outlas ones but why did they jump ahead of the cherished cowboy boots? Well, here comes the joke of the century! A guy in the Hong Kong auction bought this pair for 104,267 USD while Tinie Tempah only spent 37000 USD on it! Isn’t that comical?

Coming to the boots now! This pair of limited edition Nike shoes have only been auctioned two times, one in 2011 and another time in 2016! Both times the proceeds went to the noble cause for enhancement of Parkinson’s research! 

Nike Mag is also called “Back To The Future” because it is the replica of the shoes Marty McFly wore in the first trilogy film, Back to the future! Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers made these Nike shoes which were the first rechargeable shoes made by Nike. It took them almost 6 years to complete this pair of shoes making them so expensive! In 2015, Tinker made another pair of shoes under the same edition having E.A.R.L. (Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing), the self-lacing version of the previous pair. This pair was then auctioned in 2016 and only 89 pairs of shoes were raffled for auction!

3. US$106,000 ~ Howard H. Knight’s Cowboy Boots

Howard H. Knight's Cowbo
Source: Shop Talk Magazine

Yet another masterpiece on this list of most expensive boots is a pair of Cow boots designed by the famous leather designer and boot maker, Howard H. Knight himself! Cowboy boots bring back lots of nostalgia which is why I would rather consider them as an art piece worth storing in a museum! 

This pair of Phantom boots by Knight was sold at an astonishing price of 106,000 USD.

It took 800 hours to design and carve these boots that have intricate patterns of flowers which are made of 18K white gold! Knight specializes in making fine pieces of art on leather and his motto in life is to “create heirloom pieces that will pass down for generations to come!”

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2. US$3.1 Million ~ AF Vandevorst Diamond Boots

AF Vandevorst Diamond Boots
Source: Citizens of Fashion

We like to wear diamonds on our hair, neck, hands, and ears, however, this gentleman here made a fine pair of boots with diamonds! I would say, this is a whole another level of obsession with diamonds! 

AF Vandervorst is an Antwerp-based designer specializing in luxurious fashion! This fair pair of ankle boots that fetched the astonishing price of 3.1 million USD is laced with precious gems and diamonds! The beautiful art of this diamond boot is truly exotic! 

These diamond boots were a result of collaboration between Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Diarough/UNI design, and Flanders Fashion Institute and were auctioned in Hong Kong. Different colors of diamonds were used to produce this magnum opus which has a total of 39,083 diamonds weighing 1,550K. These boots simply scream, “I’m lavish, hands off!” 

Oh, by the way, AF Vandervorst boots aren’t only made of diamonds! This boot which is available for EU size 39 has 4,783 grams of gold etched on it and it took 30,000 hours for designers to complete this piece of art! 

1. US$6 Million ~ Jack Armstrong’s Cosmic Cowboy Boots

most expensive boots
Source: YouTube

Finally, the time to unveil the most expensive boot on our list! The title goes to Jack Armstfing’s Cosmic Cowboy Boots which was able to dethrone the diamond boots by Vandervorst! 

This fine pair of cowboy boots were auctioned at an exorbitant price of 6 million USD! The last wizard, as Jack is called by his friend, has never failed to amaze us! He sold “Cosmic Starship Harley”, one of the most expensive bikes in the world for a whopping price of 3 million USD! And now, the fellow is back! Well technically speaking, it was 2018 at the time of his new boot launch that fetched this astonishing price! 

Jack started the modern art style called “cosmic existentialism” and his art is a combination of extreme texture and colors, which can be seen in his cosmic cowboy boots! People die to put their hands on his masterpiece and it’s mostly because of the fact that he has vowed to paint only 100 times in his lifetime!!! 

List of Most Expensive Boots Ever Sold | All Kinds Of Footwear Included

most exepensive boots ever sold
Source: IndianTimes
Boots, Sneakers, HeelsPrice
1Jada Dubai x Passion Diamond US$17 Million
2Jack Armstrong’s Cosmic Cowboy BootsUS$6 Million
3AF Vandevorst Diamond BootsUS$3.1 Million
4Tom Ford Customs by Jason Arasheben – $2 millionUS$2 Million
5Nike Air Yeezy (Kanye West’s sneakers)US$1.8 Million
6Michael Jordan’s “Shattered Backboard” Nike AirUS$615,000
7Nike Air Jordan 1OG ChicagoUS$560,000
81972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat “Moon Shoe”US$473,500
9Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Converse FastbreakUS$190,373
10Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Air Jordan 7 “Olympic”US$112,500
11Howard H. Knight’s Cowboy BootsUS$106,000
12Nike Air Mag 2016US$104,267
13Tres Outlaws’ Cowboy BootsUS$75,000
14Spiky Red Christian Louboutin BootsUS$30,000
15Manolo Blahnik Black Alligator BootsUS$14,000

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Final Thoughts

People are suckers for luxury and divine art! This penny-pinching pleasure gives them extreme happiness and I’m not here to question their lavish taste! 

In this session of Most Expensive Boots, we came across a list of divine art pieces that have fetched exorbitant prices! 

So would you have bought any of these if your pockets were deep enough? Let me know in the comments! 


What are the most expensive boots? 

Jack Armstrong’s cosmic cowboy boots are the most expensive boots ever sold at a price of 6 million USD! 

What are the most expensive heels? 

Jada Dubai x Passion Diamond Shoes are the most expensive heels in the world worth 17 million USD! 

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