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Black tees with huge gold chains give us those Big Sean or Jay-Z vibes making us teleport in the Eminem universe rapping all day while flicking that sheen-shine! Just a sight of these big gold chains makes us remember our favorite Rappers!! But why am I going about rappers, they aren’t the only ones adorning gold? Well, maybe it’s because of DAN SUR!! Dan Sur is flooding the news outlets and media handles creating a buzz where he surgically transplanted gold chains on his head! Man, guys are CRAAZYYY! Yet it isn’t crazier than the most expensive chains that exist!!

How much a chain could cost? A maximum of $10k, right? Well, my pauper self can only think this much but only if it were true! Do you know how much that Jay-Z chain cost? Man if I tell you, you would definitely faint! But I won’t let you faint just yet when you haven’t read the 1/3rd of the article! So jump onto the journey to discover the most expensive chains and who even owns them!!

Ready your faint little heart as the numbers will definitely shock you! And just like I always advise you to do, take a smart guess and see where your mind takes you with those numbers! Broaden your horizons and take wealthy guesses, because we’re about to step into the luxurious world!

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11 Most Expensive Chains In The World!

Who doesn’t like to have a worthy piece of art decorating their neck! We all desire luxury but as we are well aware, it comes with a price, the price which is astonishing and exorbitant! Some of us can obviously afford such luxury while some can only count those numbers but have you ever wondered what makes them so special? What makes these shiny adornments so worthy of spending a whole fortune on them? 

In this series of most expensive chains, you’ll come across many facts which make these fine pieces of art so expensive! Let’s get on with it now! 

11. US$3.7 Million ~ The “Marie Antoinette” Necklace

most expensive chain
Source: Internet

Now, who doesn’t know of this infamous queen and her famous dialogue “let them eat cake!” We all know the last French Queen, Marie Antoinette, was fond of lavish lifestyle and luxuries! She was born and raised in fine luxury and truthfully so, it isn’t bad to cherish what we love! Given the zeal of revolutionary France, Queen’s irresponsible spending gave her the infamous title of “the Madame Deficit” but that’s not what we’re here for! Right? Let’s end the history lesson here! 

This fine piece of jewelry is inspired by Marie Antoinette’s luxurious lifestyle and hence, is named after it! The Marie Antoinette necklace is worth 3.7 million USD and is designed by De Beers. 

This beautiful necklace has a combination of one pink and two yellow diamonds weighing 1.84 carats, 5.24 carats, and 7.06 carats respectively. These three fine diamonds are accompanied by several other small diamonds and are set in platinum. This necklace is a play of fine diamonds accompanied by a big main diamond that weighs 8.05 carats! 

10. US$4.8 Million ~ Christie’s Diamond Pendant

most expensive necklace
Source: Alamy

A pear-shaped diamond with a simple chain can rock any outfit. Christie’s diamond pendant carries the same simplicity but fine luxury when worn on your neck! Now talking about Christie’s here, we all know about this famous auction site, don’t we? The auction where the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, the Salvatore Mundo was sold! 

This diamond pendant was auctioned by Christie and was sold at an astonishing price of 4.8 million USD in 2001. But what made this necklace worth millions? Let’s see! 

This diamond pendant is set with a stunning pear-shaped diamond and a smaller round diamond while the chain is simply crafted from white gold. The main pear-shaped diamond of the necklace weighs 47.49 carats and thus, making it so expensive! 

9. US$5.1 Million The “Red Scarlet”

Christie's red scarlet necklace
Source: Elite Traveller

Red Scarlet is another work of art that was auctioned at Christie’s and how much was it sold for? Well, a total of 5.1 million USD! Red color can charm anyone and thus it is not surprising that this necklace adorned with beautiful rubies fetched this price! 

This necklace mimics the beauty of a string of flowers that will surely enhance the beauty of your delicate neck. The simplicity of this neckpiece is to die for as this was carefully crafted by James for Hong Kong jeweler Fai Dee. 

Now coming back to the necklace itself, this chef-d’oeuvre was designed by Jame Currens which has a total of 26 pigeon blood Burmese rubies in an oval shape. Not only this, these blood rubies are accompanied by pear-shaped diamonds forming a beautiful pattern of a blooming flower! The Burmese rubies weigh about 1.27 to 2.38 carats which are set in 18k white gold. 

8. US$5.8 Million ~ The “Mrs. Winston”

mrs winston necklace
Source: Pinterest

The Mrs. Winston necklace is what you call “the magnum opus” of necklace which has the beautiful symmetry of numerous pear-shaped white diamonds! The Golden Globes audience was mesmerized when the ever-charming Jessica Alba wore this 5.8 million USD worth of luxury so beautifully with her pink nude dress!! 

This band of pearls necklace has 187.5 carats of diamonds elegantly crafted and set in platinum. The diamonds of the necklace carry D, E, F color quality depicting how fine this piece of art is! 

There are a total of 207 diamonds on this necklace that cascade beautifully with a set of three large diamonds adding weight to the overall masterpiece. The jewel draws inspiration from the classic 50s look with its V shape. 

7. US$6.4 Million ~ Etcetera’s Burmese Ruby Necklace

etcetera ruby necklace
Source: The Gem Standard

Another piece of art sold at Christie’s, Etcetera Burmese necklace, made a landmark in the history of ruby necklaces when it was auctioned at a price of 6.4 million USD! This masterpiece stands to be the most expensive ruby-based necklace ever sold in the world. 

As we all know, Burma (Myanmar) is the leading producer of Rubies and the rubies in this necklace were imported from there only! If you’re well caught up in global affairs, then you might know about the domestic instability of the nation and the human rights concerns which has led the US to ban imports from Burma! So what does this signify? Well, it only hypes up the masterpiece! 

Etcetera is nothing like the etc we wrote after the end of our listings but rather, it is the fine piece that is the very beginning of everything! Resembling a band of red and beautiful flowers, this necklace has a total of 87.8 carats of diamonds! 

This necklace is a host of fine oval-shaped and pear-shaped diamonds with beautiful rubies. Small pear-shaped diamonds are beautifully placed to form flowers that are accompanied by rubies and other diamonds in between. 

6. US$8.14 Million ~ Christie’s Diamond Necklace

christie's diamond necklace
Source: Dolphin Center AVM

As I said earlier, Christie’s is the checkpoint for all wealthy collectors of luxurious masterpieces! This is another fine diamond necklace that was auctioned at Christie’s at a whopping price of 8.14 million USD! 

This necklace is simple and elegant that will beautifully accentuate your clavicle! However, would you pay such an astronomical price for a diamond necklace? What makes it so worthy to be sold for millions of dollars? Let’s see! 

First of all, you should know that this diamond necklace hosts a string of beautiful round diamonds that totals up to weigh 104.84 carats! There are a total of 52 high-quality diamonds lined up on platinum in this magnum opus!

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5. US$10 Million ~ Leviev’s Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant

yellow diamond neckalce
Source: pinterest

The beauty of a fine yellow diamond can woo any heart and this seems to be the case when it comes to this Leviev’s vivid yellow diamond that fetched a total of 10 million USD at an auction! Lev Leviev, an Israeli diamond merchant put this luxurious work of art for sale at an astronomical price, and guess what? People were dying to get their hands on it!

Lev Leviev is known as the “King of Diamonds” for a reason! He is the master of the world’s third-biggest diamond mines and thus when the king demands something, we comply!!! This is what happened during the auction!

A yellow diamond with high quality is denoted with the label of “fancy vivid” and Leviev’s Vivid yellow certainly matched that criteria. Moreover, the yellow diamond in this necklace is said to be the biggest Asscher cut diamond in the world, making it so worthy of its astronomical price! Not only that, this yellow diamond is accompanied by a beautiful string of white diamonds on its chain. The yellow diamond of this masterpiece weighs 77.12 carats and is truly, FASCINATING!

4. US$14 Million ~ The “Heart of the Kingdom”

ruby necklace
Source: Choosethemoon

As I said earlier, Burmese rubies are extremely bewitching making them sit beautifully on top of other white diamonds adding a beautiful contrast of red and white! The bling of pigeon blood rubies adds a definite charm when paired with a string of white pear-shaped and oval-shaped diamonds!

This choker cum necklace that can be molded as a tiara is extremely flexible and not forgetting, EXTRAVAGANT! The huge pigeon blood ruby cut in a beautiful heart shape adds a unique charm to the whole necklace making it true to its name, “the heart of the Kingdom!”

This creation of Garrard and Company features one of the biggest rubies in the world that sits on top of the band of round and pear-shaped diamonds totaling 155 carats! The huge heart-shaped ruby in this necklace weighs 40.63 carats. There are a total of 150 diamonds in this work of art making it worthy of its astronomical price of 14 million USD!

3. US$20 Million ~ The “Heart of the Ocean”

This necklace certainly brings back old forgotten memories of the classic “Titanic”. The necklace that started it all and the necklace which Kate threw in the ocean at last! “The heart of the ocean” submerged into the depths of the ocean and you know what it did? It brought out the curiosity and hidden zeal out of our most capable craftsmen who wanted nothing but to remake this masterpiece!

This blue heart-shaped diamond necklace is accompanied by beautiful white diamonds featured in the movie “Titanic” and since then, many replicas of it have been made! However, one replica, in particular, Harry Winston’s “Heart of the ocean”, was sold at a whopping price of 20 million US$!

If you don’t have millions to spend, don’t worry! Many cheaper versions of it have also been made that can cost you about $20-$80! So go on and order your own “Heart of the ocean” and grace your neck with a touch of luxury!

2. US$55 Million ~ The “Incomparable” Diamond Necklace 

Now the game of measly necklace costing 10-20 million USD is over! Now you’ve actually stepped into extravagance with this chef-d’oeuvre, “The Incomparable” diamond necklace! As the name indicates, this diamond necklace is truly an Incomparable masterpiece that weighs a total of 637 carats and amounts to 55 million USD!

This necklace creates a beautiful illusion of a tree-bearing fruit where the fruit is none other than the elegant brownish-yellow diamond weighing 407.48 carats! This diamond that hangs beautifully on a pattern created in rose gold and set in 91 white stone diamonds is considered the largest diamond that is internally flawless!

The asymmetrical pattern of this necklace adds a beautiful charm to this masterpiece making it so expensive and worth having!

1. US$200 Million ~ A Heritage in Bloom

All other necklaces fail to match this masterpiece created by Wallace Chan that amounts up to the monstrous price of 200 million USD! If you try to assess even a single piece of this necklace, you will get to know how costly it is!

This necklace gives the beautiful vintage vibes is a beautiful combination of jades, jadeites, and rare diamonds! The colorless diamonds used in this neckpiece alone costs an astronomical price of 35 million USD! 

A Heritage in bloom was carefully crafted with rare type IIA diamonds and it took 47000 hours for craftsmen to design this magnum opus! The precious stones in this necklace weigh about 338.4 carats and host 600 pink diamonds, 19 colorless diamonds, 72 white mutton fate jades, 114 green jadeites!

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Most Expensive Chains Owned By Rappers!

most Expensive chains owned by rappers
Source: XXL Mag

The trend of big heavy chains came knocking on our door when our favorite Rappers adorned these masterpieces worth millions on their necks! Here’s a list of rappers that own the most expensive chains in the world!!

10. US$120,000 ~ Owl Chain, Drake 

9. US$200,000 ~ Cuban Chain, Jay-Z

8. US$250,000 ~ Ratatouille Chain, Quavo

7. US$300,000 ~ Horus Chain, Kanye West

6. US$410,000 ~ Big Ass Chain, T-Pain

5. US$500,000 ~ Crunk Chain, Lil Jon

4. US$500,000 ~ Twin Panther Chain, Gucci Mane

3. US$500,000 ~ Box Of Chains, Sean Kingston

2. US$1 Million ~ N.E.R.D Chain,  Pharrell

1. US$1.5 Million ~ Rick Ross Face Pendant, Rick Ross

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Final Thoughts

We all love luxury and it’s an undeniable fact! Some can afford it while some others can only afford the replicas of it, that’s also a truth set in stone! 

We get to know about the most expensive chains that exist in the world today, who made these luxurious masterpieces, and what made them so luxurious in the first place! We also got to know some of the Rappers that have the priciest collection of these jewels! 

If I failed to mention some of the names, don’t forget to leave them in the comment box! We’ll keep on updating the list!


What’s the most expensive chain in the world?

Wallace Chan designed the necklace, “A Heritage In Bloom”, which is the most expensive necklace in the world. This necklace is worth 200 million USD!

What’s the most expensive chain owned by a Rapper?

“Rick Ross Face” is the most expensive chain ever owned by a Rapper and it costs a total of 1.5 million USD! As the name says, the chain is owned by Rick Ross!

What are the most expensive chains owned by rappers?

  1.  US$120,000 ~ Owl Chain, Drake 
  2.  US$200,000 ~ Cuban Chain 
  3.  US$250,000 ~ Ratatouille Chain 
  4.  US$300,000 ~ Horus Chain
  5.  US$410,000 ~ Big Ass Chain 
  6.  US$500,000 ~ Crunk Chain
  7.  US$500,000 ~ Twin Panther Chain
  8.  US$500,000 ~ Box Of Chains
  9.  US$1 Million ~ N.E.R.D Chain
  10.  US$1.5 Million ~ Rick Ross Face Pendant

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