5 Most Expensive Chocolates In The World | Explore The World Of Luxurious Chocolates!!

Most Expensive Chocolates In The World

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolates!! Hardly do we care about the price while enjoying a rich quality confectionery like chocolates. Chocolate Sundae, smoothie, or a solid luxury bite, we love them in all shapes and sizes. Ever wondered which is the Most Expensive Chocolates In The World that can cause a big fat bill?

Is it from M&M’s, Cadbury, Hershey’s, or Dove? While our childhood was full of sweet and sour memories, chocolates hold a special place regardless of all. Now I understand, my teeth’ cavities are self-gifted. Ferrero Rocher is the no. 1 chocolate brand in the world. But is it also the most expensive chocolate brand in the world? 

Everyone will come up with a different name if I’ll ask you which is the tastiest or the highest quality chocolate in the world? The same goes for the World’s most expensive chocolates too!! Though I hate to make you wait before revealing these secret expensive chocolates, I love to give you some hints. Okay, so the most expensive chocolates in the world include a 24-karat-gold coin inside the chocolate box. Any guesses? 

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While you let your brain cells do the guessing work, let’s shoot you with another hint. One of these most expensive chocolates in the world is made from edible pure gold! I am sure the guesswork isn’t working here. So, let’s end the wait and reveal the yummilicious costly chocolate brands!!

5 Most Expensive Chocolates In The World

Chocolates Make Everything Better!!
What makes these chocolates so expensive? And most importantly who buys these gold-rated chocolates anyway? Because I sure can’t! (I can, only if I skip meals and do savings for the rest of the year). This is crazy right?

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For people who prefer luxury, these world-famous chocolates will truly fascinate you. For commoners like you and I, we can just imagine the rich cocoa taste of these most expensive chocolates in the world, I guess! Not a bad idea, actually!

1. Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle By Fritz Knipschildt

Most Expensive Chocolates In The World; Chocopologie  Chocolate Truffle By Fritz Knipschildt
Source: Chocopologie.com

With a whopping high price, Chocopologie becomes the first and the most expensive chocolate in the world. What makes it so luxurious? 

Unlike other chocolate brands that you’ll come across in the list below, this doesn’t contain any gold or jewels in it. Then what makes it so costly? 

The rich and creamy silk-like taste, I must say!! This chocolate truffle is made using Valrhona dark chocolate, which is one of the most expensive dark chocolates, added with a Vanilla base stuffing. To get that smooth and rich creamy texture, the chocolate is mixed with truffle oil, heavy cream, and sugar so you get that yummy luxurious bite. 

Price: $2, 600

2. Cadbury Wispa Gold Chocolate Bar

Most Expensive Chocolates In The World; Cadbury Wispa Gold Chocolate Bar
Source: Twisted

Cadbury is a world-famous brand for confectionery and dairy products. I am sure many of us have tried a variety of chocolate bars from this brand. Ever thought you are eating chocolates from one of the most royal brands of chocolate? 

Now that you know, it’s the Cadbury Wispa Gold Chocolate bar that is hyped for its high worth. 

What makes this chocolate bar so expensive is the gold leaf in which it’s wrapped and the premium quality cocoa beans, Madagascan.

This chocolate was originally created for an auction, but as per reports the bidder never turned out to claim the product. It’s now placed at a museum that is made of a Cadbury theme. You can buy this chocolate from the Cadbury stores. 

Price: $1600

3. Le Grand Louis XVI

Most Expensive Chocolates In The World; Le Grand Louis XVI
Source: Debauve and Gallais

This particular chocolate that sounds more like a monarchical King, is manufactured by Debauve and Gallais company. The company has been active since 1800.

It’s one of the Royal brands in chocolate that has a history in supplying their rich cocoa chocolates to Kings like Napoleon. Impressive!! 

The most famous chocolates from this brand are their dark chocolates that are 99% cocoa-rich, which is comparatively a high amount. But that’s what adds that richness to the product. You can feel that cocoa bitterness and the dark taste in every bite. This Royal chocolate brand is surely the cure for your period cramps since it’s high in caffeine, but only if you can afford them. 

Price: $900

4. DeLafee Gold Chocolate Box

Most Expensive Chocolates In The World; DeLafee Gold Chocolate Box
Source: Short Exerpt

What’s the specialty of this chocolate box that makes it the world’s most expensive chocolate? 
The high price is surely for the 24-karat Swiss gold coin included in the box. It’s a perfect Royal gift by the way. The box looks stunning from the inside out. 

The rich taste of the chocolate is worth a bite. The box is decorated with 8 chocolate and praline pieces nicely wrapped in a golden wrap. 

DeLafee is surely a delightful treat for the taste buds. But the high price takes the front stage for the product. 

Price: $517 per box. 

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5. Art Series Guayasamin By To‘ak

Most Expensive Chocolates In The World; Art Series Guayasamin By Today
Source: Tasting Table

Art gets you paid, sure!! But chocolate art crafting can be so expensive, never thought of! 

This art series chocolate bar from To’ak is the most valuable and the most expensive chocolates in the world for sure. Its high worth just for a 50-gram quantity is what defines the premium quality of this particular bar. 

Don’t expect this to be made overnight. The rich cocoa beans are rare and undergo a process of aging for 3 years. Only then you get the perfect blend of dark rich taste in every bite of this chocolate. 

You have to place pre-orders to get this chocolate bar. It takes around 6 weeks to finally be prepared and reach its destination. 

Price: $450 per 50gms.

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To Wrap Up:

Never underestimate the power of good chocolate!! The world is full of tasty sweet delights, but nothing can beat the love and fascination for chocolates. From kids to adults, everyone loves chocolates. Gift your loved ones some of these tastiest and most expensive chocolates in the world. If you can’t afford the chocolates, you can at least have the option to pass on this delightful post to them. 

For more sweet surprises and world-famous food, stay tuned while we fetch you yet another relishing beauty. Until then Happy Candying!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Expensive Chocolate Brands In The World:

Which is the rarest chocolate in the world?

Lost & Found is the rarest and the best chocolate in the world made of 68% cocoa and Pure Nacional chocolate. 

Which are the largest chocolate companies in the world with the most net sales?

The top three chocolate companies with the largest chocolate net sales are:
1. Mars Wrigley Confectionery with $18 Billion net sales.
2. Ferrero Group with $13 billion net sales.
3. Mondelez International with $11.8 Billion net sales.

Which is the most expensive chocolate in the world?

According to Forbes, Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle By Fritz Knipschildt is the most expensive chocolate in the world costing a whopping $2,600 per pound.

Source: 10 Most Popular

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