6 Most Expensive Restaurants In California – Explore The Rich Culinary Culture Of LA!!

Most Expensive Restaurants In California

Good Food = Good Mood!! California is known for many great things like Disneyland, the Eiffel Tower, and its richest culinary culture. To take you on a tour of LA’s most exclusive culinary culture and places, we got you covered with the most Expensive Restaurants In California.

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To enjoy an unforgettable fine dining experience, California has some of the best places that serve the best meal in the world. Today I’ll be talking about the top 6 most expensive restaurants in California that will satisfy your delicious food cravings for sure but will also make your pockets empty. So be prepared for the massive spending. 

Also, these places offer the best environment for celebrating different occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, dates, etc. For food bloggers, these are some of the must-cover places that deserve a spot in your blog feed. California is a luxurious center, famous for preserving the food culture from around the world. These expensive restaurants in California, not just offer the best high-quality food, but you also get a wide variety of recipes to try inspired by worldwide cuisines!!

The prices of these places are extremely high. You can choose any one of these that fits your budget. Although the places are worth visiting!!

6. Most Expensive Restaurants In California

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” Be ready for an appetizing food tour to some of the amazing and most expensive restaurants in California. 

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1. Atelier Crenn

Most Expensive Restaurants In California; Atelier Crenn
Source: Michalein Guide

Atelier Crenn is the first on the list and the most expensive restaurant in California. It’s a nice cozy place that offers seating for around 20-25 people. You can have a small get-together with your friends here or you can plan your next business meeting with foreign clients at a posh place like this.

Both the email and the services are amazing here. You can enjoy a variety of dishes from French food to tasty Italian food. Wagyu Beef is the most famous recipe here that you should try.

Cost: $464 for two.

2. The French Laundry

Most Expensive Restaurants In California: The French Laundry
Source: Easter sf

The French Laundry is the most loved restaurant in California for its beautiful setup with a historic touch. It’s located in Napa Valley. Well, if you ask anyone in the U.S. about the most famous restaurants there, then 8/10 times you’ll hear the name of this place for sure.

Although the price is quite high to enjoy a meal here, it offers some of the best intricate dishes with a hint of fresh spices. Altogether the place is well traditionally styled which adds more to its popularity.

Cost: $325 per person.

3. Benu

Most Expensive Restaurants In California; Benu
Source: Restu.CZ

Another luxurious dining spot in California that costs you a million is Benu. It’s a high-class restaurant that offers the best seafood. You can try a variety of other dishes too like meat dishes, plethora, and other dishes from the menu. 

For the seafood, you can try their best monkfish liver, frog leg, faux shark fin soup, and pork belly with kimchi. And don’t miss enjoying the Tofu dessert at the end.

Cost: $310

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4. Coi

Most Expensive Restaurants In California; Coi
Source: Frank Top 10 List

Missing Paris lately? Do visit this place then!! Coi is the most expensive restaurant in California that offers Paris-inspired elegance. You get some of the best American cuisines here that you should not be missing.

Enjoy the tasty treat by dining here at Coi in one of the busiest streets in San Francisco. The dishes are mouth-watering. You can try the famous chilled eggplant soup, butter lettuce, peached lamb, grilled tofu, or the yummy blackberries with lemon balm. All these are the recent editions to the Coi menu.

Cost: $250

5. Manresa

Most Expensive Restaurants In California; Manresa
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel

Another luxurious dining spot in California taking the 5th spot in the list of most expensive restaurants in California is Manresa. It’s located in Los Gatos. It’s a perfect place for your professional gatherings as the atmosphere offered here really matches the vibes.

Seasonal menus are offered here. The dishes are delicious and are presented in the best way. Some of the famous dishes here are Sturgeon Caviar, salted butter ice cream, Kishi Oysters with butter, and some others. 

Cost: $295

6. Capo

Most Expensive Restaurants In California; Capo
Source: Open Table

Love Italian food? No place can match the level of Capo. It’s one of the most famous restaurants in California. The atmosphere here is rustic that reminds me of good old times, with a cozy fireplace that sets the mood all right.

You can enjoy the best Italian food here including Linguini Beluga, Zealand King Salmon, Chocolate souffle, or the Beluga caviar that’ll cost you around 200 bucks. The best part about this place is that although it’s the most expensive restaurant in California, you can enjoy some cheap dishes starting at just $20.

Cost: $240

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Hope your search for the best restaurants in California deliciously ends here. We talked about the 6 greatest dining places that are posh and offer the best food services. The list includes Capo, Manresa, Coi, Benu, The French Laundry, and Atelier Crenn.

Tell us which place you like the most in the comments section below. Share the post with your loved ones too. For more tasty updates stay tuned. Until then, happy dining!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Restaurants in California:

Which is the most exclusive restaurant in California?

Saison is known to be the most exclusive restaurant in California.

Which is the most exclusive restaurant in Hollywood?

1. Urasawa.
2. Melisse.
3. Maude. Ray Kachatorian.
4. Petrossian.
5. CUT by Wolfgang Puck. 

Which is the most luxurious restaurant in the world?

The 7 most expensive restaurants in the world are:
1. Guy Savoy – located in Paris, France.
2. Kitcho Arashiyama – located in Tokyo, Japan.
3. Restaurant De L’Hôtel De Ville – located in Crissier, Switzerland.
4. Maison Pic Valence – located in Paris, France.
5. Masa – located in New York, United States.
6. Sublimotion – located in Ibiza, Spain.
7. Ultraviolet – located in Shanghai, China.

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