World’s Most Expensive Sword Ever Sold In An Auction – The Antique Collection!!

Most expensive sword in the world

Fascination drives you crazy!! Some are fascinated by celebrity lives, while some are drawn towards medieval arts, culture, and myths. You might have come across people who love to keep a collection of antique watches, seashells, books, and even swords. Talking about ancient times, weapons like swords, shields, knives, and bows and arrows were of utmost valued weapons.

No doubt these weapons were of great value in medieval times and their popularity continues to be the same. For all the art enthusiasts, you can find these weapons in Museums and some at auctions too. There are royal auctions for products, houses, ancient art, paintings, and weapons.

These auction houses have a huge collection of ancient stuff. Do you know which is the most expensive sword from medieval times ever sold at these auctions? Well, there’s not just one but many ancient Swords have been sold for millions of dollars. That means you need to have a pretty good fortune to own that ancient gem.

Most Expensive Pieces Of Art In The...
Most Expensive Pieces Of Art In The World

Ever wondered why do people willingly pay so much for a small piece of ancient leftovers? Like I mentioned in the very beginning, it’s the fascination that drives you crazy and fascination comes in all shapes and sizes. This time, we are talking about the legendary swords that played great roles in ancient history. 

Most Expensive Sword in the World – 5 Legendary Collections 

Most Expensive Sword in the World - 5 Legendary Collections 
Source: The Vintage News

History is full of art and royalty. It took decades and more to fine craft some of the historical items like these Swords that give them exceptionally high value and name in the world. Let’s find out which is the most expensive sword in the world and what makes it so damn expensive? 

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1. The 18th Century Boateng Saber

The 18th Century Boateng Saber
Source: Quora

In an auction held in 2006, the Boateng Saber was sold for the first time at a whopping price of $5.9 million. The second time we found this sword in an auction conducted two years later in 2008 sold at an astonishing price of $7.7 million making it the most expensive sword in the world ever sold! 

What’s so great about this sword that adds such high worth to it? 

This expensive medieval weapon is made of pure gold, silver, and copper. 

The S-shaped blade of this sword is of steel covered with inlaid gold. The white handle is made of jade. 

These metals are specially used to preserve the longevity of the sword. Now we know why this sword is so expensive and rare as it is crafted with utmost care and skills. 

2. The Gold-Encrusted Saber of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Gold-Encrusted Saber of Napoleon Bonaparte

Who isn’t aware of the great Napoleon Bonaparte? He is regarded as the greatest revolutionary of medieval history. And how can you expect his weapons to be any less valuable? 

The Gold-Encrusted Saber was used by Napoleon in the historic battle of Marengo in 1800. After that, this sword was passed on to ancestors after ancestors. 

This sword is said to be 200 years old with an extravagant design. The sword is hand-crafted with fine detailing along with its sheath. The handle is encrusted with gold. Being the second most expensive sword in the world, this sword was sold at an astonishing price of $6.5 in an auction. 

3. The 15th Century Nasrid Period Ear Dagger

The 15th Century Nasrid Period Ear Dagger
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes the price of a thing is not measured by what substance is used in its making. Instead, the value is measured by the role it has served. The same goes with this Ear Dagger. 

When you look at it, this may look like a simple sword with less carving and a simple design. But what adds value to this sword is its age and uniqueness. It is named Ear Dagger because of the design at the handle, the flattened discs facing each other that resemble ears. 

To your surprise, this dagger originated from North Africa and was sold at a great value of $6 at an auction. 

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4. Shah Jahan’s Personal Dagger

Shah Jahan's Personal Dagger
Source: Antiques and the Arts

You can never judge the value of something by its size. I mean look at this Shah Jahan’s personal dagger, it looks so small but holds great value. This particular piece is designed in an exceptional way. Shah Jahan was the greatest emperor of his time if you look back to Mughal empire history. 

This small but exceptional piece was sold about five times. The final sale achieved on its selling was $3.3 million. Of course, the rich history held its price high. When it comes to ancient goodies, you should not expect anything cheap. 

5. The Gem Of The Orient Knife

World’s Most Expensive Sword Ever Sold In An Auction – The Antique Collection!!
Source: Reddit

The name itself says it’s a gem! 

Unlike other swords in the list of most expensive swords, this one does not have a century-old history. It was made in 1966 by one of the greatest knife carvers named Buster Warenski. As smaller as the size seems, the making time for this knife was longer. You won’t believe but it took 10 years to complete the crafting of this knife as it is carved with 153 emeralds, plenty of gold, and 9 precious diamonds. 

Wao!! Can you guess the price of this precious item? Well, nothing less than $2.1 million is what this great creation was sold at an auction. The design looks so Royal and classic that you can’t lay your eyes off. 

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To Wrap Up:

Rare is expensive and so is antique!! 

You might have noticed that when you buy any jewelry piece, whether artificial or real, the more it looks antique, the more you’ll have to pay for it. What’s so grand about being antique? 

The higher cost is due to the rarity of that thing. Since it was conserved over time straight from ancient times, it’s extremely expensive. 

In this post, we talked about the 5 most expensive words in the world ever sold at auctions. It was great to know how much worth the ancient weapons still have in the present times. After all, our great grand ancestors have made history using these charming and legendary weapons. Last but not the least, you need to have a damn big fortune to own any of such ancient pieces I must say!! 

Featured Image Credits: Money Inc

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