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The world is full of mysteries and our curiosity compels us to uncover them all! Relax, this ain’t some Discovery Channel but rather an article acknowledging the luxurious wonders of the world! So you want to dive straight ahead to discover what’s the most expensive thing in the world? It could be anything? Take some smart guesses and check if your mind has given you the right answers or not! 

If your pockets are loaded and you are the definition of what we call “FILTHY RICH” then you can obviously choose to be anomalous and let your instincts guide you! Yeah I mean it’s a luxury to pay the bills without looking at the price tag. Some of us might never see such times but that won’t stop us from wondering who has that privilege! Let’s look at some of the crazy stuff and their astonishing price tags that will seriously make our eyes pop out from the socket!

To guess what’s the most expensive thing in the world, you need to broaden your horizon and think out of the box! It can be anything and anywhere in the world! But do remember, there are many things whose monetary price can not be assessed! So just admire some of those beauties and move on, because the greatest luxury is something whose price can not be decrypted!

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In The W...
Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In The World

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What Is The Most Expensive Thing In The World? 

Source: Corporate Finance Institute

Our desires can lead us anywhere if we have pockets to work upon them! Money is the limit and for some, it isn’t at all! Billionaires like Jeff can afford to feed his next five generations lavishly with how much wealth he has accumulated over the years! There’s nothing that he and those like him can’t buy except for the things that aren’t obviously up for sale!

So without further ado, let’s look at what the most expensive thing in the world is? A word of precaution for readers here, control your little hearts as the prices can range from millions to billions! These exorbitant prices shouldn’t break your heart so hold your horses from the start! Now let the counting game begin! And as I always say, bring out your calculators to do a cost analysis! Happy reading!

18. US $1 Million, Parking Spot At Manhattan

Can you spend million dollars for a parking spot? Sounds absurd right? Well if it only were! This Manhattan parking spot will cost you 1million USD so hold your pocket while visiting the city in your new car!

17. US $3.2 Million, Crystal Piano

Is the Mozart in you getting a little lavish to hit the crystal keys of this piano? Well only if you can afford this masterpiece! This piano as the name suggests is made of CRYSTAL all over! It screams luxury from the mere sight of it and costs 3.2 million USD!

16. US $3.5 Million, Pasion Azteca, Platinum Liquor Bottle

How far can you go for a bottle of liquor? Can you pay 3.5 million USD for a sip? This bottle of Tequila is one of the most expensive liquor in the world and that doesn’t only go for what’s stored inside! The bottle is adorned with 6400 diamonds and is made of platinum and gold! Well, this luxurious platinum liquor bottle will quench your thirst for having luxury in your cabinet, but buying this will seriously suck your pockets dry! 

15.US $11.8 Million, Scream, Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson

We all love Michael and his absence still hurts but did you know his music video was the most expensive music video to date? Well, you should know then! The R&B rock music video, Scream, released in 1995 by Michael and his sister Janet is worth 11.8 million USD!

14. US $12.4 Million, Diamond Panther Bracelet

diamond panther bracelet
Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t like fine pieces of jewels on their wrist but are you willing to pay 12.4 million USD for it? Well, I’m a pauper who can’t afford such luxury but this piece is surely divine! There’s a beautiful romantic story associated with this bracelet! Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s romance is associated with this fine jewel as Cartier designed this authentic bracelet with onyx and diamonds! After the death of Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, her jewels were auctioned at Geneva in 1987 and this fine piece belongs to someone else now!

13. US $30 Million, Voice.Com

How much a domain name can cost? Can the amount total up to 30 million USD? Well, the domain name of sure costs this much! Well if this much has surprised you then the most expensive domain name will surely blow you up! Do you know what the most expensive domain name in the world costs? Well, was sold at an astonishing price of 872 million USD!

12. US $38.7 Million, Letters From Zhao Mengfu To His Friend Guo Tianxi

Antique artifacts are priceless but sometimes people are lucky enough to have the opportunity to store these historical treasures in their cabinets!! These antiques aren’t sold just anywhere as we all know, auctions are the right place to assess how much a person is willing to pay for them! Letters from Zhao Mengfu to Guo Tianxi are the most expensive literary manuscripts in the world ever sold at an auction!

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11. US $48.5 Million, Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

The cost of my smartphone doesn’t even round up to 1000USD but this iPhone sure does! And that too over a million!  Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond costs 48.5 million USD and is the most expensive phone in the WORLD! But what makes it so special? Well, this particular phone is unbreakable with a platinum body and has a huge diamond etched on its back!!

10. US $70 Million, 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO

We all love luxury cars but this 1962 Ferrari will put huge holes in your pocket! The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is the most expensive car ever sold in an auction at a price of 70 million USD! The earlier record was held by the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO that was sold at 52 million USD!

9. US $55 Million, Graff Diamonds Hallucination Watch

graff diamonds hallucination watch
Source: Money Inc

A fine piece of a wristwatch? Well, why not bring it on! But wait, it costs 55 million USD! WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Yes, my exact reaction! This diamond watch actually sells at this exorbitant price! So what makes this watch so special as to hold the title of the most expensive watch in the world? Well, for starters, this watch has huge and rare diamonds etched on its bracelets. That too, different kinds of them!

8. US $104 Million, Garçon À La Pipe 

Garçon À La Pipe, an oil on canvas painting was made by the legend himself! Pablo Picasso, who hasn’t heard this name! His painting was sold at an auction at a price of 104 million USD.

7. US $141.3 Million, L’homme Au Doigt By Alberto Giacometti

L’homme Au Doigt is the most expensive sculpture ever sold at an auction at a price of 141.3 million USD. This bronze sculpture was made by Alberto Giacometti and the name L’homme Au Doigt translates to “the pointing man”.

6. US $260 Million, the Card Players by Paul Cézanne

The Card Players is a set of five paintings painted by the French artist, Paul Cézanne. His paintings were sold at an auction for a price of 260 million USD and were brought by the Royal family of Qatar.

5. US $379 Million, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

We all enjoyed watching John Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean but who knew the movie in itself was so expensive! Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides holds the record of being the most expensive movie ever made with a grand total of 379 million USD!

4. US $400 Million, The Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan Diamond is the most expensive diamond in the world with an estimated price of 400 million USD! This is the largest diamond ever found which was mined in South Africa and is now in the possession of the Royal House of England. 

3. US $450.3 Million, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi

Leonardo Da Vinci, the legend himself, how can his paintings fetch a price less than 450 million USD, right? Well obviously not! Da Vinci’s Renaissance masterpiece called the Salvator Mundi was sold to a Saudi prince and to date, is the most expensive painting in the whole world! 

2. US $1 Billion, Antilia

How can India’s richest Billionaire, Mukesh Ambani’s 27-story mansion not be on the list of the most expensive things in the world, right? Antilia is the private residence of Mukesh whose estimated cost is 1 billion USD!! However, this is only the second most expensive house in the world! Do you know what the first one is? It’s obviously the Queen’s residence! Buckingham Palace is the most expensive mansion in the world with an estimated price of 2.9 billion USD! 

1. US $4.5 Billion, Yacht History Supreme

the history yacht superior
Source: The Sun

We sure do love a nice ride on a private Yacht but are we willing to pay a hefty sum of 4.5 billion USD for it? Hell no! My pockets ain’t that deep! But some people sure are very lavish and endowed with money who can afford this expensive yacht! Do you want to know who has this? Well the Malaysian businessman, Robert Kuok has this fine float in his house! 

What makes this yacht so special? Well for starters, it is made of platinum, gold, and jewels! Sounds rich enough now? Well, the interior of this Supreme yacht will surely make you jealous! 

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Final Thoughts

What did this list tell us so far? Well, the first thing is, people do have lavish taste and deep pockets! And let’s not talk about desires here which prompts us to even think about buying such stuff as a million-dollar smartphone! Who would’ve thought a tequila bottle could cost millions! But now we surely do! 

However, although this list tells us a lot about the expensive stuff that exists in this world, do keep in mind that this is not the only stuff that is hella expensive! Some things are so valuable and precious that their price can not be assessed like the diamond, Koh-e-Noor! 


How much is the most expensive thing in the world?

Yacht History Supreme owned by Robert Kuok is the most expensive thing in the world that is worth 1.5 billion USD!

What is the most expensive thing ever made?

The International Space Station, ISS, is the most expensive project ever completed and the estimated cost of the project was almost 100 billion USD!

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