Most Popular Android Apps 2021

most popular android apps 2021

Google play store offers 3 million apps, and many among them are masterpieces, and some are frock. This article will cover 13 categories, and that will lead to a particular place on your phone or tablet. Android devices are great handheld devices capable of much more than posting selfies and social media updates. They are filled with many popular apps and considered the most popular android apps in 2021.

I guess you can transform your android device into something extraordinary like a movie theatre, mobile workstation, graphic design canvas, or anything that can be designed for work or play. But I guess you are not aware of those kinds of apps that will help you in the transformation of your device. But I am here as a helping hand for you.

These most popular android apps 2021 are in 13 different categories, and that apps are Fubo TV, Asana, Dropbox, Duolingo, Anchor, Adobe Lightroom CC, Calibre Companion, and Citymapper. All these apps come under entertainment, utilities, productivity and games category.

All these apps are overwhelming for your android device and considered the most popular android apps. Each app is excellent in its way and doesn’t forget to take a look at them and have detailed information about them. All these most popular android are great to explore and enjoy.

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Most Popular Android Apps 2021 With Detailed information

Each app is recommended the best in its way. You can take them together, and many of these apps are free to use. These apps are the best collection of the google play store, and you can check that in their reviews so have a look at these most popular android apps 2021

Fubo TV

most popular android apps 2021
source- PCMag India

This app is designed basically for sports fans. This is not a sports-only service, but it offers a large variety of live sports and entertainment with 85 channels for your android devices. You can watch NFL games on Sunday and catch an MLB game during the day time. You can also stream a movie on Fubo TV. It also offers DVR capabilities, and it has features that allow you to watch events if you have missed any. Streaming and demand show works well on Fubo TV.


most popular android apps 2021
source- The Asana Blog

It is kind of task management for teams that dwarf other popular services like Trello. This app is all about checkbox and workflows, and that can be assigned to any individual. This app lets you take your tasks offline; you can also sync your progress when you’re back on the network. It has many great tools with an excellent interface, and many new features are added regularly.


most popular android apps 2021
source- Techrepublic

It is a personal cloud service where all your stuff would be available no matter what device you are using. It acts as a seamless backup for your images, and your images are uploaded automatically to the cloud. There are some light editing tools in dropbox. This is one of the must-have apps in your android device.

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most popular android apps 2021
source- The Cut

If you want to learn any other language, then this app is perfect for you that has a friendly interface. You can start with simple vocabulary here and build your vocab here. It is a great guide to learn new languages and brush up your existing one. The more you use the app, the more you will know and practise. This app supports French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Irish, Spanish, Swedish, and Danish.


most popular android apps 2021
source- Twitter

This is a great app to record your podcast. It is easy to use the app. This app allows you to record yourself or with your friends, and you can build an entire podcast on your android device. It also has some basic audio editing tools to match perfectly with your clips. Recently it has announced a program for creators on the platform.

Adobe Lightroom CC

most popular android apps 2021
source- Adobe Help Center

It has a powerful photo editing app that many features as the desktop lightroom, counterparts, and a three-and-a-half star. There are many unique features like noise reduction, camera file profiles, advanced colour, profile-based lens correction, and raw camera file profiles. It also has lighting sliders. It can too sync all your edits between the desktop and the mobile.

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Calibre Companion

most popular android apps 2021
source- Appadvice

It is an excellent ebook app and a giant of ebook management. It is a perfect companion for ebooks. You can add any book to your eReader from your computer using Wifi or USB. You can also store your ebooks on the cloud for easy access. Its surprising to know how it works and is easy to use. This is one of the most popular android apps for ebook management.


most popular android apps 2021
source- TechRound

Citymapper helps you to plan your trips with details. It allows you to travel within a major metropolitical city either via public transport or personal vehicle. It has information about US cities and international hotspots in Asia, Europe and Latin America. It also offers multiple transportation option for each city. There is also an option to commute that helps you in setting up your daily travel and work. There is also a natural language to describe your cancellations and service delays.

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All these were the most popular android app for 2021. You can use them free of cost and enjoy their benefits. They are filled with great features, and they deserve to be on your android device. They are the right apps for you. There are also many other most popular android apps for 2021, but I found these to be the best.

Featured Image Credits- Computerworld

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