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6 Most Terrifying Ghost Stories That You Shouldn’t Read Alone

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Ghosts aren’t scary. Oops!! Did I just say that aloud? Admit or not, a slight shadow outside the window in the mid-night can scare the shit out of everyone. Okay, if you’re still acting brave, here is a post filled with the most terrifying ghost stories you shouldn’t read alone, especially at night.

While we talk about ghost stories, how far can your imagination go? A haunted house, Anabelle, the crawling chair, the hanging head with blood, or a man standing right behind you, don’t turn, he’s still there. If the adrenaline rush has already started building inside your body, hold on, the scariest is yet to come. The most terrifying ghost stories I am talking about are too out-of-the-box stories, full of horror. 

Not just one but here are the 6 best terrifying ghost stories to leave you sleepless for nights:

  1. Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn
  2. “It” By Stephen King
  3. A Brief Lunacy By Cynthia Thayer
  4. We’ll Never Be Apart By Emiko Jean
  5. The Shining By Stephen King
  6. The Haunting Of Hill House By Shirley Jackson

For those who love reading horror stories, read these supernatural ghost stories that feel so real and lively. Ahaan!! Don’t complain that I didn’t warn you not to read these alone.

6 Most Terrifying Ghost Stories You Shouldn’t Read Alone

Let’s end your wait and bring you to the ghostland. Here are the 6 most terrifying ghost stories and paranormal novels.

Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn

Terrifying Ghost Stories; Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn
Source: The Vespiary

Did your past hold some haunting secret? Does it haunt you when you’re alone? Well, if not then this story will definitely do the haunting.

Reporter Camille Pre-K is sent out on a troubling trip. She has to go back to her hometown to write about a local tragedy that recently happened.

Camille hasn’t visited her neurotic mother for many years and she doesn’t know her half-sister all that well. This striking thirteen-year-old girl has an eerie and mysterious grip on the whole town. If Camille wants to get to the truth behind the story she’s covering and survive her own homecoming, she’s going to need to crack the puzzle of her own past.

“It” By Stephen King

Terrifying Ghost Stories; “It” By Stephen King
Source: Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Clowns make us laugh and can make us cry too!! How? Read this book.

7 kids live an ordinary lived an ordinary life in Derry, Maine until the tranquility of their existence is interrupted one day. After that nothing is ever going to be the same again for this group of friends.
The children are shocked and terrorized by something only known as “It”. It’s a supernatural entity that can disguise itself and appear seemingly out of nowhere. But the preferred form of this being is an evil clown that preys on the kids and feeds on their darkest fears.

It turns out that “It” has been petrifying the town for centuries. The beast appears once every 27 years wreaking havoc and destruction. 

Will anyone manage to survive when “It” comes next time? Find out by reading this extremely horrifying ghost story.

A Brief Lunacy By Cynthia Thayer

Terrifying Ghost Stories; A Brief Lunacy By Cynthia Thayer

What if a stranger bumps into your life and knows all your secrets? Stranger, right!! Here is a similar story that will leave you horrified.

Carl, a successful former surgeon, and Jessie Jensens, a school teacher, have been together for 40 happy years. But their cozy peaceful life comes to an abrupt end when they let a stranger into their home. The man appears at the door of the couple’s cabin asking for help. Kind-heartedly, Karl and Jessie offered to let him use their phone and even invited him to stay for dinner. However, it doesn’t take long for the couple to realize that they have made a fatal mistake.

The mysterious man knows a lot more about the Jensens than a stranger is supposed to. It turns out he’s not some normal guy looking for help. Carl and Jessie will have to try hard to win at this captor’s crazy psychological games.

We’ll Never Be Apart By Emiko Jean

Terrifying Ghost Stories; We’ll Never Be Apart By Emiko Jean
Source: The Tribe- Santaluces High school

What if our own family members get against us? Wouldn’t the trauma feel heavy?

A seventeen-year-old girl, named Alice has had it rough in life. Despite her family troubles, she manages to find some normalcy and love. Now, she’s locked in a psychiatric hospital driven crazy after her arsonist twin sister killed her boyfriend.

During her long and boring days in the hospital, Alice writes down her dreams of getting revenge. But when she makes new friends (the other patients), some memories begin to resurface. It seems that the girl’s mind has mixed up the facts and fiction. What happens next? What is the true story?. Give it a read to find out.

The Shining By Stephen King

Terrifying Ghost Stories; The Shining By Stephen King
Source: IRRE(X2)

What if you’re left alone at a place that is full of cursed souls? It’s already freaking me out to think about this. Read this ghostly story if you still have courage.

Jack Torrents a writer who suffers from alcoholism gets a new job as an off-season caretaker of a hotel in Wintery Colorado. His wife Wendy and little son Danny come along to this remote location. The family is hoping for a smooth fresh start.

Everything seems to be going well until all the guests leave and Jack’s family remains as the only inhabitants at the hotel. That’s when things start going south for little Danny. The boy gifted with telepathic powers experiences the unprecedented horror of seeing and communicating with the ghosts of the hotel.
But these cursed souls aren’t the most terrifying thing that can happen to the family. Just wait the worst is yet to come.

The Haunting of Hill House By Shirley Jackson

Terrifying Ghost Stories; The Haunting of Hill House By Shirley Jackson
Source: The Last Reader

Haunted houses are traditionally at the top of all horror fiction lists. But this book takes the very concept of the haunted house to a whole new level. The house in this story seems to have its own angry and sentient mind but hold on that’s not the scariest part.
Eleanor the narrator of the story seems reliable and relatable enough for the reader to trust her. This story would affect you more than you’d expect.

Are you curled up in your bed right now? I warned you. Hope you found these spooky ghost stories interesting and scary. You can also watch some supernatural horror movies for an added dose of adrenaline rush. But this time watch it with a friend or a family member.

Featured Image Credits: The Urban List

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