Mount Etna’s spectacular eruption was so violent it was seen from space

Mount Etna erupted this week in spectacular fashion (Getty Images)

Mount Etna is continuing to erupt in Italy, causing spectacular views and some inconveniences for local residents.

Locals and municipal teams worked Wednesday to clean up a Sicilian village nearby after Europe’s most active volcano spewed lava, ashes and volcanic stones over it.

The eruption, which featured spectacular displays of gushing lava, forced the temporary closure of Sicily’s Catania Airport, a frequent occurrence when Etna is in an active phase.

As Tuesday’s volcanic activity was largely expected, areas surrounding the crater were secured and there were no reported injuries or deaths.

The eruption was big enough to be seen from space.

This image from the European Space Agency (ESA) shows Mount Etna erupting, near Catania, Sicily (Credits: EPA)

And nearby residents said this outburst was unusual in that big chunks of volcanic stones carpeted the area, not just ash.

‘It was a rain of stones. Something I never saw in my entire life,’ Pedara resident Letizia Olivieri said.

Pedara Mayor Alfio Cristaudo said the village was in emergency mode from the extent of the eruption.

A photo taken from the village of Milo near Catania shows the eruption at Mount Etna (Photo by Salvatore Allegra/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Lava flowing at the Southeast Crater (Photo by Salvatore Allegra/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

‘The entire territory of Pedara and all the streets are covered in volcanic ashes and lapillus,’ or volcanic stones, he said.

Residents and local teams cleaned streets, courtyards and cars, bagging the ash and waiting for municipal collectors to take it away.

Driving motorbikes and scooters was forbidden, and the speed limit for cars was reduced to limit the further spread of ash.

Dense smoke caused by Etna’s eruption on the houses of Trecastagni in Catania, Italy. (Getty Images)
The church of San Nicola in Trecastagni and the eruption of Mount Etna with the dense smoke of ash and lapilli falling on the village on the slopes of the volcano (Getty Images)
A view of the eruption of Etna seen from the port of Riposto in the province of Catania. The lava flow descended along the eastern side of the cone, heading towards the ‘Valle del Bove’ (Getty Images)

Pedara resident Massimiliano Formica said he was at home Tuesday afternoon when he heard what he thought was the beginning of a rainstorm.

But when he looked outside, he saw it was ‘raining in a weird way. I went out and I saw soil falling down. Also big stones.’

Etna is a popular tourist destination, and its eruptions, especially when seen at night, are spectacular to watch.

Standing at 10,922 feet tall, Etna covers an area of 459 square miles with five different craters.

The Etna eruption seen with the port of Riposto in the province of Catania in the foreground. (Getty Images)
Etna shows no sign of calming down (Credits: Angela Platania/REX)

More than 500,000 people live around the base of Mount Etna which has history of violent eruptions and is one of the most active volcanoes on earth.

Even the ancient Romans wrote about it and lived in its shadow, as it has been active for thousands of years.

Mount Etna spews smoke and ash in spectacular new eruption

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