7 Hilarious Movies Like American Pie!!

Movies Like American Pie

No doubt American Pie was out of the box funny and a bit cringe-y that it has no replacement up till now. Hearing Band Camp still makes us smirk. It’s a complete dose of entertainment. After all, who doesn’t love high school teen drama? Well, I hunted a few similar movies like American Pie! To relive the exact same craziness and raunchiness pick any of the below-mentioned Movies Like American Pie and start watching. 

With some super fun elements, there were elements of raunch too. I am sure many of you no longer cringe for an apple pie. LOL!!  While many of you must agree that American Pie was the earliest in the list of why we were drawn towards teen comedies. 

To remind you of your good old days and to experience the teen moments again, here are some hilarious and raunchy Movies Like American Pie:

  1. Superbad
  2. Old School
  3. The Girl Next Door
  4. Road Trip
  5. The 40-year-old Virgin
  6. Scary Movie
  7. Porky’s

While you enjoy these amazing teen comedy-dramas, do not forget to share this entertaining jackpot with your near and dear ones. Watch out who gets to enjoy their first hook up and who goes through a devastating heartbreak!! Whatever happens, entertainment should go on! 

7 Amazing Movies Like American Pie

Do you have a crazy friend group? Well, watching these movies will surely make you miss your lads. Better batch them together!! 

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Doesn’t matter if you are a grown-up or a teenager, the storylines are super exciting and relating (Unless you were that nerdy last bencher during school days!) 


Movies Like American Pie; Superbad
Source: USA Today

Superbad has all the elements that we expect in a teen drama movie. The movie starts with ridiculously raunchy vibes.

The story is centered around the coming-of-the-age teen story. A group of school friends who recently completed their high school go out on a drink and hook-up trip. 

This movie is the depiction of teen reality and their obsession with friends, sex, booze, and hookups. 

Old School

Movies Like American Pie; Old School
Source: Netflix

Heartbreaks, hookups, and crazy friend gang!! Old School takes you in completely after all it has Will Ferrell guys!! 

Mitch a grown-up guy finds out that his girlfriend has been involved with a sex group. He feels his world coming upside down. 

Trying to move on in life, he moves to a new house near a college campus. With the help of his crazy pals, he gets to relive his happy carefree life again. 

The Girl Next Door

Movies Like American Pie; The Girl Next Door
Source: Slant Magazine

The Girl Next Door is the story of an orphan teenager who happens to suffer horribly at the hands of her aunt, Ruth. 

After her parents died, she and her sister were placed in the care of her aunt who abused her. The aunt ran a sex racket and encourages the neighborhood boys to come to pay a visit to girls. As strange as it may sound, the girl happens to fall in love with a one-time p**n star. And eventually, she taught him the real meaning of life. 

Road Trip

Movies Like American Pie; Road Trip
Source: Insider

You gotta be kidding me if you have never been on a road trip during your college time. 

But this time the road time is a savior trip. It’s the story of four college friends who go out on a road trip to save a friend’s relationship. 

When a sex tape accidentally gets posted to the young man’s girlfriend’s house, the friends go out on a trip to reach the post office first and destroy it before their friend’s girlfriend could reach it. Covering up your best friend’s cheating on her girlfriend, so romantic right? 

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Movies Like American Pie; The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Source: Empire

Unlike other teen dramas, where having sex before the age of 18 is not a big deal, this one is the story of a 40-year-old virgin man. 

Andy Stitzer, an amiable guy who enjoyed his lonely life and works at a big-box store. 

Playing video games is the ultimate way for Andy to pass his free time. Even at the age of 40, he is single and a virgin. 

Feeling this as a miserably lonely life, his friends try to hook him up with some girls. It’s so funny to watch Andy struggle having sex for the first time, not to mention the adulthood troubles he faced. 

Scary Movie

Movies Like American Pie; Scary Movie
SOURCE: CinemaBlend

Scary Movie is a series of funny horror movies having 5 parts till now. 

To be honest, the Scary Movie series is hilarious, raunchy, funny, and NOT FOR KIDS!! 

Although this movie is like other teen dramas where older actors pretend to be young. Scary Movie parodies other slasher flicks like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream. 


Movies Like American Pie; Porky’s
Source: Prime Video

Do you feel like American Pie is the most erotic movie you’ve ever seen? Well, give it another thought after watching Porky’s. 

It’s the story of high school drama and the physical imbalances we face at that time. 

Few high school students desperately want to lose their virginity but unluckily, they get kicked out of the strip club. 

Now they plan a revenge plot for Porky, who took all their money and excluded them from the stripper group. Too much drama, hell lot of fun! 

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To Wrap Up:

I hope you found the right pick for you coming across these movies like American Pie. We are all obsessed with teen movies then whether it be teen movies like 10 Things I Hate About You Or She’s All That. 

American Pie was a totally leveled-up teen drama full of wildness and raunchiness. Some can even find it relating to their own high school life. While you enjoy these amazing crazy flicks, be ready for more entertaining stuff. Stay Tuned!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Movies Like American Pie:

What should I watch if I like American Pie?

If you loved American Pie, then you’ll surely love watching these:
1. Superbad (2007)
2. Old School (2003)
3. The Girl Next Door (2004)
4. EuroTrip (2004)
5. Road Trip (2000)
6. Neighbors (2014)
7. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)
8. Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

How many American Pie Movies are there including Spin-Offs?

The series consists of five films:
1. American Pie Presents – Band Camp (2005), 2. American Pie Presents – The Naked Mile (2006),
3. American Pie Presents – Beta House (2007), 4. American Pie Presents – The Book of Love (2009), and
5. American Pie Presents – Girls’ Rules (2020).

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