6 Amazing Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians

If you loved Crazy Rich Asians, then you’ll love the following bunch of heartfelt Asian movies too. Crazy Rich Asians was full of romance and rib-tickling comedy-drama. No doubt we all loved the mismatched pair of Nick Young and Rachel Chu in the movie. We all got to relive our teenage lives watching them two. However, many other movies match the level of craziness and warmth of Crazy Rich Asians.

To begin with, I don’t think any other genre can match the level of teenage high school drama as we all have been through that phase. Plus, there’s something about Asian American movies that we all find so intriguing. 

For all the Crazy Rich Asians fans, here are the best Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians that you will love to watch. 

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Top 10 Korean Anime Movies That You Should Check
  1. To All The Boys I Have Loved Before
  2. Better Luck Next Time
  3. The Joy Luck Club
  4. Saving Face
  5. Chan Is Missing
  6. Always Be My Maybe

What makes a movie worth admiring even after years of its arrival? The cast plays an important role in a movie. Many other things work wonders for a movie like the presentation of the story, the clarity of the writer’s thoughts, and the emotions of course.

6 Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians

Cheers to times when we fell in love! Cheers to the memories we’ll cherish for life! And cheers to the heartbreaks that made us stronger and bought us one step closer to loving ourselves! Here’s a roller coaster ride for all the teenage mess we all have been through.

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To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians; To All The Boys I Have Loved Before
Source: open. spotify.com

We all crush on the high school romance drama. Teenage love, cute little secrets, handwritten love letters, and more. But what if all the secret love letters you wrote for your lover get shared publicly?

Something similar happened to Lara Jean in the movie, To All The Boys I Have Loved Before. It’s a story of love, betrayal, and lots of drama. The plot is focused on the love life of Lara Jean. Her heartfelt confessions of love are publicly made fun of. This story teaches us a wonderful lesson that heartbreaks, high school drama, etc. are a part of life. But we shouldn’t harm someone else’s life to take revenge for that.

Better Luck Tomorrow

Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians: Better Luck Tommorow
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Some people fight hard to achieve something big in life while some take the achievement for granted. Better Luck Tomorrow is a similar story of teenagers who are drawn away by their overachievements in life that they choose the path of crime.

It’s a perfect story that every teenager can relate to. The movie takes you on a deeper ride to explore youth culture. The whole theme can universally be related as it shows many societal stereotypes.

The Joy Luck Club

Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians; The Joy Luck Club
Source: The New York Times

If you love Asian American star movies, then The Joy Luck Club is a must-watch. It was the first-ever movie having cast all Asians. This film was released in 1993. At that time it was the only Hollywood movie to have presented Asian-American culture so well.

This movie portrays the story of four Chinese immigrant mothers and their relationships with their daughters who are Asian American. The Joy Club was fun to watch as it depicts the three-dimensional roles of Asian Americans rather than stereotyping them on screen.

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Saving Face

Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians; Saving Face
Source: The Guardian

The movie “Crazy Rich Asians” was so rich in comedy-drama and romance that it’s hard to match the level of that movie. “Saving Face” has all the drama you need. It’s a story of self-realization and self-acceptance. 

An Asian-American woman lives with her traditional mother and finds out that she is a lesbian. But she tries to downplay her real personality and feelings for another girl. This movie was a super hit at the box office. Another great movie written and directed by the same person named Alice Wu was released on Netflix in 2020.

Chan is Missing

Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians; Chan is Missing
Source: IndieWire

Don’t we all miss the fun and chemistry we saw in Crazy Rich Asians? Well, “Chan Is Missing” is a fun movie that’ll keep you hooked throughout. It’s the story of two Asian-Americans who are super stylish detectives.

Like the title says, Chan is missing. This story is centered around a thief named Chan who steals all the savings from these two detectives and disappears. The detectives are out to catch the thief. The plot and characters received huge appreciation.

Always Be My Maybe

Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians; Always Be My Maybe
Source: IndieWire

Here comes romanticism again. Always Be My Maybe is an all-Asian cast movie that throws light on minority representation. How will you react after meeting your childhood bestie whom you haven’t met in years? 

This is a similar story of two estranged childhood friends who reunited after 15 years. You’ll witness the romantic tension building between the two main characters. This story also shows a broad end of career and life choices. It’s not always a position that gives us happiness. Sometimes it’s the smallest wish that we hold in our hearts that provides the actual happiness.

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In a Nutshell:

Every movie or TV Show is created with a different story and idea. Some turn out to be outstanding while some strive hard to match that level. In this post, we talked about 6 amazing movies like Crazy Rich Asians that are worth watching.

Share this list with all the Crazy Rich Asians fans and let them enjoy similar fun and drama all over again. For more entertainment stuff, scroll through our website’s entertainment section. You’ll be surprised with the best!

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