6 Adventurous Movies Like Jumanji For A Fantastic Feel!!

Movies Like Jumanji

Jumanji came out to be a super hit action thriller for its unique plot and a stellar cast. Everything about this movie was just perfect to fall in love with the creation. Whether it’s low-key romance, incredible fantasy elements, or the sense of “us against the world”, everything felt so real and overwhelming. While Jumanji is the dynamic adventure classic of all time, there are a similar bunch of movies like Jumanji that are super fun to watch.

Do you know the original Jumanji movie was featured 25 years ago? Well, the movie we saw in 2017 and 2019 was the sequel of the original one. Jumanji was outstanding for many reasons as it taught us to fight our fears, the importance of teamwork, sticking to our commitments, and a lot more things. Oh, and Robin Williams was the solo standout for the movie, no doubt. If you enjoyed Jumanji, then you’ll surely enjoy these movies like Jumanji as well.

When I say Movies Like Jumanji, you must be thinking of the same board game theme with a world full of insanity, right? Also, the demand for an action-packed sequence and the fantasy element is a must. Well, be ready to feel the overwhelming sensations of nostalgia all over again watching movies similar to Jumanji. The first one on the list is Zathura: A Space Adventure. 

There are many more amazing adventure flicks on the list. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: Next Level are the two sequels of real Jumanji movies with more realistic video game effects, more the dose of fantasy, crazy action scenes, and a lot of excitement. 

6 Thrilling Movies Like Jumanji

Movies Like Jumanji; 6 Thrilling Movies Like Jumanji
Source: Digital World Hub

You can start with the two best sequels of the original flick that are Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and Jumanji: Next Level. This will give you a modern and updated version of Jumanji.

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After that, you can shift to similar action-adventure flicks like a few mentioned here. Have Fun!!

Zathura: A Space Adventure

Movies Like Jumanji; Zathura: A Space Adventure
Source: YouTube

Zathura is a part of Jumanji if you know. Zathura is adapted from a book of the same name, which is the sequel to Jumanji. 

Just like we saw a board game theme in Jumanji, this movie continues that theme. The only visual difference between the two movies is that Jumanji makes us travel to another world, whereas, Zathura transports the kids to outer space.

There are so many similarities between the two movies. You’ll feel nearly the same adventure, same thrill, and spine chill for realistic monster obstacles.

The Night At The Museum Trilogy

Movies Like Jumanji; The Night At The Museum Trilogy
Source: CinemaBlend

Here’s a trilogy full of historical characters. Unlike other movies like Jumanji, this one has no such theme as a board game. It’s a normal-life movie with not-so-normal creatures in it. 

The story centers around Larry, a night watchman at a museum. 

This movie has all the scenes of a horror classic as the museum is haunted with supernatural mysterious powers. When it gets dark, all the dead exhibits come alive.

There are a lot of things that you’ll find common in both the movies like clingy creatures, animals, and other obstacles that we saw in Jumanji will be seen here too.

Dora And The Lost City Of Gold

Movies Like Jumanji; Dora And The Lost City Of Gold
Source: Epix

How many of you have watched the cartoon show, “Dora The Explorer”? Mehh!!!

This is a live-action Dora The Explorer movie for the cartoon show we all enjoyed during our childhood. The movie showcases some amazing jungle adventure scenes which let you enjoy your favorite Jumanji moments all over again.

Dora And The Lost City Of Gold are loaded with great casts like Michael Pena, Eva Longoria, Benicio del Toro, Danny Trejo. Although the main lead playing Dora is a new face for many viewers, she did a commendable job. 

If you loved Jumanji, then this one is sure to amaze you to the fullest!

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Movies Like Jumanji; Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
Source: Entertainment | Time

Ready to watch your favorite characters all over again? Aha!! This one has “The Rock”.

Jumanji was hell crazier because of Dwayne Johnson’s incredible performance. Journey 2 is full of thrilling adventure scenes that made people fall in love with Jumanji. 

This movie takes you on an Island trip. But hey! It’s the lost city of Atlantis, the mysterious one!

It’s full of brim and action. Every natural disaster you know is featured in this movie with utmost precision and realistic effect. Like giant butterflies, cyclones, huge lizards, and a helicopter crash of course. Journey 2 drives you crazy from beginning to end!


Movies Like Jumanji; Goosebumps
Source: The Atlantic

Most of the movies similar to Jumanji are adapted from children’s books. And every bit of these movies feels so real and dynamic.

Goosebumps is yet another movie like Jumanji to leave you shaking with supernatural action and suspense.

Goosebumps is a paranormal version of Jumanji. Despite all the mishaps and scary things going on, you still cling to the movie. 

When the monsters are brought back to life from a magical book, the characters will have to fight hard for their survival. Sounds familiar to Jumanji, right? “Goosebumps” is worth a shot!

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Movies Like Jumanji; The Spiderwick Chronicles
Source: Amazon. co. uk

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a super thrilling adventure movie just like Jumanji. Although Jumanji was a fantastic movie featuring some largely realistic things happening supernaturally. The Spiderwick Chronicles is no less when it comes to supernatural adventure.

Both the movies share a lot in common. The main leads in the film are child actors which makes it even more fun. It’s the story about the “Grace Siblings” who move to a new place.

This is when their life turns into a fairy tale as the new home is filled with mythical and magical creatures.

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It’s a Wrap!

Hope your search for movies like Jumanji joyfully ends here. This post is a treat for all the action-adventure movie fans. You do not just get to relive the crazy Jumanji moments all over again, but you also get to watch rib-tickling fantasy flicks that feel so real.

Share this post with your friends and family and let them enjoy these action-packed comedy dramas. For more entertaining stuff, stay tuned. Comment down your favorite creation from the list above.

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