Moving House: Tips You Need to Know (2021)

Moving House: Tips You Need to Know (2021)

Moving house is one of the most exciting (and stressful) experiences that you can have in life. For some people, it’s incredibly easy; for others, it’s an emotionally charged, draining time period.

The preparation, the goodbyes, the potential changing of jobs, finding a new school for your children – it truly is a gigantic task. After all, you’re leaving behind your current home and heading somewhere new and potentially unknown, so there is an element of risk.

However, it always works out in the end, as people quickly settle in their new houses and start making new memories. 

So, if you’re going to be moving house soon, or are simply in the stage of giving it some thought, here are helpful tips that you need to know!

Use a car transportation company

Considering how hectic moving house is, the last thing you want to worry about is your car (or cars, if you own more than one), especially if you’re moving a long distance away.

Therefore, many people use car haul services when moving homes. Car haul services transport your car to your new home on your behalf, saving you tons of time and effort. The process is simple:

  • Get a fast quote
  • Make a booking
  • Decide a pickup and delivery time
  • Relax as your car (or cars) get taken care of

Let’s say you own three cars (for example, a Lexus and two Toyotas) and your new home is a 9-hour drive away. Driving three cars there would be a total nightmare without help! This is why using a car transportation company is smart. 

Pack as soon as possible

Many first-time movers make the fatal mistake of leaving it until the last minute to pack – don’t let this happen to you. Suddenly, you could find yourselves rushing everything into suitcases and boxes in a totally unorganized and reckless fashion – it’s a recipe for disaster.

By packing early, you’re doing yourself a gigantic favor. Sure, it means the reality and emotion of moving home hits quicker, but it saves you from the overwhelming physical effort (and panic) of cramming everything together in the final days.

Don’t feel like you need to take everything with you

Naturally, many people form emotional attachments with their household belongings. After all, they’ve been a big part of their lives for years.

However, try to avoid the feeling that you need to take everything with you to your new house. This is an unhealthy approach and will cause you some problems. For example, don’t insist on taking your TV that’s been in your basement unused for 10 years with you. Sometimes, it’s best to safely dispose of belongings you no longer need, or give them away to charities, instead.

Finally, carefully package delicate items

Imagine this: you’re carrying the box containing your favorite wine glasses out to the removals van when, suddenly – CRASH! You’ve dropped it on the floor and the wine glasses are broken. Don’t let this happen to you.

Any delicate and fragile possessions you have need to be carefully packaged in boxes, preferably with bubble wrap or soft cushioning to protect them from any potential impact.

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