Warner Music Group To Create A Music Theme Park In Sandbox

Warner Music Group To Create A Music Theme Park In Sandbox

This is the era of digitalization. Everything is going digital and with the advent of Metaverse the process has fastened up. You must have heard about the Disney Metaverse concept that will take us to the Disney Theme park in the Metaverse. But, have you heard about the Music Theme Park? No, well, let us tell you that Warner Music Group has collaborated with Sandbox to open a concert hall and music theme park in Sandbox.

You may have heard about Snoop Dogg’s interests in the NFTs and Metaverse. The celebrity had hosted various shows in the Sandbox. However, the concept of a Music theme park is relatively new. If you are a WMG (Warner Music Group) fan then you must be aware that the group has hosted various events virtually. This is for the first time that the WMG is hosting something virtually on the blockchain-based platform.

We know the experience of the music theme park is new and exciting for both the entertainment lovers and the Sandbox. It is going to be super fun. Well, what is the news about the collaboration of the Sandbox and Warner Music Group? Let’s have a detailed look.

Music Theme Park In Sandbox – What Is The News

The Sandbox (Sand) is a Metaverse game owned by SoftBank, that lets users buy and sell virtual property on its platform. The announcement of the VR universe by Facebook has given the popularity of the game a boast.

You can buy virtual land, purchase property, trade, and earn money on the Sandbox platform. To get access to all these functions in The Sandbox you need to purchase the cryptocurrency called SAND. Currently, you can buy the plots in the Virtual world present on the Sandbox platform and build your empire on it.

The Warner Music Group has collaborated with Sandbox to create a Theme Music Park and a concert hall on the Sandbox platform. Let us tell you that the WMG is one of the largest music groups in the world. It comprises hundreds of top artists and labels including Atlantic, Warner Records, Elektra, and Parlophone.

The partnership between the Sandbox and the WMG will allow the sandbox to work on the WMG land and create an immersive experience for the users. The WMG will let the artists interact with the fans in the metaverse concerts.

What Will WMG Do In Sandbox

Yes, the news of Warner Music Group collaborating with the Sandbox is true. The company has purchased the land in the Metaverse and will be creating its own virtual world on the plot.

The company will be creating a virtual world that will be a combination of the Concert venue and Music theme park in Sandbox.

Music Theme Park In Sandbox

The music theme park will allow the users to visit the entertainment zone and enjoy the music. Well, if the music is good enough you can dance as well with your partner in the Metaverse.

Concert Venue

This area may resemble a stadium or something and will be used to host concert events by famous artists.

Where Will Be The Warner Music Group Situated In Sandbox

WMG has acquired the beachfront property on the Sandbox to create a music theme park in the Sandbox Metaverse. Well, no official image of the Metaverse has been released by the company. So, we cannot say whether it will be a beachside concert venue or not.

To Begin The Plot Sale In March 2022

We know that the prices of the lands around the special areas in Sandbox are always high. Don’t believe us check the plot price around Snoop Dogg’s land. 

The Sandbox will open up the sale of the land around the Music Theme Park in Sandbox in the month of March and fans are all set to buy the property around the concert venue. The introduction of the Warner Music Group theme park has elevated the prices of the land.

Wrapping Up

Well, purchasing land around the concert venue would never be a good idea in real life. However, it is a great idea if you are planning to buy the land around the Music Theme Park in Sandbox. It is a good investment. If you get bothered by the loud music you can always shut down your computer.

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