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Candy That Starts With A

The world of candies is so wide that we get lost over which one to choose! There are caramelized, chocolate, gummies and so many kinds of candies!  Ah! I’m already drooling while writing this one! My love for candies was so unrivaled that a kid challenged me to list all the names of candy that starts with A! Well yeah, I couldn’t name them all but a few! How embarrassing! But being a naughty kid, I made up names and blabbered whatever! The funny story ends here and the conclusion comes down to, “Do you know all the names of candy that starts with A?” This is a challenge for you guys! hehe!!! (evil laughter)

There are many flavors of candy and these flavors can be identified from their names only! Some of the apple or mango-flavored candies usually carry the flavor in their name! Like Applehead! It’s obvious that they are apple-flavored! 

There are many exotic candies that start with A! Want to know some of them? Well, I’ll name only one for now! Au’some! As the name suggests, this one is a really awesome candy and not to forget, DELICIOUS!! These names also have a story of their own so you’ll be getting much more than candy names that start with the letter A! Let’s get lost in the world of candies today! 

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Candies serve many purposes! Do you know what all these are? Well! Eating is obviously one of them, but I’m not talking about that! Do you know you can also play with candy names by playing the game of “name a candy starting with- __”! So why not play with candy names today? Let’s guess the candy names that start with “A”!!

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World Of Candy: Candy That Starts With A

Candy That Starts With A

As I said earlier, the world of candies is WIDE! We are ever so engrossed in eating the delicacy than actually wondering what it is! Well, it’s certainly understandable because the sugar rush actually stops us from wondering! When the sugar-coated candies melt in our mouths, all we can say is YUMMM! Rather than asking questions like what’s the name of this or, what’s in it and the sort! Well! I’m not here to question your candy intake BUT rather, playing with its names! But before jumping onto the names, let’s learn some fun facts about candies!!!

  • Germans eat more candy than Americans!
  • In Europe, during the middle ages, eating sugar candy was a delicacy of the rich! Do you know why? Because of the exorbitant cost of sugar!
  • Candy accounts for less than 2% of the calories consumed in the average American diet.
  • Sugar is simply dissolved in water to make candy.
  • The sorts of candy are determined by the varied heating levels: hot temperatures produce hard candy, medium heat produces soft candy, and cool temperatures produce chewy candy.
  • Precisely, 65% of the candies you eat today were introduced more than 50 years ago!

So? Were these facts fun to read? Well! More fun is on the way with these different candy names that start with A! Here’s a list of 20 candy names that start with the letter A!

  1. Almond Joy
  2. Almond Roca
  3. Altoids
  4. Abba Zabba
  5. Aero
  6. Atomic FireBall
  7. After Eight
  8. American Fish
  9. American Metalcraft
  10. Amos Sweets
  11. Amport Foods
  12. Andes Mints
  13. Angelitos
  14. Applehead
  15. Archie McPhee
  16. Arway Confections
  17. Asher’s Chocolates
  18. Astro Pop
  19. Au’some
  20. Arcor

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Candy That Starts With Letter A

Let’s delve more into the world of candies and get to know more about the candies that start with the letter A! There’s much more to them than their name!

American Fish

candy names with a

These are little gummy candies that are rich in fruity flavor! These colorful fruity and not forgetting, mouth-wateringly delicious candies are made in the USA! These fish gummies swim in the various flavors of fruit making us remind of our neighborhood orchard!

Asher’s Chocolates

asher's candy

Asher’s chocolates simply melt in our mouths once they are laid on our tongues! From pretzels to creamy fudge, Asher’s Co. has a wide selection of candies that lay at the very heart of every candy lover! The asher’s chocolate Co. also has lines of sugar-free chocolates! So even if you’re diabetic, you can still enjoy them!

American Metalcraft

candy that starts with letter a

This fine collection of chocolates and candies are made from the finest of ingredients! They are all about delicacy and richness of taste and you will surely love them!

Amport Foods

candy names with a

Amport Foods provides a huge collection of healthy snacks for your kid’s camping fun! This company also has a collection of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, cranberries adding a healthy twist to our munching time!

Almond Joy

almond joy
Source: Amazon

This chocolate brand is pure bliss that will give you beach vibes with its coconut candies that are layered in chocolate! This is the most famous brand of candies and you know what? Everyone will surely answer this one correctly when asked to name a candy that starts with A! This snack is available in various sizes, ranging from miniatures to king-size!


candy names with a
Source: Amazon

These minty icons continue to be the face of Pop culture starting from the time they were invented, 200 YEARS AGO! Yeah! You heard that right! Altoids were invented long back in the UK! Altoids are available in various flavors ranging from wintergreen, cinnamon, strawberry to peppermint! These are not even the few of them as the collection of Altoids is HUGE!!

Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee
Source: Archie McPhee

From fruit-flavored to creamy ones, Archie McPhee will give you everything you need!!! They have cheesy candy canes, gums, toffees, and nuts too! You will not fall short of choices when buying Archie McPhee!!

Andes Mints

andes mint
Source: Wikipedia

These candies are super smooth that will melt in your mouth and thus serve as a very good evening or after-dinner snack! These lightweight chocolates after a heavy meal act as a perfect dessert! The chocolate mint collection of Andes comes in various forms and flavors ranging from creme de menthe, peppermint crunch, butter toffee, and many more!


candy that starts with a

Angelitos are tiny puff marshmallows that are so smooth that you will forget everything else! They are super soft, smooth, and sweet that it will feel like you have drunk a cup of hot cocoa!!


candy that starts with a
Source: Amazon

Applehead, as you might have guessed from the name, is rich apple-flavored candy that feels like a tart at first and then comes in the rich apple taste! Eating this candy feels like you have eaten a full apple that is super aromatic, sweet, and DELICIOUS!

Almond Roca

candy that starts with a
Source: Desertcart

These are freshly made candies in Tacoma, Washington, and were first introduced in the markets in 1912! These chocolate toffees are your classic old candies that are now available in various forms like- Dark chocolate Peppermint Roca, Almond Dark Roca, Mocha Roca, etc!!


Source: Cornershop

Au’some candies are made for your kids to have fun munching time and not forgetting INTERACTIVE! These novel candies are available as Monopoly-themed snacks, Jawbreaker candy balls, and powder-filled fruity candies. They are perfect snacks for your kid’s birthday party or even a simple school function!

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Arway Confections

arway confections

Arway Confections provide us with their caramel patties that have awed the caramel lovers into oblivion! These candies are mind-blowing delicious and come in various forms, shapes, and sizes! From pretzels to candy sprinkles, Arway Confections has everything candy a lover would need!

Amos Sweets

amos sweets
Source: Fine Food Australia Product Directory

Amos sweets do not only give us novel treats in the form of Biobor and Blink Mints but also fulfill our candy-making wishes! How? Well! They provide the best DIY candies which are easy to make and delicious to EAT!!

Astro Pop

Astro Pop
Source: Candy Jar LLC

These are another widely famous candy whose name starts with A, next to Almond Joy of course! Who hasn’t eaten those tri-colored lollipops that simply melt in our mouth and color our tongues into weird colors!

Abba Zabba

Abba Zaba
Source: Amazon

This retro treat comes with the classic peanut flavor that is chewy and not forgetting, DELICIOUS! This is an old-fashioned candy whose flavor is popular among the masses as it gives us the “old id gold” vibes. This candy also made appearances in shows like Gilmore Girls, Two and a Half Men, and American Dad!!


candy names with a
Source: Desertcart

After Almond Joy, Astro Pop, Aero is the next widely known candy that starts with the letter A! This is British milk chocolate that was first produced by Rowntree’s and then by Nestle! This bubbly chocolate melts in our mouths and is perfect for those who do not adore the heaviness of usual chocolate! 

Atomic FireBall

candy that starts with a
Source: Amazon

As the name suggests, this candy is a blend of hot, spicy, and sweet! This candy has extraordinary flavors that are spicy-hot and cinnamon sweet giving us the best of both worlds! And do you know an interesting fact about Atomic FireBall? Well! This candy was made in the middle of the Cold War, hence its name came out as Atomic FireBall!

After Eight

after eight
Source: Amazon

After Eight is a dream come true for every dark chocolate lover! Made with natural ingredients, these candies are filled with fondant cream and thus, are very smooth snacks too! After Eight candies are available in many forms, especially the chocolate mint candies. Chocolate mint candies from the After Eight collection comes with crispy mint filling and dark and white chocolate filling!


candy with a
Source: Sweet As Fudge Candy Shoppe

Arcor is an Argentinian invention that was found in 1951 providing us hard and chewy candies that are mouth-wateringly delicious! It comes in various flavors like orange, cherry, green apple, and lemon!

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Candies have a universe of their own and there isn’t an alphabet in English letters that has no candy name starting with it! Besides letter A, there are a whole lot of chocolates that start with B, C, D, E and up to even Z!! So if you ever get stuck while remembering some of the candy names, make sure to go through these candy names!

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