Natalie 90 Day Fiance | The Roller Coaster Relationship

Natalie 90 Day Fiance

If you think that your relationship is hard then you probably haven’t heard about the Natalie 90 Day Fiance. It is a journey full of drama, fights, and love. If you aren’t aware of the show “90 Day Fiance” then here is a quick overview of the story of the couple, Mike and Natalie, from the beginning.

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90 Day Fiance is an American reality TV show that shows the real-life couple on the screen. The reality show manifests the life of the couples one of which is American and the other is waiting for the K-1 Visa to settle in America. Mike and Natalie came to the limelight after being together in the show. Well, the show tells the on-off relationship of the couple and tells us whether they could make it in the end or not.

Natalie was in the news for playing the victim card in her marriage with Mike Youngquist. Because of this, everyone questioned, “Was it really a failed marriage?” Or was she just pretending for the publicity? We have covered every gossip about her in the article. If you have recently started watching the show then here is a perfect recap for you. We have bought you everything from the beginning to the end.

Mike and Natalia have broken up like a thousand times and always work out on their relationship. But, there are rumors that Mike is dating someone else. Are these rumors true? We dug up into the matter and found out something that will shock every reader.

Natalie 90 Day Fiance: Story Full Of Drama, Fight & Love

Well, nothing was right in the relationship between Natalie and Mike. Still, the couple somehow managed to drag the relationship to marriage. But, did the marriage work out? You will find answers to all the questions in the article below.

The Natalie 90 Day Fiance Drama Started In Ukraine

Natalie 90 Day Fiance

Mike and Natalie were already engaged when they made the debut for their franchise. Natalie was waiting for the K-1 Visa from the US government to travel to the United States to live with her fiance legally.

Many people have their own speculation about how Mike and Natalie met each other. But, the actual reason behind their meeting was a child. Yes, you read that right!!! Well, the reason isn’t that dramatic as it sounds. They came to know each other after their common friend nominated them as the Godparents of his child. 

As we told you Natalie was waiting for the K-1 visa from the US government, Mike could not hold his beer and decided to make a visit to Natalie in Ukraine. The couple started living together in Ukraine. Well, this is the time when both of them indulge themselves in big topic talks like politics, religion, finances, and views about having kids after marriage.

The couple learned that there is a huge difference between the mindset and views that led to their separation. Because of this fire in their opinion, the couple indulged in a big fight just a night before Mike was to return back to the United States. In the rage, Natalie threw the engagement ring into Mike’s Suitcase. Officially calling an end to the engagement.

The couple returned back for the 90 day fiance season 7 and was still struggling with the relationship problems. The distance between the two was clearly seen when Natalie accused Mike of cheating on her with her best friend. But, Mike denied all the allegations against him. Natalie also said that she didn’t think that her 90 day Fiance is her soulmate whereas, on the other hand, Mike thinks that she was his real half.

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What’s About Mike And Natalie In 90 Day Fiance Season 8 | Another Try To Relationship

Natalie 90 Day Fiance

On the Premiere of Season 8, the couple received the news that Natalie’s K-1 visa has been approved. Upon receiving the news, the couple decided to give their relationship one last try.

They decided to use the 90 day Fiance as the time to work things out on their marriage.

Well, things were expected to change when Natalie came to Washington. Unfortunately, the matter became worse. Natalie was having a hard time adjusting her lifestyle in the rural area because she happened to live in the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv. Because of the different lifestyles, they started fighting over it.

Natalie expected Mike to directly give away the engagement ring but, Mike on the other hand didn’t give her the ring. Though he did not, yet he kept on saying that he didn’t think that they were ready for the marriage yet. There were other problems as well like Natalie was a pure vegetarian. Ahhh! In contrast to this, Mike cannot have his dinner without a glass of beer.

Well, their relationship came to a boiling point when Mike agreed to Natalie’s idea to go and have Relationship therapy. After which Mike told her that he was not in love with her anymore.

Sadly, after this Natalie packed her bag and started crying. She said, “I will fly to Europe, and from then, I will figure out how I [will] get home. I don’t know honestly yet how. I’m feeling scared because it’s a coronavirus and I have to f**king go through [the] airport and its f**king scary and it’s not OK, But I also think that a man who does this to me doesn’t love me. And this is my last day in America.”

Are Mike And Natalie Married?

Natalie 90 Day Fiance

Well, even after so much drama in real life. You must be thinking that the couple did get back together. But, what if I tell you that they married each other in 2020. The 90 day fiance couple tied knots on 15 April 2020 in Clallam County, Washington.

Are 90 Day Fiance Couples Mike And Natalie Still Married?

According to the statement made by Mike’s Uncle Beau Lawrence, he cleared that Mike and Natalie are not together. But, neither Mike nor Natalie have filed a divorce petition in court.

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Wrap Up: 

This was every update about the 90 Day Fiance couple, Mike and Natalie. Their journey from the beginning of their relationship to the end was full of ups and downs. Although the couple made it to the marriage, they are not living together. We hope that both of them will again work on their relationship and bounce back stronger.

If you have any other gossip about the couple then do share it with us in the comments section. We will find the truth and update it in our article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Natalie and Mike divorced?

According to the statement made by Mike’s Uncle Beau Lawrence, he cleared that Mike and Natalie are not together. But, neither Mike nor Natalie have filed a divorce petition in court.

Q. Did Mike and Natalie have a baby?

Although it was rumored that Natalie was pregnant with Mike’s baby. But neither Mike nor Natalie confirmed the news.

Q. Are Natalie and Mike still together in 2021?

The 90 day fiance couple, Mike and Natalie tied knots on 15 April 2020 in Clallam County, Washington. But, Mike’s Uncle Beau Lawrence, cleared that Mike and Natalie are not together. But, neither Mike nor Natalie have filed a divorce petition in court.

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