List of New Upcoming Hollywood Web Series of 2022 on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu And Disney+

new upcoming Hollywood Web Series of 2022

Welcome 2022 with a dose of these new upcoming Hollywood series! 2021 eased our cliff-hanged curiosity by serving us the most anticipated series like Witcher, WandaVision, Squid Game and the count goes on. But hey! 2022 isn’t far behind with what it has in store for us. Here, we have compiled a beautifully wrapped new year’s gift for you in the form of the new upcoming Hollywood web series of 2022.

Considerable old series will be concluded in 2022 with the new ones making their appearance. If you like binge-watching Netflix in the vicinity of your home with friends and family, then you’re surely in for treasure with series like House of the Dragons, and Lord of Rings. But these aren’t all.

New drama will unfold with season 5 of The Crown and the Peaky Blinders season 6 is going to be one hell of a ride. Yet, this isn’t all that 2022 has in the store for us. So, Stay with us as we uncover the thrill of 2022 with the list of new upcoming Hollywood web series.

List of New Upcoming Hollywood Web Series of 2022

Get ready to drown in all-nighters as we present you the real fun that 2022 will bring us! Welcome to our humble abode where we will provide you with a list of the best web series that you need to look forward to in 2022. 

So without further ado, let’s jump to the list of new upcoming Hollywood web series of 2022 that you shouldn’t miss for the world!

1. House Of The Dragons

new upcoming Hollywood Web Series of 2022
Image Credits: Mobile Syrup

Are you a fan of George RR Martin’s epic fantasy novel, The Game of Thrones? Then you’re going to love what 2022 has for you! The prequel to The Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, is coming and the GOT fans are swimming in the sea of joy with the news.

This upcoming web series serves as a prequel to GOT and is based on Martin’s Fire & Blood and will uncover the mystery surrounding the House Targaryen. Many incredible stars have signed the project, so get ready to be surprised!

2. Law & Order

new upcoming Hollywood Web Series of 2022
Image Credits: TV Series Finale

Dick Wolf’s legacy will continue and yeah, you guessed it! Law and Order is reviving and season 21 is gracing our screens in February 2022. In 2021, Law and Order received a nod for a season 21 and the police procedural drama is coming back with more action and drama. 

After Law and Order abruptly ended after 20 seasons, the creator and fans were devastated. Even with the Law and Order spin-offs and movies, there stayed a void that no movie and spin-off could fill. However, not anymore! With Law and Order revival, fans are turning in their chairs with excitement.

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3. Lord Of The Rings

Lord of Rings, no doubt, is the most anticipated Hollywood web series of 2022. The series is set to premiere on September 2, 2022, and the production of its first season has already wrapped up. The season was filmed in New Zealand and will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

This upcoming web series is set years before “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of Rings” and as Amazon calls it, will bring “J.R.R. Tolkien’s fabled Second Age of Middle-earth’s history”. The Lord of the Rings TV series will be one of a kind, the epic tale never told before. So, mark the date guys!

4. Ozark

The final season of Ozark is set to premiere on January 21, 2022, bringing mixed feelings of excitement and disappointment among the fans. The sadness of seeing their favorite story ending and the excitement to know what this new season will bring.

The final season is going to lay huge hurdles in the path of Byrde and that’s quite evident from the teaser quote – “Money is, at its essence, that measure of a man’s choices”. We’re eagerly waiting to see what events will unfold and what choices will be made! 

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5. Obi-Wan Kenobi

obi wan kenobi
Image Credits: IMDB

The Star Wars fans! We have good news for you. Obi-Wan Kenobi is going to grace your screens in 2022! Excited, aren’t you! This Disney+ series is set to premiere in 2022 and is set ten years after The Revenge of the Sith. This upcoming Hollywood web series is set on the premise of the exiled Jedi Master, Obi, overseeing Luke. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi is going to be a limited 6-episode series that will stream on Disney+.

6. The Crown

The historical drama which uncovers the reigning events of Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown, is set to premiere its fifth season in November 2022. The life of the queen is covered from 1947 to the 21st century in this series.

As the series covers real-life events with obvious dramatical elements, we can surely guess what this season 5 will have in the pack for us. We’re not going to spoil your fun by giving out spoilers, so tie up your seat belts as this season is going to be one hell of a ride!!!

7. Peaky Blinders

Hold your breath ladies and gentleman, TOMMY SHELBY is back!! The master is back again and we’ll be seeing more of his action (and intellect) in early 2022. The Peaky Blinders season 6 is going to premiere in the early months of 2022 with new drama and a whole lot of action.

Season 5 of Peaky Blinders was a roller-coaster ride and season 6 is going to be nothing less. And just like always, we can’t wait till the show actually premiers!

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8. Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna is a new drama series that we’re going to welcome in the new year of 2022. Based on Jessica Pressler’s article, “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”, this upcoming web series uncovers the true story of a con-woman who conned a variety of people in New York High Society.

If you’re a fan of true crime stories like these, then you’re surely going to love Inventing Anna! So set the date right! February 11, 2022, it is!

9. Pam And Tommy

new upcoming Hollywood Web Series of 2022
Image Credits: Screen Rant

Want a scandalous web-series recommendation for 2022? Pam and Tommy, it is! 90s kids would surely know the story of this infamous couple and those who don’t, well, watch the series! 

Pam and Tommy is going to be a mini-series with 8 episodes only. The series is set to stream on Hulu on 2 Feb 2022.

10. She-Hulk

Image Credits: Youtube

She-Hulk? Rings bells, right! We’re sure Marvel fans would be exceptionally enthralled seeing their badass shero kick some asses. Jennifer Walters is going on a full rage-filled show giving us an adrenaline-filled series marred with thrill and action.

She-Hulk is surely going to be the most anticipated upcoming Hollywood web series of 2022 for Marvel fans. The series will be streaming on Disney+ in 2022 and is going to be a 10-part series.

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Wrapping Up

Get your popcorn ready and make sure you have subscribed to all the streaming platforms as you wouldn’t want to miss any of these series that 2022 will bring us. Even though we’ll be bidding adieu to some of our favorite series, but hey! Don’t lose your breath as 2022 has many new ones to fill the void.

Upcoming Hollywood series like House of the Dragons, and Lord of Rings prequel are the most anticipated series of 2022 with many others on the list. So, do your eyes a favor before you go on a web-series marathon! Once the timer goes off, there’s no going back!

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