NFL Top Picks For Your Next Bet

When deciding on your next bet, it can be tough scoping out the betting lines and finding a good opportunity. Finding the best bets isn’t always easy, so many people follow expert bettors who make their picks known and have created solid profits in the past from their accurate bets. Here we have gathered some top picks that could be your next successful bet. With the Superbowl and the 2021 drafts behind us, we’re looking at the early indications of safe bets that can be made in 2022 as the summer scouting begins.

Remember that if we’re talking about these opportunities, it’s likely others are too, so take any recommendations with a grain of salt. Only you can decide which wagers are worth your time and money when it’s time to bet.

Spencer Rattler (+140)

Spencer Rattler is making a name for himself through his daring plays outside of the pocket. With most other athletes it’s a dangerous habit but Rattler has proven he can make it work, going 830 yards and scoring nine touchdowns last season. When the numbers are run, he went 228 more yards away from the pocket, a first for collegiate American football.

If he can perform outside of the pocket, needless to say, he can also perform inside of the pocket. He may be 6’1”, which will undoubtedly be used as a mark against him in the future, but he’s demonstrated prowess both in and out of the pocket, and his running game isn’t so bad either.

Sam Howell (+450)

Boasting an 82.0 overall grade from last year, he was beaten only by Trevor Lawrence, who was drafted into the NFL this year. If he’s following in Lawrence’s footsteps, Howell is likely a shoo-in for the drafts in 2022. His most powerful feature is his throwing arm, which he used for offense while playing for North Carolina to rack up over 600 yards of ball flight last season. The closest QBs to that kind of throwing power are more than 200 yards behind. On RPOs, he completed 83 passes across 993 yards last year.

While his offense on a collegiate level is being noticed, we need to see more of how he’d respond to skilled defenses before properly gauging his performance as an all-around player. That said, he’s somebody to watch out for.

Malik Willis (+750)

Malik Willis is another up-and-coming player who has distinguished himself as a capable runner and passer during last season. He scored one of the farthest throws in college football with a 70-yard catapult last year, and his throwing arm is only going to improve if he continues training and becoming better at the sport.

Unlike many one-trick ponies, he’s also scoring pretty high as a runner. In the last season, he averaged 8.7 yards per carry and achieved an 83.1 rushing grade. He stands at 6’1” and 215 pounds, so that and his throwing arm would probably land him a position as running back if he’s selected in 2022.

If there’s one issue with Willis, it’s that he tries to make unplayable plays and so lacks consistency because of that. With experience and reining in, that’s likely to get under control and result in a more calculated and well-rounded performance where his characteristics can shine.

Kedon Slovis (+1200)

Kedon Slovis of the USC Trojans has been turning some heads as an up-and-coming QB who’s shown consistent accuracy across his plays. He still has some way to go in proving himself in 2021 but his improvements since 2020 make that a distinct possibility. In making plays, he occasionally risks the ball, so that’s something that needs to get under control if he’s going to the big league in 2022.

His completion percentage across his career so far is 80.6%, impressive for somebody who’s still a sophomore. What’s more, he gets through progressions as fast as he can, combining accuracy with speediness. As his career develops, he should be able to leverage his 6’2” 200-pounds into fast, pinpointed plays.

His arm strength seems to be his limit right now. Of everybody here, he’s the weakest when it comes to his throwing arm and his ability to pass. The furthest pass of his career (so far) was just 48 yards past the scrimmage and nowhere near a line. NFL talent scouts would want that part of his game to improve before seriously considering him for 2022, so he’s worth following to see if those changes manifest.

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