Nikita Rajpoot

Nikita Rajpoot is always looked upon whenever there is something hardcore with VR and AR is happening in our team. As a content writer she never misses any chance to break the ice, and she ensures that by simplifying the complicated “How To” guides and always tells that, I write as a reader. This practice has always helped her content, to rank in the best.

Experience – In a Glance


    • 4 years of deep rooted and well bloomed experience in writing about modern tech.


    • Diverse and vast knowledge of social media, followers increment and reach expansions.


    • And apart from this, Nikita has walked many catwalks for her designers in the early years of her career. 

Let’s Meet Nikita – Her Journey So Far

The runway is just 30 feet long, make sure that, in this short span you register yourself in an expected manner. This is what my designer told me when for the very first time, I was about to set myself in motion for runway modeling. My legs felt horribly heavy and were trembling. God knows how I took that turn from the front end and came back. I made it, I said to myself when I entered the Green room. Confidence is the key, my designer told me, patting my back.

Unlike many others, I consider myself to be lucky enough to have changed 5 schools and that too in five different states of India. This made me learn various different things from diverse cultures of vibrant India. I never found myself to be nervous of being with new classmates, it happens with kids, but for me, this was not the case. I was never insecure for anything about myself, because the keen learner in me has given me immense potential to adapt and learn about any new situation given and then go accordingly.

I proudly say that these all qualities helped me grow as a better person. My love and curiosity for medicines maneuvered my educational wagon towards Pharmacy and I completed my graduation but my first job was to manage clients and social media campaigns. Despite working in an entirely different field, I am so thankful that I got the chance to virtually be with hundreds of people. Those all interactions made me even more aware of my abilities. 

The trait of the digital media industry is that it’s too hectic to work in. I somehow managed myself but later, was not sure from inside. Along with this, I was creating content as a freelancer and now happen to be a content writer and gave a break to all other career choices I have adopted. I continue my research in medicines as a love for myself, this gives me a break from my conventional work routine and I stay fresh. 

I was always maintaining a diary to pull out the load of my emotions and whatever I feel. This beloved diary holds many of my experiences which I have had during all my school days to the days of modeling. Another practice I adopted is to read through the pages I have written and monitor the maturity of thoughts I have poured on pages. This practice continued and I always know what I need to refrain from and what else is needed to be imbibed as a quality. Yes, it’s impossible to be perfect, but to be a better version of yourself is nothing less than being perfect. 

Qualifications And Expertise

Nikita holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. PGDM in SEO and SQL makes her a person  well acquainted with modern technology and its applications.

EXPERTISE: SEO Traffic, Google Digital Marketing and WordPress.

EDUCATION: Bachelors in Pharmacy

LOCATION: Gwalior, India

TITLE: Associate Content Writer

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