No Game No Life Season 2 Cancelled Due To Plagiarism Allegations

No Game no life Season 2 canceled

The worldwide controversy about the No Game No Life Season 2 catches so much heat on social media. Is No Game No Life Season 2 canceled due to plagiarism allegations? What do you think? The light novel created so much influence. Fans restlessly want a new season.

The main characters in the story Sora and Shiro made Season 1 interesting because of their love for the Game. Sora is an eighteen-year-old boy who is a genius in making strategies and his stepsister Shiro, who does all calculations and logic.

There is no doubt the writer of this show was accused of plagiarism. But this controversy created a negative image for this show. This might be true that due to the allegation of plagiarism the season 2 is going to be canceled. Let us tell you more about this controversy below.

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We will tell you why these allegations were accused in writing and after that what happened. To get full information about the controversy stay connected to the article.

No Game No Life Plot

The plot of no game no life season 2

The story is about gamers who are fantastic and no one can beat them. Sora and Shiro both were siblings. In the Human world, no one can beat them in a game, Sometimes they defeat each other in the game. They feel that the world is boring and they want to do something interesting.

They played a chess game on their computer and they won. This was a challenge from the other world. The God of the other world invited them to his fantasy world which is known as the gaming world and here everything is decided by playing games. They explored this fantasy world and accepted all the challenges. You can find Season 1 on Netflix if you feel the plot is interesting

Why Is The Writer Accused Of Plagiarism?

No Game No life
Source-Animated Andy

Season 1 of this show aired from April 9, 2014, to June 25, 2014. In the past seven years, The new season has not been released yet. Based on the report Anime Amino Yu Kamiya the writer of the show was accused by Charges of Plagiarism. The writer was blamed when the primary season of the anime was delivered. According to Storify news time “Kamiya apologized to the specialists and surprisingly paid them for the work he utilized”.

The SgCafe states that The Japanese illustrator challenges that the writer copied a design in episode 7 of the series from his original work, after that the team behind the show apologized. Also, there is a belief of some people that as a result of these conflicts, Madhouse is not interested in making Season 2 and tried to find another project.

Yu Kamiya released the latest novel of the series in a new volume in January 2018. This shows that the No game No Life novel is still going on. But there is also a doubt about Season 2. No one is pretty sure about it.

Is No Game No Life Season 2 Canceled ?

No game no life season 2
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It may be difficult to predict Season 2 of No Game No Life right now. But if you read the above allegations and the release date of the new volume clockwork planet. Maybe there is a possibility that we can see Season 2 in the future.

On the contrary, if you read the report of Sg Cafe where the report states that Madhouse is not interested in making Season 2 and tried to find another project.

Profit Earned By ‘No Game No Life’

No game no life season 2

Somehow, the other reason behind the ‘No Game No Life’ writer and director not making any announcement officially about the releasing date is the condition of the profit the first season made. The other reason is No Game no life delayed or canceled because of the health condition of the Yu Kamiya. The author has been dealing with the underlying health problems. That is why ‘No Game No Life Season 2’ will cancel and the next season will not happen unless the anime makes enough profit.

Platforms For Watching Season 1 Of ‘No Game No Life’

No game no life Season 2
source-The Indian Express

There are a couple of platforms where you can see this season like Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. Amazon removed this show from its platform due to complaints from fans.


In Nutshell, If I try to conclude it, there is the possibility that Season 2 will come and make NGNL fans happy. Sora and Shiro will be in the cast with other supporting characters. The craze of the game in this series makes this show more interesting. There is also a rumor that Sora and Shiro were in love. Due to the health condition of the author, maybe this series will take more time to come. If you are good at reading, try to read its novel if you want to know more about it.

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