Only on 8: COVID-19 vaccination appointment turns into memorable moment

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A COVID-19 vaccination appointment turned into an unforgettable experience between a local mother and daughter.

Clark County School District teacher Sheila Rappel recently got her first dose of the vaccine — and she had an interesting idea involving her daughter Raina.

“I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you gave me my shot?,’” Sheila shared, recalling a past conversation with Raina.

Raina is a third-year medical student at UNLV and also volunteers at vaccine clinics. She put in a request to be at the College of Southern Nevada’s vaccination site in Henderson on the day Sheila was scheduled to get her shot there.

“And it happened. She made it happen,” Sheila said. “It worked out well. She did a good job; I didn’t feel a thing!”

For this mother-daughter duo, it is a moment that is both memorable and meaningful.

“I was extremely proud,” Sheila said. “Not just helping me, but all the people that she vaccinates and just helping to get this over with.”

Raina says she volunteers any chance she gets.

“If rounds finish early, and I have time afterwards, I try to schedule a volunteer shift,” Raina said. “Everybody is really anxious for this pandemic to end and doing something hands on like this, just makes us feel good, like we’re doing something positive.”

In about two weeks’ time, Sheila is due for her second dose of the vaccine. The only question now is if Raina is ready for round two, too.

“If it works out, I’d be happy,” Sheila said. “Like I said, she did a good job on the first one, so I’d definitely have her give my second shot!”

Both Sheila and Raina know there is frustration over the wait to get the vaccine in Nevada right now. But they are urging patience, saying everyone will eventually get it.

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