Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave? Is It Safe??

Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave

Paper plates are an amazing replacement for plastic. These are eco-friendly and easy to use. Just use them whenever you need them and throw them after use. Easy peasy, right? No mess, no cleaning. But here’s a thing, Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave? Are paper plates microwave-safe or not? 

Cooking in the microwave is super easy and time-efficient. Just place the food in, set the timer, wait for a few minutes and you get the delicious food ready with minimum effort. But like we know that everything is not microwaved safely. So, the question remains the same, “Can you put paper plates in the microwave? Is it safe? 

Let’s understand the working of microwave this way, that when you cook something in the microwave, the heat generated within the microwave heats up the food. In order to make sure that the vessel you are using to cook food does not get heated. It’s good to use microwave-safe dishes. What’s the right way to use paper plates in the microwave? Stick along and read ahead.

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Can you microwave paper plates? Yes, you can. Are paper plates microwave safe? Yes, they are. Follow the safety instructions discussed below to have a good time while cooking in the microwave using paper plates.

Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave?

Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave; Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave
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There are two factors that decide whether a plate is microwave-safe or not. You should not use materials that are unsafe for microwave use.

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  1. You should know that a microwave works by emitting short waves which are known as microwaves. If the material you are using to cook your food has a high absorbent nature and can absorb microwaves, then it’s unsafe to be used in microwaves.

What happens is that, when you place that kind of plate or container in the microwave, the container will get heated along with the food. This makes food unhealthy for consumption. To prevent the melting of plates, you should be using microwave-safe plates.

  1. Make sure you are using materials that are food-safe. Using a material made of certain chemicals which when heated leaves the chemical residuals on the food as well, makes it unhygienic for consumption. 

So, you better check the food-grade quality before cooking in it. 

Are Paper Plates Microwaves Safe?

Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave; Are Paper Plates Microwaves Safe
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If we talk about paper planets, then there are a variety of paper planets available in the market. Some are hard paper plates, some are soft, some are white some are colorful, some are made purely from reused paper while some are mixed with other materials like plastic to make them extra durable. 

So, you see, not every type of paper plate is safe for microwave use. Yes, you can use paper plates in the microwave that are made from paper and are plastic-free. 

Paper is microwave safe. You can use it in the microwave without any worry. But if you are choosing a paper plate that has a plastic coating then make sure that plastic is microwave safe. There are many plastic dishes specially made for microwave usage. You can get those dishes if you want to cook in a microwave.

Testing Microwave Safety of A Plate At Home

Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave; Testing Microwave Safety of A Plate At Home
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The best thing to do is to test the microwave safety of a plate at home. Yes, this is possible. If you got a paper plate package and it has nowhere mentioned whether it’s microwave-safe or not, then try this hack.

  1. Take a bowl of water. Place the plate you want to test in it. Now, put this in the microwave.
  2. Set the timer to 1 minute and start the microwave.
  3. After one minute, take out the plate and touch it to check the temperature. If the plate is extremely hot to touch, it means it is not microwave-safe and has absorbed enough heat from the microwaves produced by the microwave.
  4. If the plate is slightly heated and can be touched easily, that means it’s completely safe to be used in a microwave.

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How To Pick Safe And Best Microwave Paper Plates?

Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave; How To Pick Safe Microwave Paper Plates
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Now, you know that you can use paper plates in the microwave. It’s time to choose the right plates for the microwave. How to choose a plate that’s 100% microwave-safe?

Some of the best and safe options in microwave-safe paper plates are:

  1. Dixie Everyday Paper Plates
  2. Glad Soak Proof Paper Plates
  3. 100% Eco-Friendly Plates By Comfy Package.
  4. Areca Palm Plates.

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Hope you found your answer for Can you put paper plates in the microwave?
Yes, you can. In this post, we talked about various factors that tell whether a material is safe for microwave use or not. We also talked about different types of paper plates. Only the plates made from 100% paper are safe for microwave use.

In addition, we talked about a quick test to determine if paper plates are microwave safe. Last but not the least, we learned about some eco-friendly paper plate brands that sell 100% microwave-safe plates. Share this article with every homemaker and make their lives much easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Using Paper Plates In The Microwave

Which material is unsafe for microwave use?

Not all plastic is unsafe for microwave use. Some plastics are specially designed to make microwave-safe plates and dishes. The type of plastic that is not suitable for microwaves use is Styrofoam. It’s available in different forms like cups, plates, bowls, and containers. These plastic containers do not microwave safe. They absorb the microwaves and melt easily.

What type of paper plates is microwave safe?

You might get a variety of paper plates in the market like printed, colored, and plain. But only a few make it up to microwave usage. The plain white paper plates without any kinds of prints on them are safe for microwave use. The printed plates have certain chemicals which are not safe for microwave use.

Till how long should you keep paper planets in the microwave?

Give your food proper time to cook in the microwave. As recommended by experienced chefs, paper plates should not be kept for more than five minutes in the microwave to ensure the food quality. 

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