Difference Between Partial vs Full Highlights | Read This Before Getting Your Highlights Done!

Partial vs Full Highlights

Bleaching your hair for the first time? You must be struggling to choose the right fit for your hair. Before experimenting with any type of hair bleaching it’s better to know that there is a difference between Partial vs Full Highlights. To help you choose the perfect blend for your hair, here’s an overall guide to explain the basic difference.

80s Bangs- Will You Try Them Today?
80s Bangs- Will You Try Them Today?

Highlighting the hair is very much in trend both among boys and girls. For those who do not know the basic difference between Half Head Highlights and Full Head Highlights, keep reading till the end and get to know everything about highlight shades.

While highlights are a wonderful way to enhance your look, they may also cause hair damage in some cases. So, before heading towards highlighting your hair, you must know the pros and cons of “Partial vs Full Highlights”. First, you should make up your mind that you surely want to do this. The next step is to understand the before and after effects of highlights and how to take care of highlighted care for long-lasting. 

The overall process requires utmost precision, so it’s better to get your highlights done by a professional hairstylist. Have a look at this hair guide and make the right choice. 

What Are Partial Highlights/Half Head Highlights

Partial vs Full Highlights; What Are Partial Highlights
Source: The Color Bar

There are different types of partial highlights like partial foil highlights and Balayage. It’s like dying your hair in partial sections, sparing some of your hair with its natural color. These particular highlights are done using foils. The colorist uses up to 20 foils to provide the perfect finish to your bleached hair. Only the upper section of your head and hair is colored. 

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The final result looks like a mix of two colors that look super natural and classy. 

There are also different color variants for highlights like some people get red highlights, some try blue while many prefer the regular golden browns. If you want to add some color to your hair, then partial highlights are a good option. 

What are Full Highlights/Full Head Highlights

Partial vs Full Highlights; What are Full Highlights

Unlike the previous one, full head highlights aim at providing full-highlighted coverage to your hair. It’s more like dying your hair from roots to tips completely. While most people prefer blonde hair as full highlights many others may love to experiment with some funky shades like, blue, grey, white, red, or brown. 

If you want to get a makeover for your hair, then these full-foil highlights are a good option. It gives you a confident and bold look. 

Partial Vs Full Highlights

Partial vs Full Highlights; Partial Vs Full Highlights

Wondering how much do Partial and Full Highlights cost? Well, a lot I must say! 

Although both have different rates and their own benefits. Most hairstylists suggest going for a mix of both partial and full highlights for your hair. 

To help you get a closer view of which one is more likely to suit your budget, hair, and face frame, here are the basic differences that you should know before choosing partial or full highlights. 

Benefits of Partial Highlights

Partial vs Full Highlights; Benefits of partial highlights

1. Less Damage

If you are worried that highlights will damage your hair, then you are partially correct. Since the products used for highlighting your hair contain chemicals that may not suit every hair type, it’s sure that your hair will pass through some sort of damage.

To ensure the least damage to your hair, it’s always better to go for partial highlights as it only covers fewer sections of your hair. That means less hair damage. 

2. Cost-Effective

Partial highlights are cheaper than full highlights. Where the full highlights may cause you around $100, partial highlights start from a much lower rate for just $70. So, if you want to cut highlights cost, then go for partial highlights. 

3. More Natural Look

Since partial highlights spare the base of your hair with its natural color and texture, they look more natural. It’s like some strands or sections of your hair are slightly lighter than the rest. 

4. Low Maintenance

This one sounds quite convincing. No one likes to cause damage to their hair. Also, if you want to ensure the longevity of your highlights, then partial highlights last way longer than full highlights. 

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Benefits of Full Highlights

Partial vs Full Highlights; Benefits of Full Highlights

1. Full Coverage

For those preferring a full makeover for hair, a partial highlight is a good option. You can go from light to dark or from dark to light. Blonde and grey hair is quite an in trend nowadays. 

2. Versatile Styling

Since all your hair is colored, you can style your hair in whatever way you want. Doesn’t matter if you have straight hair or curly, it looks great on every hair type. 

3. Endless Options

Full Highlights generally have more color options than partial highlights. You can choose something as neutral as blonde or something bold and dramatic, that’s completely your choice. 

4. Great Texture to The Hair

Highlighted hair looks great, no doubt. But full highlights are more impactful than partial ones due to full coverage. 

How To Choose The Right Highlights For Your Hair

Partial vs Full Highlights; How to choose the right highlights for your hair

Every hair type is different with different hair textures. Some have curly hair, some have straight hair, some have frizzy hair while some have wavy hair. Also, the texture differs from person to person. Some may have thick hair texture while some comparatively have thin texture. 

So how do you choose the right highlights for your hair? 

It’s totally up to you what type of hair you have and how much you are willing to spend. Full highlights are quite higher on maintenance than partial highlights. If you choose full highlights, then every time new hair grows out, you’ll have to get your hair done once again. 

While there’s no such case with partial highlights since it covers only some sections of your hair. 

The second thing is the price difference for partial and full highlights. If you have a lower budget then go for partial highlights starting from just $70 while full highlights will cost you nearly $100 easily. 

Furthermore, you need to understand the texture of your hair. Ask your stylist what kind of hair treatment will be best for your hair. Choose the right one for your hair on that basis. 

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Final Verdict

It’s a fact that most people try hair highlights just for the sake of following the fashion trend. They hardly have any idea of which one to book for their hair. Also, finding the right professional colorist is also important if you do not wish to damage your hair. 

Last but not the least, do not take any decision in a hurry. Sit and research all the facts about highlights. Know what’s good for your hair type and what’s not. Hope you got the idea about the basic difference between Partial vs Full highlights. Choose wisely. 

Happy Coloring!! 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Full and Partial Highlights

Q. What Is The Difference Between Full Highlights vs Partial Highlights? 

Partial highlights mean highlighting only half of the head section and full highlights mean covering every section of your hair. 

Q. Can You Switch From Partial To Full Highlights? 

Yes, you can easily go from partial to full highlights.

Q. How Long Do Partial Highlights Last?

Partial highlights usually last for 2-3 months straight without any requirement for touch up.

Q. Is It Better To Get Full Or Partial Highlights?

If you are looking for cheap alternatives then you should go for the partial highlights as the service cost is less for the partial highlights.

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