Peacock On Roku | How To Get Peacock TV On Roku?

Peacock On Roku | How to get Peacock TV On Roku

NBC’s premium streaming service Peacock on Roku now? Good news right! Well, Peacock offers thousands of hours of movies and TV shows. You can stream a collection of Peacock’s content for no charge, or sign up for a Premium subscription. Here is a guide on how to get Peacock TV on Roku.

Peacock, NBC Universal’s entry in the subscription streaming battle, is a portal to hundreds of original contents, major theatrical releases, shows, and extras. It’s also became the official latest streaming stage of the WWE and is the streaming home of some bio sports events including this year’s Super Bowl LVI and the Olympics.

To get Peacock on Roku, turn Roku on and select search for Peacock. Next, select Peacock and tap on the add channel. Post app installation, go to the Homepage and find Peacock TV. When you start the app, log in using Peacock account data. 

If you’re a Roku device and have a Peacock account, you can download the Peacock application in a few minutes and start streaming on Roku. If you wanna know then keep reading because it’s the only way. 

Peacock Subscriptions And Their Prices 

How to get Peacock On Roku

NBC’s Universal Streaming Service Peacock was rolled out nationally in July 2020, serving with its series, current and classic TV, news, studio releases, original movies, and live sports ever since.

Peacock has three packages:

1. Peacock Free

It provides about two-thirds of the service’s programming at no cost, such as Seasons 1 & 2 of the network’s popular series of The Office, finite episodes of Peacock Origin Series. Telemundo’s and NBC’s current-season shows hit the free package a week after they air. One more advantage: You don’t need to insert a credit card number to use the free subscription. This tier also involves sports, movies, news, Telemundo shows, and kid’s shows.

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2. Peacock Premium

$5 per month for this subscription plan. This involves a free week and includes everything the free package provides, along with the full range of Peacock programming, as well as alternate-day access to current Telemundo and NBC TV shows.

You’ll observe Peacock original content, live sports, all the WWE programming you can manage, Premier League, and more movies and TV shows on this tier, which also includes commercial breaks.

3. Peacock Premium Plus

This package costs $10 per month and also has a one-week free trial. It gives you everything the Premium package offers. The main factor that creates the difference is that the plan is largely commercial-free. And it has the capacity to watch select titles offline on mobile phones.

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How To Get Peacock TV On Roku?

If you are also a Roku user, you may want to hop in and experience Peacock. Peacock was not available on Roku initially, but now it is after NBCUniversal and Roku settled an initial disagreement over revenue sharing early on.

  1. Turn On Roku and select Search.
  1. Search for Peacock TV, tap on it from the results and then click on Add Channels and do the same.
  1. Download and Install the application, then go to Homepage and find Peacock TV in the list of apps.
  1. Launch the app, and Login using Peacock account information.

If you watch Peacock regularly, you can rearrange the channels on your Roku homepage to put Peacock closer to the top.

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What Can Be Streamed On Peacock On Roku Devices?

How to get Peacock TV On Roku

There’s a vast variety of programming available through Peacock for Roku users – 20,000+ hours of content for subscribers. Of course, content may be added or deleted every month, so make sure to check the provider site for the latest collections.

  1. Current television series, with on-demand episodes including shows such as America’s Got Talent, Law & Order: SUV, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Blindspot, Chicago Med, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and more.
  2. Classic TV shows from a broad collection, like 30 Rock, Downton Abbey, Superstore, The Office, Frasier, Cheers, Heroes, Law & Order, Coach, The Johnny Carson Show, Frasier, Cheers, Suits, Parks and Recreation, and more. These shows are grouped by Reality, True Crime, Comedy, Drama, etc.
  3. Peacock’s original series, like Cleopatra In Space, The Brave New World, The Capture, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, Lost Speedways, In Deep With Ryan Lochte, and more.
  4. WWE Wrestling provides you access to original series documentaries and shows from the WWE archives, as well as live WWE pay-per-view events like WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series more at no extra cost.
  5. Latino programs and news offered by Telemundo, involving 100 Días Para Enamorarnos, Íntimo, Celia, La Doña, Cennet, Minuto Para Ganar, Enemigo, Noticias Telemundo etc.
  6. Kids show including movies and Peacock original series for kids.

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Winding Up:

That’s all for Peacock on Roku.

NBCUniversal’s entry into the streaming market is a powerful one, with a number of hours of current material as well dozens of old favorites, and you can sample Peacock with a free package. Movie fans and streamers will likely want to pay for a higher package of service, which can be previewed with a seven-day free trial.

Either way, there is a lot to like about Peacock; even the Peacock Premium service at $5/mo. is budget-friendly, especially considering the wide variety of content available. Roku’s interface makes it easy to operate Peacock content quickly and conveniently and although one sticking point for some users could be the lack of 4k content, the volume of movies, TV shows, sports, originals and live TV here overcomes that disadvantage in our view.


Q1. Does Peacock TV Have An App?

Ans. Peacock TV has apps on smart TVs, phones, and tablets. You can find the Peacock application in the App Store of your device.

Q2. What Channels Are On Peacock Free?

Ans. Almost two-thirds of Peacock’s collection is free for free accounts and includes proper shows like Chicago PD, Psych and news channels like NBC, MSNBC and CNBC.

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