8 Cute Pedicure Ideas That Are Trending Right Now!! Best Pampering Ideas To Try!!

Pamper yourself with the best manicure and pedicure ideas. As much care you take of your hand nails, your toenails deserve equal care. So, whenever you visit for your next pedicure session, try out these cute pedicure ideas. These are easy and elegant pedicure styles that you can try at home as well. Give your feet the perfect grooming they need. So keep reading to get the best ideas for grooming your toenails with the best pedicure designs.

For those who love to play with basic color, creative designs, glittery touch, or those who love to keep it simple and sober, our list is packed with so many best pedicure designs that you can pick from. You can try these simple pedicure designs at home as well. You just have to prepare your toenails, trim your nails properly and apply some base coat on your nails, to begin with, these home pedicure ideas.

There are so many cool nail designs that are in trend right now like Retro Flowers, Neon Pink Toe Nails, Polka Dots, classic black, and many others. Depending upon the occasion and your choice, pick any of the alluring pedicure designs from the list below and get started. Some of the popular pedicure ideas are Tribal White and Gold Nails, Lavender Glitter Nails, French Pedicure, and many more.

While you start with any of these beautiful nails designs, make sure you have cleaned your feet and toes nicely. Shape your nails if needed to get the best results. Now that you are ready, let’s get started!!

8 Cute Pedicure Ideas – Best Pedicure Designs

I know how obsessed girls are when it comes to getting their nails done. It’s very important to choose the right colors and the right design. Keeping all that in mind and following the latest trends in pedicure, here are the 8 cute pedicure ideas that you can try.

Let’s get started!!

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1. Classic Black Nails With Fiery Design

Pedicure Ideas; Classic Black Nails With Fiery Design
Source: The Cuddl

Say goodbye to boring plain black nails and switch to something fierce this time. Yes, if you love painting your toenails all black, then do try this added element pedicure design to enhance the look.

This look is sophisticated and subtle. For those who prefer neutral elegance over glamorous nails, this classic black nail with a fiery design is the perfect good-to-go option.

2. Tribal White And Gold Nails

Pedicure Ideas; Pedicure Ideas; Tribal White And Gold Nails
Source: The Cuddl

The tribal patterns have always been in trends then whether it’s tattoos or nail art. If you wanna try something ethenic and inspired by modern trends, then go for these tribal nails.

To add the element of grace and shimmer, the design is printed with golden glittery material. This is a contemporary pattern for pedicure trending right now. You should try this modern nail art with a blend of exotic designs!!

3. Lavender Glitter And Solid Nails

Lavender Glitter And Solid Nails
Source: The Cuddl

Who doesn’t love lavender, especially when it’s summertime? Give your spring season a perfect start with these super cute pedicure designs. It has a solid look with some glitter for shine.

Going out for a beach party or chilling out with your friends, give your toes the perfect pedicure they need. It’s a blend of solid lavender color nail paint, with shiny purple coverage for your foot thumb.

4. Bejeweled Accents With Subtle Nails

Pedicure Ideas; Bejeweled Accents With Subtle Nails
Source: Pinterest

Okay, this one is a little different and royal. If you are heading for a party or want to try something elegant, then go for this bejeweled subtle nail design.

This looks super pretty, with gorgeously embellished pearls and jewels. It’s created by applying pearlescent white polish for the base and the top edge is covered with beautiful pearls and crystals. It gives you the perfect sassy look!

5. Deep Blood Red Nails With Glitter

Pedicure Ideas: deep blood red nails with glitter
Source: Pinterest

Red is never out of trend. For those who prefer bold colors like red this one suits to be a perfect fit. If you have a fair skin tone, then the color will look even more eye-catchy.

This summer pedicure idea is perfect for all occasions. It’s created by applying a deep red color with a coating of glitter. To add the glossy finish, a transparent polish is applied to the nails. Damn!! These look killer on toes. Try it now and flaunt blood-red gold flecks!

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6. White Polka Dots And Rainbow Colors

Pedicure Ideas; White Polka Dots And Rainbow Colors
Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love Polka Dots? Whether it’s clothing or nail art, polka dots are very much in fashion right now. Plus, this nail design is super easy to apply.

Your nails are painted in a rainbow blended color, and to give the highlights, polka dots are added on top. It’s a perfect simple pedicure design for all those who love a playful vibe for their nails. This design is especially popular with teenagers and children. Try this refreshing pedicure design today!!

7. Pastel Ombre Toe Nail Designs

Pedicure Ideas; Pastel Ombre Toe Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

Here is something fun and vibrant. Pastel colors look super cute on nails. Experiment with your pedicure with some pastel styling. Try these amazing pastel ombre toenail designs trending all over the globe.

This design is created by applying two different pastel colors to each nail. The colors are beautifully blended to get a perfect ombre pattern. You can practice applying this design at home. Plus, the design is super fun and creative, and you’ll love the final results for sure.

8. Classic French Pedicure Designs

Pedicure Ideas;  Classic French Pedicure Designs
Source: Stay Glam

Tired of too much glitter and gloss? Then go for a regular classic french pedicure this time. This pedicure looks super basic yet elegant. It gives the perfect boost to the nails. Say goodbye to dull old nails and get your nails done with this basic pedicure at home.

The nails are painted with a transparent base coating. The tips of the nails are covered with plain white lines and it’s ready. This is your every occasion nail styling that looks stunning. Suitable for all age groups. Try this now!!

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Hope you loved these lively, bold, and classic pedicure ideas that are super easy to curate at home. Share this post with someone obsessed with nail art and let them try these beautiful designs. 

We talked about many different versions of pedicure from glitters and shimmers to plain black with a twist. Hope you loved these creative and trending pedicure designs. Tell us your favorite pedicure style in the comments section below. For more fashion hacks, stay tuned!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Toe Nail Designs:

Which are the best summer pedicure designs?

Some of the best pedicure designs that look great on your summer toes are:
1. Cute Palm Trees
2. Tribal Patterns
3. Dots and Line – Abstract Art
4. Life Gave Me Lemons Toe Art
5. Pretty In Beach Summer Toenail Designs
6. Tiny Polka Dots
7. Crazy Cherry Berries

Which are the best trending colors for a pedicure?

This year Neon colors like yellow, pastel lilac, icy blue, and coral are very much in trend for both manicure and pedicure.

What things should be avoided during a pedicure?

1. You should not polish your discolored nails.
2. Do not shave your legs immediately before getting a pedicure done.
3. Don’t use a foot razor.
4. Avoid cutting your cuticles.

Featured Image Credits: Pinterest

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