7 Gorgeous Pink Matte Nails Trending Right Now | Outstanding Matte Pink Nail Designs!

Pink Matte Nails

Matte nails are extremely versatile. Not everyone prefers glossy and shimmery nails. Some like to keep it simple and sober. Whether it’s lavender, turquoise, beige or pink, every color looks elegant in matte. For all those looking for ideas to curate the perfect Pink Matte Nails, we got you covered with multiple trending options!!

Pink is always in season no matter if it’s summer or winter. Nail art plays a crucial role to complete a style statement. The latest trending matte pink nails spotted on celebrities from Met Gala served some serious nail inspiration. We thought of curating those looks and bringing those ideas to you as well.

The best pink matte nails in the list below include Pink and white ombre nails, pink matte floral nails, pink and silver nails, pink with geometry patterns, and many others. From simple to bold choices, here’s a pick for every nail addict. 

Doesn’t matter if you have short nails or big, these pink matte nails suit all shapes. Check out these wonderful nail paintings that are to fall for!!

7 Best Pink Matte Nails – Matte Pink Nail Ideas

Pink makes everything more beautiful. Flaunt your love for rich pink shades with these amazing matte pink nail ideas. Here are the top 7 trendy collections!!

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1. Pink And White Ombre Nails

1. Pink And White Ombre Nails
Source: Pinterest

Pink and white are a classy combo for nail colors. Try this subtle matte pink nail design with a tint of white in it. You can create this look easily at home. All you need is pink and white matte colors. Apply the pink matte polish at the inner corners of your nails covering more than half of your nails. Now use the white matte polish and cover the rest of the area. Now using a small sponge or cotton ball, dab the nails before the polish dries to blend the two colors nicely. This is how you can create the perfect pink and white ombre nails easily!!

2. Pink Matte Floral Nails

Pink Matte Floral Nails
Source: Glaminati

Floral nails are very much in trend nowadays. Whether it’s for bright glossy shades or light matte colors, floral designs go pretty well with all. To create this look you need to coat a basic light pink matte nail polish on your nails. As it dries, take a thin nail brush and using a darker pink shade draw the floral design all over the nails. Or you can target just the edges of the nails to draw the flowers. 

3. Pink Nails With Rhinestones

Pink Nails With Rhinestones
Source: Pinterest

Rhinestones add extra elegance to any nail art. Try these pink nails with a rhinestone design and flaunt the beauty. You’ll need two different shades of pink in matte. Cover your nails with the lighter pink shade. Now use the darker pink shade to cover the tips like the french manicure. Place the rhinestones at the upper edges or at the lower edges. You can even use artificial rhinestone nail extensions to replicate this design.

4. Matte Pink And Silver Nails

Matte Pink
Source: Beauty BigBang

Sounds basic, but it looks graceful. For those who prefer simple styling, try this pink and silver nail design. It’s easy to create. You just need any of your favorite matte pink shades and a monochrome silver shade. Cover all your nails using that pink shade except for the ring fingernail. Use the silver color to cover your ring fingernail and the look is ready to flaunt. Looks super elegant!!

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5. Pink Matte Nails With Glitter Accent

Pink Matte Nails With Glitter Accent
Source: Stay Glam

Shift your glossy glitter nail designs with this matte glitter accent. The glittery effect looks even more elegant with matte colors. There are so many ways to curate this look. You can either divide the sections into half (half glitter and half pink), or you can use the glitter shower effect (pink matte nails coated with glitter). Most people go for a nude pink shade for this design, you can choose any of your favorite ones.

6. Pink Matte Nails With Geometric Prints

Pink Matte Nails With Geometric Prints
Source: Pinterest

Geometric prints are found in trends lately. Whether it’s golden tribal geometry prints or simple figures, these designs look great on both short and long nails. You can also try the 3D geometry prints, they also look great. All you need is any of your favorite pink matte shades, and a few other colors like black, white, and golden. Coat your nails with the pink color. Now apply the desired geometric prints. You can also use geometric strikers if you are finding it hard to draw the figures. 

7. Pastel Matte Pink And Blue Nails

7. Pastel Matte Pink And Blue Nails
Source: NinthAvenue

Pink and blue are a classy combination of nails. You can never go wrong with these two colors. Creating this style is totally up to you, as it comes with a variety of patterns like ombre, lily nails, watercolor effect, and many more. Pastel colors are so much fun. Try this royal blue and pink combination and flaunt the beautiful matte nails!

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Hope your search for gorgeous pink matte nails joyfully ends here. We talked about 7 different styles that you can create using pink matte shade. These include ombre, pastel colors, silver, glittery touch, rhinestones, and floral prints.

Which design do you like the most, do tell us in the comments section below. Share this post with all your friends. For more fashion updates, stay tuned. Until then, happy coloring!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Matte Nails:

Are matte nails better than glossy?

For shorter nails, matte looks more appealing. Whereas glossy nails are long-lasting, that’s why people choose glossy nails over matte sometimes.

Which is the most elegant matte color?

Nude shades are always on the top list. Pastel colors are also quite adorable. For matte shades, people usually prefer light and nude shades.

Which is the most popular nail shape?

Round-shaped nails are the most popular. 

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