Pisces And Leo Friendship Compatibility | Uncovering The Unique Connection!

Pisces and leo friendship compatibility

Pisces and Leo together are the epitome of what we call “COMPLETELY OPPOSITE SIGNS” in astrology! We’re well aware of the theory of “opposite attracts”, right? But is that the same case with them? Leo and Pisces, Fire and Water, UHM! This makes us wonder if they even get along or not! People are inclined to believe that Pisces and Leo do not get along well! But is that true? Let’s find answers to such questions by uncovering Pisces and Leo Friendship Compatibility!

What signs are most compatible with...
What signs are most compatible with pisces

A lion and a fish together? What a farce! Or is it? Can a fish meet the appetite of a hungry lion? Let’s see! The natural laws of nature draw Pisces and Leo towards each other. But how healthy a relationship they share, depends on a number of factors! And to know such factors, you first have to accept the universal truth- “exceptions are always there!”

Pisces and Leo friendship isn’t doomed from the very start as you might have guessed. They are pretty good friends! Leos are naturally attracted to a humble Pisces and a Pisces gets encouraged by the confidence of a Leo. These two fire and water signs are perfect for each other when it comes to friendship but problems might occur if they try to take their relationship to another level! Especially Pisces man and Leo woman. These signs aren’t like Gemini and Sagittarius who are just perfect together but not doomed like Aquarius and Scorpio too.

However, they are still not that great together either! There can be a number of reasons for the same and some of them aren’t set on stone! With communication, they can resolve anything but the thing is, who will take the initiative! Let’s look more into this unusual relationship of Pisces and Leo that defies nature (Fire and Water). But before moving ahead, make sure you leave your biases aside!

Pisces And Leo Compatibility | Do Pisces And Leo Get Along?

So can Fire and Water signs like Leo and Pisces get along well with each other? The answer to Pisces and Leo compatibility, especially Pisces man and Leo woman compatibility is hidden in these respective signs alone! A Pisces man is extremely sensitive while a Leo woman is highly confident! Where the Pisces man will feel his world is falling apart, a Leo woman will always give him her helping hand! 

These two signs are perfect when it comes to offsetting their different qualities when it comes to friendship but in a relationship (as in dating), not so much!

To fully understand how a Leo and Pisces friendship works, you first need to get familiar with the signs! 

Personality Traits of Leo and Pisces give them away and this is how we get to know if they can ever be in a stable relationship! Pisces are taken as the most sensitive signs whereas Leo’s are thought of as arrogant! These are the “stereotypical” qualities that are attributed to the respective signs and hence, we need to get above them to fully uncover how well a Pisces woman gets along with a Leo man.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Pisces And Leo Compatibility
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Leo is the fifth zodiac sign in Western astrology which is ruled by the nurturing Sun. The intense energy of the sun and their fire element with the fiery energy of the Lion makes them one of the most powerful fixed signs in astrology. 

Leo Zodiac PeriodJuly 23-August 22
Leo Zodiac Quality Fixed
Leo ElementFire, masculine
Leo Zodiac SymbolLion
Leo ConstellationLeo
Leo Ruling PlanetSun
Leo BirthStonePeridot
Leo PolarityPositive
Leo’s Opposite Zodiac SignAquarius
Leo PersonalityPassionate, joyful, creative, confident, loyal, prideful, independent.
Most Compatible Zodiac Signs with LeoGemini, Libra, Aries, Saggitarius, Aquarius

Leo Personality Traits

As Leos are ruled by the radiant sun, they radiate positive energy too! They are extremely passionate, outgoing, and confident and have a glamorous aura that surrounds them no matter if it’s a Leo man or woman.

Leos are the Kings and Queens of the Zodiac and this is what makes them egotistical at times. Their powerful and no-nonsense attitude makes them too arrogant to approach first. However, if you get to know them, there’s no sign that they are more generous than them! Loyalty and Pride run in the veins of Leos which can be too much for people to take. 

Moreover, Leo’s energy can be a bit overwhelming at times for some as they’re a little too much of everything! They like to try their hands at almost everything and get impatient if things don’t go as planned. They also can’t take criticism well and are prone to jealous tendencies that make them petty at times!

Additionally, the most common stereotype associated with Leos is “attention-seeking behavior”. However, that’s not actually the case! They are good in the background too as they are always confident in whatever they do. Even if you see them sweeping the floor, they’ll do it confidently which makes people think that they live for attention! So if anyone wants to get along well with them, then they’ll have to let go of these baseless stereotypes!!

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Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces And Leo Compatibility

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign in Western astrology which is ruled by the spiritual Neptune. People born under this zodiac have dreamy personalities and are highly emotional as well as spiritual. With the symbol of fish and the element of water, Pisces people are extremely versatile and creative. They have giving personalities and are very gracious among all zodiac signs!

Pisces Zodiac  PeriodFebruary 19- March 20
Pisces Zodiac QualityMutable
Pisces SymbolFish
Pisces Element Water, Feminine
Pisces ConstellationPisces
Pisces Ruling PlanetNeptune
Pisces BirthstoneAquamarine stone
Pisces PolarityNegative
Pisces Opposite ZodiacVirgo
Pisces Personality TraitsGracious, sensitive, emotional, creative, empathetic, artistic.
Most Compatible Signs with PiscesCancer, Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces men and women are extremely gracious and welcoming. They radiate happiness and are extremely compassionate to others. The creative and dreamy personalities of Pisces draw people towards them and as such, these are the little sweethearts of all zodiac signs!

Moreover, they are highly motivated and tend to follow their heart more than their mind. Their empathetic personalities make them connect with people more which also makes them sensitive to other people’s bad energy!

Although emotional, they can be insensitive too with their indecisive nature. Too much consideration makes them delay important decisions till the end which frustrates people. Moreover, their highly emotional and sensitive soul can be a put-off at times and lead people to think that they play the “victim card” too much! 

As Pisces can never open up to a person, they tend to be a little secretive which also makes people think they’re hiding something or they aren’t actually as considerate as they seem to be. This is how their good traits birth bad ones too which makes others have false perceptions of them! 

Pisces And Leo Friendship 

Pisces And Leo Friendship compatibility
Source: The Horoscope (i.TheHoroscope.co)

After looking at the completely opposite personalities of Pisces and Leo, the hazy cloud of their friendship appears darker! Leo and Pisces are extremely opposite where one is grounded and the other one is egotistical! 

Moreover, the dominating side of a Leo can be too much for humble Pisces and that’s why the relationship between them is nothing but a rollercoaster ride!

However, these differences can be offset against each other where Pisces can make a Leo humble while a Leo can make Pisces more confident in themselves! Pisces can also calm down an aggressive Leo where a Leo can bring a Pisces out of its social anxiety and closed-shell! 

1. Trust Factor In Pisces And Leo Friendship

The degree of trust shared by Leo and Pisces in a friendship is a bit hazy and differs according to the signs! Both the signs have different perceptions regarding how much they can trust one another. Leos are truthful and tend to speak their mind no matter how much it will hurt the other. They are the epitome of what we call “brutally honest”. 

However, this isn’t the case with Pisces. Pisces tend to sugarcoat everything or even don’t say anything at all if someone actually needs their honest opinion! 

Where a Leo might hurt Pisces with their brutal honesty, Pisces can make a Leo uncomfortable with their silence! In such a case, differences tend to occur, may it be in dating or friendship. 

Thus, to say the least, the trust percentage in Pisces and Leo friendship isn’t that great, to begin with!

2. Communication In Pisces And Leo Friendship

Leos like to share their thoughts a little too much, especially with their loved ones! The same isn’t the case with Pisces. Pisces tend to keep their dreamy thoughts to themselves a lot which makes Leos wonder if they’re actually their friends or just acting the part!

However, when it comes to the congruence of thoughts, they can be pretty chill with each other! Pisces tend to believe Leos are too practical to think or even pay attention to their spiritual beliefs. However, that’s all in their heads!

If only both, Leo and Pisces, communicate their hidden beliefs and ambitions with each other, they can be the best friends each other needs!

3. Loyalty In Pisces And Leo Friendship

Pisces and Leos are both loyal in a friendship. But the degree of this loyalty varies too! Miscommunication leads to differences and sometimes the silence of Pisces makes Leo think that the former has “divided loyalties!” 

Leos are dominating whether in friendship or in a relationship whereas Pisces is pretty laid-back folk. This characteristic of Leo’s personality is a turn-off for Pisces who have a big friend circle. Thus, they need to communicate more when it comes to having a successful friendship or relationship!

4. Commitment In Pisces And Leo Friendship

Leo woman and Pisces man or Pisces woman and Leo man, all are guilty of getting carried away with their fleeting interests. When both signs try something new, they completely forget their environment which makes them drift apart. However, if you’re thinking of this outcome, then you’re wrong!

They’ll eventually come around once they are done with their prior engagements. Thus, making them a good pair in that regard!

5. Argument or Fight In Pisces And Leo Friendship

Pisces are passive when it comes to fighting and arguments! They work with clarity of mind and try to stay away from conflict but that isn’t the case with Leo. Leos can come off too strong while proving their point which makes Pisces hide further in their shell!

In such cases, the results are either good where the calm Pisces soothes out the anger of a Leo or worse, runs away! However, it is pretty rare for the latter scenario to take place as Leo’s anger is short-lived and they are pretty easy to appease!

6. Understanding In Pisces And Leo Friendship

Pisces man or woman understands that every human is different and that’s why they have to be as understanding as they can be! Their compassionate and empathetic nature makes them understandable. However, Leos aren’t the same! 

Leos rarely let people get in their heads and thus, them being considerate of others and understanding too, is out of the question. They think that people haven’t been good to them and thus, they also have to keep them at arm’s length! Nevertheless, they can still be understanding of others but to only those who they know pretty well.

This is where their personality crashes and at times, can lead to conflicts too!

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7. Fun In Pisces And Leo Friendship

Pisces and Leo are fun-loving and adventurous. They both like to try things out together and thus, best in this regard! They both push each other towards their best!

Overall, Pisces and Leo can be good companions for each other provided they communicate and try to understand the difference between each other! However, their polar opposite personalities are a bit too hard to offset so ideally, they aren’t particularly best for each other. Nevertheless, they still are good mates!

Can Leo And Pisces Be Romantically Involved?

Pisces And Leo Friensdhip
Source: PairedLife

Another question after “Do Pisces and Leo get along as friends” comes “Can Pisces and Leo be more than friends!” So what do you think? Can Leo and Pisces be romantically involved? The answer to this question lies in friendship compatibility only!

The polar opposite personalities of Leo and Pisces which are too hard to offset make it difficult for them to stay in a relationship for long! To get a full picture of Leo and Pisces love, look at the Leo and Pisces love compatibility percentage below.

Leo And Pisces Love Compatibility Percentage

To bluntly answer this question, the Pisces and Leo’s Relationship is impossible to go on for long! Leo and Pisces share a low or below average love compatibility percentage and there are many reasons for the same! At first, everything seems like a fairytale for both Leo and Pisces where Leo gets attracted by Pisces’s creativity and the latter by its confident persona! However, such a spark is short-lived.

Once these two get to know each other well, they find major loopholes in others’ personalities that they just can’t make peace with! Especially Leo questioning Pisces’s spiritual beliefs and groundless optimism! Pisces just like Leo can’t take criticism well. Thus, making them run from such a partner or even a friend!

Pisces and Leo compatibility 2021, especially in love, isn’t bright like other ideal matches like Leo and Gemini or Leo and Aries, or Pisces and Cancer or Pisces and Capricon. The difference in personalities, perceptions, goals, and values is too much to offset for each other when it comes to dating for these both signs! They need to work really hard to maintain trust in their relationship which is the pillar of any healthy relationship.

To actually make dating easier, Leo and Pisces need to work really hard to understand each other and learn to compromise! They need to accept that no one’s perfect and that differences are bound to occur. If they successfully get out of the gray area of their relationship, then there’s some hope for them.

Nevertheless, no matter what people say, you should still keep in mind that exceptions are always there and one Leo or Pisces is bound to be different from the other! It all depends on personal choices at the end of the day so you just can’t blame it on the whole zodiac race or this compatibility test if the one Pisces or Leo you encountered was shit or extremely lovable!

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Wrap up: 

Pisces and Leo are two polar opposites in the zodiac race. People often wonder if they get along well or not but that’s not even up to a question! In a friendship, Pisces and Leo can be good and even best mates for each other. However, that certainly isn’t the case in a relationship as these two signs aren’t ideal matches, to begin with! As you see, too much fire will make the water boil but enough water can put out the fire too!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why are Leos attracted to Pisces?

Leos are attracted towards Pisces’s creative, spiritual, and artistry tweaks and also the mystery that revolves around them! They are inspired by Pisces’s creative mind and soul and thus want to get along with them!

Q. Which zodiac sign is Leo’s best friend?

Leos get along with their fellow fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius) and other Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra). These signs are perfect for a passionate and independent Leo and thus, best!

Q. Are Leos and Pisces good together?

Leos and Pisces are good together but not ideal. There are many differences between the two signs that just can’t be offset! Nevertheless, there’s nothing that communicating can’t solve! Leo and Pisces need to communicate regularly to be in sync with the thoughts of the other!

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