Playing fantasy football on an app – everything you need to know!

With recent statistics estimating 60 million users in North America, fantasy sports have long been established as an institution of US Sports. With eighty percent of these players dedicating their time specifically to fantasy football, it is only right that they find a home for it; and it appears that DraftKings could be just what they are looking for. One of the biggest fantasy football providers in the US with a loyal base of 1.5 million monthly unique users, DraftKings has become the one-stop shop for football fans who want to add that extra bit of excitement to gameday. By downloading their app on your smartphone or tablet and signing up you can immediately enter contests and start putting together your fantasy franchise. There’s no doubt that you are in good hands too with CEO, Jason Robins, admitting he was part of over “a hundred fantasy leagues in college”. 

The accessibility of fantasy sports has contributed massively to its rise in popularity. What started as a game between a group of friends created in a New York City hotel in 1962 has turned into a cultural phenomenon. Advancements in technology mean that it is now easier than ever to start your own fantasy franchise. Often life can get in the way of our hobbies and keeping up with the things we do for enjoyment can be tough to work into your routine. Whilst many people will play on their laptops and PC’s, you can now take your fantasy franchise with you wherever you go. With DraftKings, you can simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet and play whenever you please. You can manage your team and enter contests on the move and on your lunch break. At the game and notice your WR hobbling off the field? Not a problem, simply open up the DraftKings app and thanks to their late swap feature you can swap him out in no time right up to kick-off. A spare five minutes is all you need to hop onto the DraftKings app and start drafting your way to glory. 

There is a very good reason for why millions of football fans play fantasy every year. To start with, it can be extremely competitive. Now of course everyone wants to win bragging rights over their friends who are competing with them in the same leagues. There is nothing worse than going to the bar with your buddies and having them rib you after seeing your decision backfire after you drafted a third string quarterback because you ‘just had a feeling’. But with DraftKings the stakes are even higher. For example, for just $25 you can enter their Championship Series Millionaire Pool to be in with the chance of winning $1.25m. Just last season they made four people millionaires in the first game week before handing out $1m to a single winner every weekend. On top of this there are hundreds of other contests you can enter to win cash prizes, some of which are absolutely free.

Fantasy sports can contribute to the excitement of gameday, especially for games that fans may not have been as invested in previously. It is made even easier by the sheer amount of fantasy football content available to fans in mainstream media. Podcasts, YouTube channels, radio shows, newspaper columns, even the NFL themselves with their ‘RedZone’ programming. A gameday exclusive broadcast, ‘RedZone’ shows all the big plays from the Sunday afternoon games in real time and the network refers to it as “The perfect fantasy football companion”. It can also be a much welcome distraction for fans whose teams perhaps aren’t performing as well as they would hope. My heart goes out to you Jags fans. It has become synonymous with the sport and gameday simply would not be the same without it

A huge advantage that fantasy football holds over other fantasy sports is its manageability. The amount of games in an NFL season is considerably less when compared to each of the other major leagues. To break it down, lets look at how many games a team will play in a regular season, not including playoffs etc. MLB teams will play a minimum of 162 games a season, followed by NBA with 82, NHL with 78 and finally the NFL with 16. On top of this, most NFL games take place on a Sunday whilst each of the other three leagues will have a large portion of their games mid-week. As the schedule is so much lighter and more work-life friendly, fans are much more likely to dedicate their time to fantasy football

The popularity of fantasy football has skyrocketed in the 21st century and it has never been more trouble-free to start than with DraftKings. You are the GM, the coach, and the scout all in one and you never even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Away for a weekend with no cable? Unsure on whether you want to drop your running back without seeing his performance? Don’t sweat it, DraftKings has you covered. Understanding that life can get in the way sometimes, they keep in depth stats on every player available in the draft. They’ll do the heavy lifting for you. So whichever way you decide to play, you can rest easy knowing that your franchise is at your fingertips whenever you want it. 

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