Propane vs Butane: Which Is Best For Your Home?

Propane vs Butane

Since class 5th we have been studying the compounds Propane and Butane having the molecular formula C3H8 and C4H10 respectively. But right now we’ll not be talking about the molecular formula of these compounds. This is a comparison guide for all those who want to know which is the best LPG gas for their home. Propane vs Butane which is safer to use? 

Both these gases are non-toxic, environment friendly, and a great source of energy. Americans use both Butane and Propane as sources of fuel in their day-to-day life. Like we know that many rural areas are still deprived of natural gases. That’s where the usage of propane and butane comes into play. If you are confused about which is best for your home, Propane or Butane, then keep reading as we throw light on their properties.

One produces more heat, one liquifies easily. Can’t understand the contrast between Propane vs Butane? Let’s have some in-depth comparison between the two. There are a lot of similarities and differences between the application of both these gases. To get the correct idea of which one’s suits best for indoor flaming and which one’s better fuel for outdoor grills, read along.

How To Use A Propane Grill?
How To Use A Propane Grill?

Picking the right LPG for your home may sound like a difficult task. But it’s not. After reading this post, you’ll be able to choose the right one between the two. So go ahead and read propane vs butane: which one’s a better choice for your home?

Propane vs Butane

Propane vs Butane; Propane vs Butane
Source: Dormany Road

Can I use Butane instead of Propane? Which one’s better for commercial use? Are Propane and Butane two similar gases?

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It is common to get confused between the two when both Propane and Butane are used for household and industrial purposes.

In simple terms, Liquified Petroleum Gas or what we commonly call LPG is used as an everyday fuel. LPG is a group of hydrocarbon families. The two most reliable and widely used members of this family are butane and propane.

Both these gases are safe for home and industrial use. But don’t get confused when it comes to making the better choice between the two!

What is Propane?

An odorless and colorless substance (gas) that can be compressed easily and is stored in liquid form. Many times you might detect a slight smell while using propane. That’s because the manufacturers use an artificial smell formula in propane to differentiate it from other LPG gases.

You’ll mostly find this gas being used for household chores like cooking, heating, etc. But apart from home gas, propane is used in farm irrigation engines, as vehicle fuel in buses, autos, forklift engines, and many other devices.

What is Butane?

Butane is obtained by processing natural gas. It’s also obtained from oil refining. Butane is highly flammable in nature. 

The most common forms in which Butane comes to use are in cigarette lighters, as a fuel, as a propellant, in aerosol sprays, as refrigerants, and many more items. Butane has a drawback that unlike propane is not that easily available in the stores. But it has a plus point too like it’s less expensive than propane.

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Similarities Between Propane and Butane

Propane vs Butane; Similarities Between Propane and Butane
Source: MET Group
  1. Both the gases are extracted in the form of oil or natural gas from petroleum.
  2. On igniting, both butane and propane create molecules of carbon dioxide, water, soot, and carbon monoxide.
  1. Both are used for heating purposes and for fueling engines and vehicles.
  2. Both are stored in a compressed form either in the form of small ready-to-use tanks or in steel cylinders.

Differences Between Propane and Butane

  1. The boiling point of propane is -42°C while that of butane is -2°C.
  2. Propane suits well for winter weather as it produces gas for longer. Propane can easily be used while hiking or camping at high altitudes.
  3. Butane has comparatively lower vapor pressure than propane which makes it the perfect fuel for the summer season. Butane can be used for indoor operations and in portable heaters as a fueling agent.
  4. Butane is cheaper than propane.

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Profane vs Butane: Which is Better Choice for Your Home?

Propane vs Butane; Profane vs Butane: Which is Better Choice for Your Home
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Both the gases have different sets of characteristics to offer. Both the gases act as cleaning agents in the environment making them a reliable source of energy for the long run.

But the question remains the same, Propane vs Butane: which is best for your home?

Well, if you look at each factor distinctly like cost-effectiveness, then butane is cheaper gas than propane. Irrespective of this factor propane still makes an affordable choice. How?

Because of its easy availability and quick production. 

Where Butane can be used only for indoor purposes and in hot weather conditions, propane is great for outages. Here I am talking about power outages. When facing a long electricity power cut, propane-fueled appliances can be used as light sources.

If we talk about versatility, then also propane becomes a handy choice. It can be used outdoors as well as at home. Propane works well with heating fireplaces without causing any pollution in the environment.

Also, the usage of propane minimizes the greenhouse effect. Propane is an approved cleanest fuel.

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To Conclude:

In this post, we talked about various deciding factors to choose the better fuel for your home. We talked about the similarities and differences between propane and butane. We compared affordability, versatility, durability, and other factors. 

Hope by reading the above-stated facts you have a clear idea of which is the right fuel for your home, propane or butane? Pickling the right LPG for your house is not a hard choice to make when you know the basic features. As a homemaker, you must be aware of everything you use for your home including the LPG fuel. For more such lifestyle hacks stay tuned to our site.

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