Is Vinegar Good? Pros And Cons Of Red Wine Vinegar

Pros and cons of red wine vinegar

Red wine vinegar is increasingly used in cooking these days. It has an aromatic and rich tangy flavor that soothes our taste buds like nothing else. But a sane health-conscious person should always know what he/she is eating! Thus, keeping all your curiosities and maybe some of the worries in mind, this article will be covering All about Red wine vinegar. You’ll be satisfied to know what all use Red wine vinegar has and whether it is good for you or not. Making you all aware of the Pros and cons of red wine vinegar.

Red wine vinegar is used as a principal ingredient in many of our packaged foods. However, its use isn’t limited to packaged foods (like soups, some sauces, ready-made pickles, etc) only. The particularly tangy flavor of vinegar adds a variety of flavors to your dishes and thus is never forgotten while cooking. For example, cooking a dish as simple as pasta! But that’s vinegar, in general, we’re talking about and not Red wine vinegar. So are you getting curious to know about red wine vinegar now? Still no? Read more than!

As the name suggests, Red wine vinegar is made from wine, RED WINE! But surprisingly it doesn’t taste like one. As we all know, the principal constituents in any wine are always fruits. Hence, Red wine vinegar lives up to its name here, in a sense it does. Why? Because it has a rich flavor of fruits and this flavor is actually STRONG! However, they are not as strong as other kinds of vinegar like white vinegar. There are many distinguishing factors between simple vinegar and red wine vinegar, to know more- keep reading!

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Apart from the original use of vinegar, that is, as a food ingredient, it’s used in phrases too! Want to know how and why? Keep reading!

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All About Red Wine Vinegar:

pros and cons of red wine vinegar
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The story of vinegar as a staple ingredient dates far back in history. You’d be surprised to know where it was accidentally discovered first, want to guess? Well, the answer is – Babylon! Babylonians produced vinegar from a variety of ingredients and used them in their diet.

In East Asia, it was first professionally produced in China where many big houses had their own professional vinegar maker. This is actually funny! Want to know why? As I mentioned earlier, Vinegar has many uses apart from being used in foods and one of that use is in PHRASES! In China, the character for vinegar is also figuratively used. It is used to describe emotions such as JEALOUSY! Why? Because it is believed that jealousy as an emotion gives off a sour taste. So now you know one additional fun fact!

As we know, vinegar is prepared by diluting alcoholic products leaving a residue that we know as VINEGAR! The arctic acid that is used to prepare vinegar that practically turns it non-alcoholic is the chief constituent of vinegar. This is why vinegar has a sour taste!

Red Wine Vinegar:

Although made from wine, like any other kind of vinegar, Red wine is non-alcoholic. This gives off a rich fruity-tangy taste perfect to use for many different purposes. This vinegar is mostly used in countries like the middle-eastern countries of Israel and south-central European countries. As this vinegar is made from red wine, the foods prepared from it always leave a pinkish hue. Also, unlike other sorts of vinegar, Red wine vinegar is not that much acidic in nature.

Pros And Cons Of Red Wine Vinegar:

Red wine vinegar has many benefits and people have only good things to say about this heaven-sent ingredient. But everything should always be consumed in moderation. You should always know where your limits lie. Thus, eating more than necessary will obviously have some negative effects! so let’s jump onto various culinary uses of red wine vinegar and see if it’s good for our health or not?

Culinary Uses Of Red Wine Vinegar: 

pros and cons of red wine vinegar
source: Healthline

Red wine vinegar has many culinary uses and some of them are listed below!

  • Salad Dressing or Vinaigrette – Red wine vinegar is most widely used all around the world in salads. Due to its sweet, sour, and tangy mixture of flavors, it adds a sudden twist to your otherwise bland salads. The appetizing mixture goes well with all other ingredients used while making a perfect salad and lets you test only the best. In Spanish, French, and Italian cuisines, a salad without red wine vinegar is rather incomplete.
  • Sauces and Soups – As we know, sauces are widely used to add flavor to your dishes, and thus, a sauce without red wine vinegar is UNACCEPTABLE! The sour taste of vinegar goes well with a variety of dishes. People also use red wine vinegar to prepare soups as it helps energize them. A dash of that tanginess is almost always a part of your dishes. Whether you know it or not!
  • Chutney – A part of cuisine, chutney is made out of grinding a number of ingredients together. Rich in flavors, it is never missing in any Indian meal. Sometimes, red wine vinegar is also added to it to make it more flavorful. Red vinegar when added to a chutney makes a meal much more appetizing.
  • Pickles – Due to its longer shelf life, red wine vinegar is used in pickles for multiple reasons. It not only adds flavor to your pickles but also helps preserve the pickle longer. The arctic acid present in vinegar helps pickle so it doesn’t go bad too soon. Thus adding to the shelf life of pickles as well. It helps us enjoy amazing pickles that are long-lasting!
  • Marination – Red wine vinegar is a must while marinating your dishes, especially, CHICKEN! The rich tangy flavor of vinegar seeps into your chicken adding more flavors to it. It makes your chicken tender while eating and gives off a rich sour taste to it. 
  • Take it straight – Due to the health benefits of Red wine vinegar, some people also prefer drinking diluted red wine vinegar straight out of the bottle. 

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Health Benefits Of Red Wine Vinegar:

It is observed that a regulated consumption of red wine vinegar has multiple health benefits. Read more below!

pros and cons of red wine vinegar
source: Healthline
  • Blood Sugar Level: The acetic acid present in it is a powerful ingredient that may be used to keep your blood sugar levels in check. As you know, unbalanced blood sugar can cause a number of problems to your body, and one of them is diabetes. Thus, by regulating the sugar level in the blood, red wine vinegar helps you to lead a healthy life. 
  • Blood Pressure: Researches have been conducted to check whether red wine vinegar has any effect on your blood pressure. The studies which although proved to have positive effects in regulating blood pressure levels haven’t been done on humans yet. So we don’t know for sure whether the intake of red wine vinegar leads to regulated blood pressure levels or not. But some people have found red wine vinegar to be helpful in maintaining their blood pressure level. So, I guess there is no harm in trying and checking for yourself. However, it’s always advisable to take it in moderation as a large intake of red wine vinegar may cause hypertension. Thus, it is advisable to take it in a small amount.
  • Digestion: For those who have low stomach acids, red wine vinegar adds to the acidic content in their stomach. This helps in the better digestion of foods and helps nutrients present in it helps to make your gut stronger.
  • Protective Compounds: protective enzymes present in red wine vinegar like Polyphenols help keep your cholesterol level in check. Polyphenolic compounds are observed to promote HD lipoproteins which are very important to regulate your cholesterol level.
  • Weight Loss: red wine vinegar may also promote weight loss. It helps in satiating our hunger and regulates our food intake. It makes those extra food cravings go away!
  • Protection Against Bacterial Infections: nutrients present in red wine vinegar helps fight against many bacterial and skin infections. It is also said to improve your skin texture and makes your skin smooth and lustrous!

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Is Red Wine Vinegar Good For You?

pros and cons of red wine vinegar
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Controlled use of red wine vinegar has lots of health benefits. For those gym freaks who ardently check their calorie intake, red wine vinegar is a blessing. This is because red wine vinegar has very few calories with no fats. The acetic acid present in it helps our body to function in a healthy manner. It aids in the better absorption of nutrients like magnesium and calcium. But as we know, too much of anything is bad, and the same is the case with red wine vinegar. If taken in large amounts, it causes hypertension. Thus it is always advisable to use it in a regulated manner. 

If you are a fan of eating dishes that give off a rich tangy taste, then Red wine vinegar is a heaven’s sent ingredient for you! It not only makes our body healthy but also helps us to enjoy appetizing food

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