Providers With Best Channel Lineups 2021

Providers With Best Channel Lineups 2021

Cable TV services are among the essentials in every home. Even though streaming sites have completely revolutionized our watching experiences, television channels have their legacy and charm attached to them. No matter how vast libraries streaming sites offer, they cannot replace the variety and quality of entertainment TV channels have been offering since ever. 

Many streaming sites, understanding this craze and addiction people have regarding TV channels, have started offering Live TV services with flexible options to watch your favorite TV shows and movies but is that going to replace the traditional TV time many of us look forward to after a busy day?

If you have just moved in and are planning to find a service provider with an amazing channel lineup, we have sorted out a list of providers that won’t let you get bored with their interesting and wide range of channels. So let’s get started:


While talking about cable TV providers that offer affordable plans, we cannot miss out on Spectrum services. Taking care of your budget, Spectrum offers the most cost-effective cable TV plans along with internet plans. Amazing bundle options are another perk you get to enjoy with Spectrum. 

Spectrum channel lineup stays on top, starting with an excellent selection of 125+ channels and going up to 200+ channels. You can watch anything from old classic movies to new releases, TV shows, and series. Or enjoy thrilling live sports, and stay updated with live news. 

Not only this, you can watch thousands of on-demand titles with Spectrum cable TV service. On top of this, you get FREE HD with all channels and the option to add-on premium channels to shake a remote at.

Direct TV

DIRECTV is a satellite TV service provider that is best known for offering a wide selection of HD channels and better options for sports lovers.  You can enjoy more than 330 channels if you go for their Premier package. Along with a wide range of channel lineups, it offers up to 65000+ on-demand titles and premiums like HBO Max™, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, etc.

If you want to go for an affordable package then choose DIRECTV’s Entertainment plan. You will get a variety of entertaining channels without paying a lot. The Entertainment plan includes channels like HGTV, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CNN, TNT, and many more. On top of it, it’s the ultimate package to go for sports channels if you’re on a budget.

Watch TV even on the go with the facility of the DIRECTV App. You can access channels based on the package you have subscribed to and your location.


Suddenlink may be offering fewer packages but you can surely find a suitable TV package at an affordable price. Suddenlink offers three different TV plans which include up to 340+ channels. It also has a voice-activated remote that facilitates you in searching for movies or shows conveniently by voice commands.

In addition to this, Suddenlink TV plans offer 4K Ultra HD resolution that redefines the video quality of movies, live sports, and on-demand titles you’re watching. You can enjoy a variety of premium channels including HBO, CINEMAX, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, STARZ, and more.

The special add-on packages allow you to customize your channel lineup according to your interests, i.e. more of sports, entertainment, movies, etc. Not only this, but Suddenlink also has an impressive selection of on-demand titles of over 20,000 and offers FREE HD. 


WOW cable TV plans bring together various entertaining TV channels in the lineups. WOW brings three TV packages i.e. Small Cable, Medium Cable, and Large Cable. You get to have up to 90 channels with the Small Cable plan, up to 150 with the Medium Cable plan, and up to 260 channels with Large Cable plans.

The channel lineup includes a variety of genres comprising sports, family, entertainment, and premium channels.  You can also pause, record, and rewind live TV in HD programming with the DVR service that comes optionally with the plans. On top of it, you can enjoy a massive on-demand collection with WOW TV plans.

Watch TV even when you’re away from home on your smartphones as WOW cable channels can be streamed via the WOW ULTRA TV app. You can watch the same channel lineup on the app that you have subscribed to. Though they differ according to location.

Wrapping it up

Looking into the channel lineup of any provider is important before you choose it for your home because your TV entertainment solely depends on the types of channels you’re getting. We have given you a list of providers based on the channel lineup to choose from. Make sure you decide on a plan that caters to the needs of the entire family so your TV time continues to be fun and something you look forward to.

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