Psychological Effects Of False Accusations In A Relationship!!

Psychological Effects Of False Accusations In A Relationship

Are you being accused of cheating when innocent? Does your partner often accuse you out of possessiveness? Is this really getting over your head now? Ever wondered what’s the psychology of false accusations? You should get over this relationship as there are many severe psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship that can vary from person to person!

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Many times it’s seen that when people are in love they develop a feeling of jealousy and passiveness for their partners. But like they say anything in excess is bad! That’s what happens when your possessiveness becomes over, and you start accusing your partner of the things that go around in your head, not in reality! This is how false accusations destroy relationships!!

In a survey, it was found that the psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship are very common among youngsters, especially people from 18-30 years of age! It’s because teenagers and youngsters have low levels of patience. Instead of clearing things out, they jump into blaming and abusing! That’s the common and most observed normal reaction to being falsely accused And that’s how false accusations destroy relationships!!

It’s not bad to point out the mistakes of your partner. If they are really fooling you around, then you should speak up! But if it’s based on the dream you had last night about your partner cheating you, then they do not deserve any of the accusations! Is being accused of cheating abuse? Find out everything you need to know below!!

Psychological Effects Of False Accusations In A Relationship!!

Oh, God!! Never thought your relationship would be at such a stage where you have to choose between standing for yourself or for your 4-year-old relationship?

When someone accuses you of something you did not do, especially the one you love, it breaks you up into million pieces!! No one loves to be disrespected, it’s true. It’s totally unbearable when your partner, who you love so much falsely accuses you of cheating on him when you haven’t done anything wrong. 

It can really get hard for a  sensitive person to overcome this situation. In fact, this can lead to many unwanted psychological effects on a person’s brain and health!

If you know anyone in your circle who is going through this situation then do read the post till the end to find out what he/she is going through, and how can you be of any help to them!

1. Too Much Stress!!!

Psychological Effects Of False Accusations In A Relationship: too much stress
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Trust is the backbone of any relationship. When there is no trust, there are often misunderstandings that lead to stress. 

One of the most common psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship is found to be a lot of stress. This can be totally disturbing in a relationship. You can’t focus on anything else. The accusations keep triggering you all the time. 

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2. With Stress Comes The Anxiety

Psychological Effects Of False Accusations In A Relationship; With Stress Comes The Anxiety
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Just like stress, many people develop symptoms of anxiety as one of the major Psychological Effects Of False Accusations In A Relationship. Like crying all the time, feeling choked from inside, feeling angry all the time, don’t feel talking to anyone, grouchiness, and hatred, etc.

Hey!! You are a youngster. You can’t let yourself suffer like this for the things you haven’t even done. Get out of this. Seek some help. Tell your friends about your situation. Go to your family!

3. Anger Comes As An Added Bonus!

Anger Comes As An Added Bonus!
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Sometimes, when things get over your head, all you can feel is lots and lots of anger! You may start throwing up things on your partner for speaking ill about you. Or you might not talk at all.

This is a common effect of false accusation but you can’t let yourself be drawn away by this anger issue. Keep yourself calm as much as possible.

4. You Can’t Overlook The Trauma!!

You Can’t Overlook The Trauma!
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When you are in a relationship for a long time, it’s obvious to feel shattered when it ends on such bad notes.

Since your current relationship ended because of the misunderstandings created between you and your partner due to false accusations, it will always be hard for you to trust anyone else in the future.

You may develop a mental trauma. Traumas may range from a mild headache to a major heart attack!

5. Never Able To Accept New Beginnings

Psychological Effects Of False Accusations In A Relationship
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People who have faced problems in their relationships never completely move on, especially if there were scenarios like false accusations, abuser, and physical violence.

It’s reported that 67% of people find it hard to accept new beginnings. Oh, Honey!! Just because one relationship ended on a bad note, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be happy!! 

You deserve love and happiness! Don’t restrict yourself from trusting again, from loving again, and from being loved again!

Change In Self-Identity

Change In Self-Identity
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Two papers reporting data from the same group of participants27,29 found that of the 30 participants, 19 felt they had experienced permanent changes to their personality, such as becoming paranoid and anxious (60%), hypervigilant or antagonistic (50%), and less confident (53.3%).

Grounds15 found that 14/18 participants met the ICD-1030 criteria for ‘enduring personality change following catastrophic experience’, while families of the accused in the same study described their family member as being like a different person. Other changes included rejection of altruism and no longer wanting to help people29 and becoming hostile and mistrustful.

Disturbed Sleep Pattern!!

Disturbed Sleep Pattern
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Last but not the least, a disbalance in sleep patterns is also common when you are accused of cheating being innocent!!

The study reported by Burnett et al.27 and Hoyle et al.29 found that 12/30 participants reported disrupted sleep, insomnia, or nightmares. All participants in Schultz’s43 study reported some degree of sleeplessness or night terrors.

Most participants reported on by Grounds15 had chronic difficulties sleeping. Jenkins42 found that many participants suffered from insomnia, Alexander-Bloch et al.38 found that 80% of 10 participants reported sleep problems occurring more than once a month, and Pillai37 reported many participants had developed sleep disorders.

How To Know That Your Are Being Mentally And Emotionally Abused By Your Partner?

Mentally And Emotionally Abused
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There are no physical scars or broken bones with emotional abuse. So it can be harder to recognize. Here are signs that point to emotional abuse in a relationship:

  • Your partner swears or yells at you.
  • Your partner repeatedly bullies, cross-examines, or degrades you.
  • Your partner uses name-calling, put-downs, and ridicule against you.
  • Your partner insults the people you care for, your family, and friends.
  • Your partner threatens to harm you or your family.
  • Your partner threatens or abuses family pets.
  • Your partner controls or limits your behavior by keeping you from using the phone, internet, or seeing friends.
  • You are not allowed to leave the room or the house.
  • Your access to money is limited or you are asked to account for every penny you spend.
  • Your partner follows you, and checks or limits your phone conversations.
  • Your partner forces you to stay awake or repeatedly wakes you from sleep.
  • Your partner blames you for the way he treats you.
  • Your partner forces you to do degrading things such as making you kneel, or making you beg for money.
  • Your partner criticizes your thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs, and actions.
  • Your partner treats you like a servant in matters of household chores and decisions.
  • Your partner is very jealous, constantly accusing you of flirting or cheating.
  • Your partner tells you that you are sick or crazy.
  • Your partner denies an event happened. Or he or she describes it very differently from how you remember it. This is called gaslighting. This is a form of emotional abuse that happens slowly. It makes you feel more distrustful of your memory of events and more dependent on your partner.

If you’re in a relationship that includes any of these behaviors, you are being abused.

How To Deal With False Accusations In A Relationship?

To avoid the psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship, you need to know that denial is the first reaction to being falsely accused by your partner, be it a big or small accusation. It’s common to deny that you haven’t done whatever they are accusing you of. You may feel bad, you may feel extremely angry but at that time you need to act strongly if you really love this person.

Here are the best ways to deal with false accusations in a relationship:

1. Keeping Your Anger Aside Confront What You feel

Keeping Your Anger Aside Confront What You feel
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Yes, it’s obvious to feel bad, and angry when someone accuses you of something you haven’t done. But instead of showing anger, you can choose to be calm and talk things out.

If you are confident enough that you are true to your part, then don’t hesitate to put forth your point but in a decent and polite way!

People can be so mean at times that you can’t figure out how to tackle the situation. Learn How To Deal With Mean People? and lead a better life!!

2. Don’t Bring Out Past Things

Don't Bring Out Past Things
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It’s a bad habit of bringing past things into present relationships. It destroys peace in a relationship.

When your partner says something wrong to you, you don’t necessarily have to bring up his past mistakes. This will only make things worse!

3. Look For A Common Ground

Look For A Common Ground
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If your partner is doubting you just because of the dream he had last night about you cheating him, then find out the whole story!

Reach some common ground that why is he thinking about that stuff. Is it because he doesn’t like your male friends, or whatever the reason is, just try to find that!

4. Look For A Solution

 Look For a Solution
Image Credits: The American Institute of Stress

When you have successfully found the reason behind your partner’s possessiveness and doubtfulness, it will be easy for you to find a solution for the dame.

Well, communicating things out is by far the best-proven solution. You can spend quality time with your partner and express your feelings for them.

5. If Still Everything Feels A Burden, Step Away! 

If Still Everything Feels A Burden, Step Away!
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Even after trying hard, if the things remain the same or seem to get worse and disturbing, there’s no point in pushing any further!

I know this is heartbreaking but you can’t let yourself suffer like that. You have to understand that getting out of this situation is probably the best thing for you and your partner!

And who knows that the distance will make things right?

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Wrapping Up:

You need to understand one thing that being in love and in relationships is not always rainbows and unicorns!! It can sometimes be thorns and storms as well!! It doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy life. Which relationship doesn’t have issues? Some are justifiable, while some are toxic.

If you feel like your relationship is getting toxic for you, it’s better to take a step back and get out of it. It’s hard, it surely is! But staying in a toxic relationship like that, where you are not respected and accused of false allegations is no wise act either!!

So, before it gets too late and you become prey to any of the above-mentioned psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship, take the right step, or suffer!!

Share this post will all your loved ones who need to hear this piece of advice!! Be with them!! Support them! 

PS – You are loved!!

Frequently Asked Questions Along With Psychological Effects Of False Accusations In A Relationship :

Q. How Do You Respond To False Accusations?

The best ways to respond to false accusations are:
1. Make sure you understand the whole thing first before responding. 
2. Empathize the false accusation then explain your side.
3. Stand your ground.
4. If you’ve wronged then they might still be insecure about you. You need to talk things out.
5. Discuss any trust issues.
6. Protect yourself.

Q. Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Accusing Me Of Cheating?

There can be so many reasons why a person accuses you like insecurity, past mistakes, trust issues, over possessiveness, overthinking, or fear of losing you.

Q. How Do You Deal With Spouse Accusing You Of Cheating?

The best way to deal with accusations of infidelity is not to become defensive and start trying to prove that you’re not guilty. Wait until your spouse has calmed down and then talk to them and ask them what made them believe that you are being unfaithful.

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  1. Obeta I. Emmanuel

    In a case you are been accused falsely and people tend to believe in that accusation you never imagine doing, Psychologically, can the accusation turn your way of behavior similar to that you are suspected of?Or can the accusation even influence one to do such he never imagine doing

    1. Hey Obeta I. Emmanuel! Thanks for reaching out. We feel like being falsely accused by our dear ones can totally change your physical, mental, and emotional state of mind. People tend to become what they never thought of being. We understand what you must be going through. But hey friend, eventually we all get through it, and so would you. Just be good to yourself. You are loved!

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