Pulp Fiction Review That Explains The Correct Chronology Of The Film

Pulp Fiction Review

“The Pulp Fiction” is one of the masterpieces in the history of Hollywood cinema. What makes the movie one of the best at the time was the un-chronological order of the film and different stories running but all related to one another. Here we have bought you the Pulp Fiction review that will make it easier for you to understand the film. We have also mentioned the correct chronological order of the film.

The movie starts with the definition of pulp fiction, which was a comic book that was published between the 1900s and 1950s. The book was made up of wasted wood that is why it was referred to as pulp fiction and carries the crime stories explained in a very exaggerated way and that is what the film carries in it. The specialty of the film is that it is not in the correct sequence but still the viewers managed to get the story. We have given the correct sequence and the story of the movie below in “The Pulp Fiction Review”.

The Pulp Fiction is an American Black comedy-drama crime film that was directed by Quentin Tarantino and produced by Lawrence Bender under the production companies A Band Apart and Jersey Films and the film was Distributed worldwide by Miramax Films. 

The movie holds various records and the IMDb ratings of 8.9 make it one of the best movies of all time. The movie made in the budget of $8.5 million collected a sum total of $213.9 at the box office. The movie is difficult to understand but we are here with the “Pulp Fiction Review” that will help you to understand the movie properly and in chronological order.

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The Pulp Fiction Review

Let’s start with the Pulp Fiction review. We have mentioned the story of the movie, the cast, and the order in which the movie should be. I myself have watched the movie 4 times to get the proper order and finally made this report on the pulp fiction review.

Pulp Fiction Review – Cast

Pulp Fiction Review - Cast
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The cast of the pulp fiction contains very big names who have justified their roles with their acting skills. In addition the director of the movie, Quentin Tarantino has also done a cameo as Jimmy in the movie.

Real Name Reel Name
John Travolta Vincent Vega
Samuel L. Jackson Jules Winnfield
Uma Thurman Mia Wallace
Harvey Keitel Winston Wolfe
Tim RothRingo/”Pumpkin”
Amanda Plummer Yolanda/”Honey Bunny”
Maria de Medeiros Fabienne
Ving Rhames Marsellus Wallace
Eric StoltzLance
Rosanna ArquetteJody
Christopher Walken Captain Koons
Bruce Willis Butch Coolidge

Pulp Fiction Review – The Story

The characters in the movies are related to the gangster life of the Los Angeles. The movie starts with a couple Ringo and Yolanda deciding to plan a robbery in a restaurant. They gunpoint all the people in the restaurant and the scene ends.

Bred’s Apartment 1

Pulp Fiction Review - Killing Bred
Source: YouTube

Next, the story starts with two gangsters Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega talking to each other. They both work for Marsellus Wallace. Both the hitmen are talking about Tony Rocky who was once their gang member and was thrown out of the window because he foot Massaged Mia, Marsellus’s wife. Vincent was to take Mia out as Marsellus was about to move out of the town. So, Jules tells this story to Vincent in order to warn him.

After the story is up both the men move into an apartment where they find Bret and his friends and ask for Marsellus’s briefcase. They take the briefcase and kill all the boys present there.

Marsellus and Butch

Pulp Fiction Review - Marcellus and butch
Source: Medium

After taking the briefcase from the boys both the men go to a club to meet Marsellus. In the club, Marsellus was taking to a boxer Butch and ask him to lose his upcoming match. To which the Boxer reluctantly agrees.

Vincent and Mia

Pulp Fiction Review - Vincent and Mia
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The next day Vincent before meeting Mia goes to his drug dealer and gets a dose of heroin and keeps it in his coat. After that, he goes to Mia and takes her to a 1950s theme restaurant and asks her about the story of Tony’s Foot massage. To which Mia tells that she met Tony only in her marriage and why was Tony Killed by Marsellus can only be answered by Tony or Marsellus. 

After this Vincent comes to drop Mia and both of them relax there, after that Vincent moves to the washroom and Mia takes out the Heroine Dose from the coat and thinks it is the cocaine and sniffs it. She fell down on the ground and as Vincent returns he got afraid and takes her to his drug dealer. The Drug Dealer gives him the adrenaline injection and askes vincent to stab it into her heart. Lucky it works and Mia came back to reality. This story ends here.

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Butch Childhood Story

Pulp Fiction Review - Butch Gold Watch
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The next story starts with the boxer Butch, he was thinking of his background and the gold watch that his great-great-grandfather has passed them as a sign of their ancestry. All the men in his family were martyrs of the war.

Butch Boxing Match

Pulp Fiction Review - Butch boxing
Source: Kiwi Report

Remembering his family’s pride he Kills his opponent and realizes that he will be killed by Marsellus so he has planned before and asked his girlfriend to move to a motel with all their belongings. He goes straight to the motel and finds that his girlfriend has forgotten to bring the watch. 

Butch In His Apartment

Pulp Fiction Review - Marsellus and Butch
Source: IndieWire

Risking his life he goes back to his house and as he moves in he saw a Mak 10 Gun kept on the table and hears a flush sound. He picks up the gun and as the bathroom door opens he shoots at Vincent and kills him.

He runs to his car and unluckily he saw Marsellus crossing the road. He drives his car on him and another car gets crashed into Butch’s car. Butch starts running and Marsellus runs after him they both start fighting in a shop. The shop owner points the gun at them and takes them to the basement of the shop where they meet a sex slave. The shopkeeper takes Marsellus into the room and tries to sexually exploit him. Butch manages to run but he comes back and kills the shopkeeper and saves Marsellus. After this Marsellus sets Butch free and he leaves with his girlfriend.

Bred’s Apartment 2

Pulp Fiction Review
Source: Los Angeles Magazine

After this scene, the story of the apartment of Bred starts again. There was a boy in the washroom and listening to all of these. He comes out with the gun and shoots at both of them. But luckily both of them manage to kill him. Jules says that he has been saved by the god he is going to leave this job but Vincent said it was thor luck that they are safe.

They take Marwin and the briefcase along with them and in the car, Marwin was accidentally shot in the head and both of them go to their old friend Jimmy and call the expert who helps them in disposing of the body, car, and clothes.

Restaurant Robbery 2

Pulp Fiction Review - restaurant robery
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After this Jules and Vincent go to the restaurant to chilling and relaxing. Jules tells Vincent that he is going to leave the job. Vincent moves to the washroom and at that time Ringo and Yolanda enter the restaurant for robbery. Remember the first scene. Ringo Gun Points Jules and Vincent move out of the washroom and gunpoint Yolanda. Now Jules offers them $1500 and they both leave. And the movie ends.

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Pulp Fiction Review – The Correct Chronological Order

  1. Butch Childhood Story
  2. Bred’s Apartment 1
  3. Bred’s Apartment 2
  4. Restaurant Robbery 1
  5. Restaurant Robbery 2
  6. Marsellus and Butch
  7. Vincent and Mia
  8. Butch Boxing Match
  9. Butch In His Apartment

Now read the story in this chronological order you will get to know the original story the pulp fiction Movie. I hope this Pulp fiction review proves to be useful to you and helps you in understanding the movie in a better and simpler way. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

Featured Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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