Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys | Ahem, Never Mind!!!

questions girls are afraid to ask guys

Any guy you ask can write a whole research paper on how complicated girls are! But you know what? Girls find boys on the other hand more complicated! They can’t decipher what’s actually going inside a guy’s head and what will piss him off? Thus, they refrain from asking certain questions just because they don’t know how they’ll react? Do you want to know what these questions that girls are afraid to ask a guy are? Keep scrolling!

Guys toughen up their expressions and monitor their words so well that the girls can’t get inside their heads! Leaving everything to their own mind to decipher! Thus, shying away from asking sometimes the most important questions that will make or break your relationship!

I bet all guys think that makeup and shopping is everything a girl’s mind is filled up with! And the only trouble they encounter is while choosing their CLOTHES! But Joshua, you’re widely mistaken! Your girl has been filtering out some questions from her list just because she is unaware of your moody ass!

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I bet you’re wondering what all these questions are which has made our Bettys confused and too afraid to ask! So, here comes the moment of great revelation!

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Girls Psychology:

questions girls are afraid to ask guys
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Girl’s minds are very deep but not complicated as they’re labeled as. All they want is a loving and understanding partner that has plans for their future! But you know what? This thought also scares them! They want the guy to automatically understand a few things and don’t want to voice out their concerns at times. Thus they hold themselves back from asking questions that will surely give them assurance.

In the guy’s collection of jokes, I bet this one is also there where a woman says- “I want him to bring me flowers and don’t want to tell him so, because if I told him, he surely would”. This is no laughing matter boys, this is actually how women’s psychology works! They want you to want to do something special for them without actually telling you to do so!” it should purely be your efforts and considerate, loving behavior. Well, I delved too much into dating tips but the moral of the story is “The girls won’t say!” Now let’s look at what all they wouldn’t, especially those questions that they are too afraid to ask!

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List of Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

questions girls are afraid to ask guys
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  1. What do you think about marriage?

This is the most important question that girls tend to avoid asking a guy. This is because they don’t want to be too forward with things and simply don’t want you to reconsider your relationship! And that too just because she said so. Also, they don’t want to scare you into commitments that you may or may not be ready for yet!

  1. Do you talk about me to your friends?

Another Icebreaker! We girls want to know what you’re telling your buddies about us? Do you also like to talk about how much you love or care for us to your friends? They’re simply curious because this only shows how much you think about them throughout the day! And then they don’t ask that because guys, get a clue! If they simply ask you, you may give them answers they may or may not like hearing. Here obviously I think most of you will say yes, but how do we know? We’re not there! 

  1. What do you actually think about my imperfections?

This is the most revolving question in the minds of your girls! They want to know how you think of their imperfections? Do our stretch marks bother you? Well, we aren’t asking because- don’t want to hear your answers! Why? You might just lie for the sake of assuring us and who wants that? Plus if you’re a Sagittarius boyfriend, then your harsh truth might just hurt us! 

  1. Is make-up good or No-good?

We all know how guys say, “I prefer your usual natural self”, but how do we get assured? Do you really stand by what you say? Is doing makeup or no makeup good? Anyways we won’t be following your advice and thus not even asking in the first place! 

  1. Are you keeping something from me? AKA lying?

Now hide your lying ass in the corner as your lady has been worried about the same. They don’t want to make you feel that they don’t trust you but are still worried if you stand by that trust or not? Hence, not asking you this question as any adverse answer from you would lead them into reconsidering the whole relationship in the first place! 

  1. Is this all about intimacy?
questions girls are afraid to ask guys
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This question is on the mind of all ladies, #100% They want to know if you’re in it just for sex? Or are you looking for something deeper? But you know why they aren’t asking, firstly because they respect you and secondly, they’ll know if you lie!

  1. Do you see me as a mother of your kids?

Now, these are some future plans in action! Girls want to know if you see them as wives of your kids or not! They want to know how deeply in love are you with them and are you even considering a lifelong partnership? But not asking because obviously, they love you and don’t want any adverse-dramatic reactions affecting her negatively, especially the relationship! 

  1. Do you find my periods nasty?

Girls are especially sensitive during their periods and not forgetting those worse mood swings! Thus they always wonder if you’re already fed up with their complaining behavior during periods. Not forgetting those bumps on our faces that we get, do you find them nasty? These are the questions the girl asks while being on periods! 

  1. What if I get fat and unattractive?

So yeah, Joshua? Are you only in a relationship because our Betty is pretty? The girl wants to know – what if she wasn’t? What would you do if she gets fat? Would you break up and go look for some nice chick? 

  1. Do you compare me with your past lovers?

Being lied to and compared to are most No-No for any girl. Especially they don’t want you comparing them with your exes! They don’t want to hear things like Veronica cooked or kissed better! You better not say these things to your girls as it can drive them into questions like- Is he comparing me with all his exes? But you know why they aren’t asking, because what if you are comparing her and that would be simply hurtful! Or simply they don’t want to be thought of as shallow! Thus they keep it to themselves! 

questions girls are afraid to ask guys
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  1. Does PDA (Public Display Of Affection) bother you?

This is another important question in the mind of our ladies that constantly bug them! So why not let Joshua answer for this in our comments section! Do you think Betty getting too chummy in the public is no good? Or how much PDA is too much PDA? Is it bad holding hands in public or maybe even kissing! Girls like to express their love no matter what PLACE! They’re just marking their territory to ward off the bugs! But they don’t want to tell you this of course because they don’t want to be seen as insecure! So they seal their lips instead!

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Some other things that bother girls but they don’t ask! 

  1. Does my past bother you?
  2. What would you think if I made the first move?
  3. Does it bother you that I’m more successful?
  4. How do I know when you’ve lost your interest in me?
  5. Does my inadequacy bother you?
  6. Am I a good kisser?
  7. Did you ever think of cheating on me with that other girl?
  8. What do you do with your friends? Should I be worried?
  9. Do you compare me with Instagram models?
  10. What would your actual reply be if someone bad mouths me?
  11. Are you protective of me?
  12. Do you get jealous when I’m with my guy friends?


Source: Thought Catalog

Many questions revolve around a girl’s brain that she doesn’t ask, sometimes out of respect or to save her relationship! Thus guys should always provide constant reassurance to their partners so they don’t think too much. As the words which stay unspoken for long, create huge misunderstandings later on! Thus to avoid any such mishaps, communication is very important! 

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