“Raising Dion Season 2” is releasing soon? The wait is finally over

Raising Dion is an adaptation of the author Dennis Liu and illustrator Jason Piperberg. The show is created by Carol Barbee and indulge the audience with its high drama and mystery genre. Streaming on Netflix from 2019, the show is already considered as a big hit and a success that becomes massively popular lately. The show is all about the son of a widow, who finds her son producing mysterious superpowers and hence finds herself in difficulties to raise her child alone. However, Pat, who is the best friend of the child’s father, becomes a great help to the widowed mother.


Yes, it seems the wait is over. The show released its first element back on the 4th of October 2019 with a bundle of 9 episodes in it. With its 45 minutes of the average time period for each episode, the story hardly might bore anyone. The series got renewed for the next sequel in the month of January this year. And as a result, the production may start in 2020 sooner or later. This brings the premiering of its sequel date, which is sure will be in the year 2021 and by far at the beginning of 2022.


The crooked man is the main villain in this series, and it is revealed that Pat, Dion’s father’s best friend is the only one who is under that mask of crooked man. His powers are originally the reason because of his presence in the aurora event that took place in Iceland in 2010. Although he is the main villain, he is dying within himself as similar to the Flaura and Fauna in Iceland which has got infected to a certain disease. It is also revealed in the series that the reason for the death of our hero i.e Dion’s father Mark Warren was none other than but Pat himself. In order to cure his disease, and to survive, he had to absorb other people having skills inside himself. And mistakenly he had absorbed Mark while focussing on another fellow which had the ability, called Charlotte Tuck.

In the beginning, he didn’t know about Dion’s superpower but later when he gets introduced to Dion and the abilities that can cure him, he aims more on acquiring Dion. Charlotte is later been absorbed by Pat and he utilizes Dion’s powers to cure himself by helping him in his abilities. But as always the hero wins, Dion to wins by beating Pat with an acquaintance from his friends and mom. The souls of powerful beings trapped in Pat’s body set themselves free, and Dion’s father being one of those, is also freed from Pat’s body. However, during this process, the absorbing power of Pat gets restraint on Brayden Mills’ body, who also owns superpowers as Dion gained from his father. The story effectively shows the bond of father and son, hence Dion believes that he can bring his loving father back to life by using his abilities or using some new ideas.

Season 2 of Raising Dion might see the coming back of the father back to life. As its a fictional story the doors for all possibilities should be kept open. Mark Warren can actually get a larger screen time than in the preceding elements. Although its shown that Pat is been defeated by Dion in the 1st season, his possibility of returning back also seems high. It’s on the creators to drive the story in which direction. Also, we might be able to enjoy the 2nd generation duo rivalry of Dion and Brayden, who gained the absorbing power after the Pats defeat. The other side of the series is how the widowed mother, Nicole, takes care of her child alone who is developing the extraordinary powers in himself. Hence, the second season might continue to opt for showing Nicole’s struggle to raise Dion furthermore.


The cast and the characters in the show are as follows:

Alisha Wainwright as Nicole Reese, Ja’Siah Young as Nicole’s son, and also the main character as title Dion, Jazymyn Simon plays as Nicole’s older sister named as Kat. Esperanza Jimenez is played by Sammi Haney, who is in the story as a close friend of Dion, Dion’s godfather, and his father’s best friend Pat Rollins’s character is played by Jason Ritter. While the father of Dion is played by the executive producer of the show, Michael .B. Jordan himself by the name of Mark Warren, who is notably dead in most parts of the series. Adding to the previous names, there isn’t any announcement on who may be added to the list but it seems almost all cast remains the same, except some of them.

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