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ramy season 3

Ramy broke the stereotypical portrayal of American Muslims that every other show is guilty of! This comedy-drama series won the hearts of many when it first premiered in 2019 on Hulu and was renewed for 3 seasons! Season 1 and season 2 of Ramy are already out and for those of you wondering about Ramy Season 3, keep reading!

Ramy Youssef (played the character of Ramy Hassan on show Ramy) amazed the audience the world over with his spectacular performance. He received many awards for his role in Ramy and one of the prestigious awards he was honored with is – “Golden Globe award for best actor!”

So are you wondering when will Ramy season 3 grace our screens and add colors to our seemingly boring 2021? Well! Hulu renewed Ramy for a season 3 in July 2020 but as of September 2021, no announcements have been made that show us when season 3 will release! So to all fans, this is a disappointing discovery! But a healthy guess has never killed anyone and we can speculate that the series might come out late 2021 or early 2022, who knows?

Ramy season 2 ended on lots of somber notes which we will be discussing ahead! So if you haven’t watched Ramy yet, then SPOILER ALERT!!

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All About Ramy And Ramy Season 3

Ramy season 3
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Ramy is an American comedy series with lots of religious anecdotes! This story shows us the real world of a true Muslim family and how their desires are at times, constricted by the same religion they ardently follow (the philosophy of Haram). 

This comedy series was created by the joint efforts of Ramy Youssef, Ari Katcher, and Ryan Welch, and premiered on Hulu in 2019. The series was renewed to season 2 right after the month following its premiere, owing to how much it was appreciated by the audience world over! Ramy has IMDb ratings of 8/10 and 96% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans went gaga over how perfectly Ramy Youssef portrayed the character of Ramy Hassan!

Hulu announced the renewal of Ramy in July 2020 so the fans who are worried if they will get to see more of Ramy should rest assured! Even though the release dates of the same have not been announced yet, we can speculate that late 2021 to early 2022 is the time when Ramy might grace our TV screens and adds bunches of laughter with his indecisive personality!

Ramy Plot

ramy plot
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The story of Ramy revolves around an American Muslim-Arab family of Egyptian migrants! This story throws light on lots of religious nuances of the Muslim world and doesn’t fall short of depicting the split ideologies and the events showing how the generation gap affects our daily choices. Where some live under the clutches of religious teaching thinking every step has a moral repercussion, some are not fond of the same thinking. 

Ramy is all about character development while keeping religious sentiments intact! It shows how our decisions in life are affected by the morals and teachings we live up to and how sometimes these same old teachings become the chain that binds us! 

Ramy is about the Hassan family that makes us glimpse into the life of American Muslim families and how American culture has affected their lives.

Ramy Hassan, a devout Muslim follows his religious practices, keeps fast, and follows the codes of Ramadan! But here’s a thing, he is also a man driven by his natural nature and gives in to his natural urges which lead him into not-so-good circumstances that obviously have huge repercussions at last (like his marriage with Zainab!)

This is the story of Ramy’s life where he creates blunders but is responsible enough to set them all right! But we all know how this ends up! DISASTROUSLY! And this is the thing to note! No matter if you’re Christain, Muslim, Hindu, etc, you all are humans and we all commit mistakes! So strict standards are good, but they also make us walk on a stranded narrowed-down path that denies exploring what all this world has to offer. Thus, Ramy proves to be a well-depicted story of an ordinary Muslim-American family!

Ramy Cast

ramy cast
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Ramy has amazed us with its spectacular cast that has done justice to all the characters! With Mahershala Ali on board, the series had already raised stakes on how good their cast was going to be! 

This series has a recurring main cast that can be seen in both seasons 1 and 2! If there’s a season 3 of Ramy, then we surely will be seeing them play their part again! Here’s a list of actors and their roles in Ramy!

  • Ramy Youssef as Ramy Hassan
  • Mohammed Amer as Mo
  • Hiam Abbass as Maysa Hassan
  • Dave Merheje as Ahmed
  • Amr Waked as Farouk Hassan
  • May Calamawy as Dena Hassan
  • Laith Nakli as Uncle Naseem
  • Steve Way as Steve Russo
  • Shadi Alfons as Shadi 
  • Kate Miller as Vivian
  • Jade Eshete as Fatima
  • Michael Chernus as Michael

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Ramy Season 1 and 2 Episodes

ramy season 1 and season 2 episodes
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Ramy has a total of 2 seasons so far and has a total of 20 episodes! The running time per episode is approximately 23-43 minutes! If there’s a season 3 of Ramy, then we will surely see a total of 10 episodes in it like its other seasons! Find more details on season 1 and season 2 below!

Ramy Season 1 (2019)

EpisodesEpisode TitleDate Of release
1Between the ToesApril 19, 2019
2“Princess DianaApril 19, 2019
3A Black Spot on the HeartApril 19, 2019
4StrawberriesApril 19, 2019
5Do the RamadanApril 19, 2019
6RefugeesApril 19, 2019
7Ne Me Quitte PasApril 19, 2019
8Saving MikaelaApril 19, 2019
9Dude, Where’s My Country?April 19, 2019
10Cairo CowboyApril 19, 2019

Ramy Season 2 (2020)

EpisodesEpisode TitleDate Of Release
1Bay’ahMay 29, 2020
2Can You Hear Me Now?May 29, 2020
3Little OmarMay 29, 2020
4Miakhalifa.movMay 29, 2020
53riana grandeMay 29, 2020
6TheyMay 29, 2020
7Atlantic CityMay 29, 2020
8Frank in the FutureMay 29, 2020
9Uncle NaseemMay 29, 2020
10You Are Naked in Front of Your SheikhMay 29, 2020

Ramy Season 3 Release Date

ramy season 3 release date
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No announcement has been made regarding Ramy season 3 release date! All we know of is that the show has gotten a thumbs up and is up for renewal! But when will it grace our screens, no one knows! Let’s wait patiently till we get more updates on it.

You can watch shows like Ramy while waiting for some news to pop up regarding its updates! Here are a few recommendations for you!

  • Crashing
  • High Fidelity
  • Man Seeking Woman
  • Bojack Horseman
  • Lodge 49
  • Insecure
  • Fleabag
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Atlanta
  • Master Of None

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Ramy Season 3 is up for renewal and we still do not know when this comedy-drama series will hit our screens again! Smart speculation would lead us into believing that late 2021 or early 2022 is the time! But that can not be said for sure. So for all of you impatient peeps, why not watch a series like Ramy for a while to get the good Dramedy feels! I’m sure you will love binge-watching them while waiting for your favorite show to pop up!


Is Ramy renewed for season 3?

Ramy got renewed for a season 3 in July 2020. However, the release date of the same is unknown till now. All we have to do is wait till further news comes out!

Did Ramy get Cancelled?

You all need to be rest assured as your favorite dramedy series, Ramy is not canceled! Ramy has been renewed for a season 3 but still do not know when it will grace our TV screens!

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