6 Best Real Estate Social Media Sites For Real Estate Agents To Grow Their Business!

Best Real Estate Social Media Sites For Real Estate Agents

Want to grow your business? Use the best Real Estate Social Media Sites and kick start your business growth from scratch to peak. Real Estate Social Network can act as a pushing factor for your businesses. Here in this post, we’ll discuss various important factors for real estate social media marketing.

If you go out and search on Google, you’ll find several sites that claim to work wonders for your business. But how to know which one works best for your business? To solve this problem, our team talked to real-time estate agents and asked them about their strategies to grow their business. We were surprised to know that out of hundreds of options, most of the real estate agents trust some 5-6 social media platforms majorly.

Social media is a vital source for sharing ideas and advertising online. Real Estate Agents get benefitted from these sites as the users spend most of their time on these sites. Want to know which are the best Real Estate Social Media Sites according to most real estate agents? With its growing popularity in recent times, Instagram takes a spot in the top 6 best Real Estate Social Media Platforms that performs well for all small and big businesses

Curious to find out more about such sites? Without further ado let’s take a quick tour of all these Real Estate Social Networks. Buy, sell, or promote your business on these sites and enjoy the greatest benefits online.

6 Best Real Estate Social Media Sites

To generate leads for any business you need to have the right skills. It’s very important to share the right ways, the right content, and a clear vision of what you are and what you do as a business owner. Use these amazing social media platforms for digital real estate marketing growth. 

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Real Estate Social Media Sites; Facebook
Source: PropertySimple

Whether it’s the entertainment industry, retailing business, beauty pages, or the Media houses, everyone enjoys the benefits from Social Media Platforms. And Facebook is the most widely used social media site among all. Facebook is relatively a low-cost marketing strategy that you as a real estate agent can use to get the best results. 

Create your business page, post pictures and videos of the sale deeds, share contact details, attach a WhatsApp group if any and wait for the customers to reach out to you. 


Real Estate Social Media Sites; LinkedIn
Source: Fit Small Business

Other than searching for jobs and hiring interns for your company, LinkedIn is a great place to stay connected to business leaders. Being active on LinkedIn can help you get business leads in the future referred to by your connections. 

LinkedIn helps you attract clients, real estate investors, property dealers, and landlords. 

Since it’s all about making connections and being on good terms with them on LinkedIn. Make sure you use the best use of this platform by connecting with the right people. 


Real Estate Social Media Sites; Twitter
Source: Inspire To Thrive

From sharing personal opinions to sharing world happenings, Twitter has become the third most loved and used social media platform. 

Why is Twitter the best place for real estate agents? 

It’s because real estate agents get to know industry trends, new models, and ways to drive new business leads. 

Twitter offers opportunities to interact with real-time buyers and sellers. It allows the agents to ask questions and learn the necessary marketing tricks from professionals. In short, this platform is great to help real estate agents with driving traffic to their business model. 


Real Estate Social Media Sites; Instagram
Source: Agents Boost

Aren’t we aware of the power of Instagram and other social media sites? People get viral overnight on these platforms. Think of how much it can benefit your real estate business? 

Real estate agents can show off their sale deeds with the best offers and deals. Since Instagram is amongst the most used social media platforms by all age groups, your ideas are more likely to spread worldwide. 

You can crack great deals using this platform, no doubt! 

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Real Estate Social Media Sites; Zillow
Source: Amazon

Are you a real estate professional? Or are you in search of property? 

Zillow is the right destination for all your housing needs. What makes Zillow one of the best Real Estate Social Media Sites is its free and easy usability. 

Real Estate Agents can make their portfolios for property deeds all for free. Agents can come up with as many pictures of the property as they want with a proper description of it. 

Meet new clients, sell property, buy one or suggest the deals to your loved ones from the site directly. 


Real Estate Social Media Sites; Houzz
Source: Meridith Baer House

Always wanted to create your “dream house” your way? This is the right time for you to make the right decision. Houzz is a social media site used by brokers and commoners too. 

Brokers use the site to search for potential home buyers while common people may use it for renovation ideas and remodeling their dream house. 

Being an active user on Houzz can make a huge difference for real estate agents. They get to interact with local agents and experts too. 

How to Network on Social Media for Real Estate Investors?

A real-time business needs the right platform and the right skills to make it work. Now that you know where to invest your time and money, learn how to do things right. 

Learn various marketing strategies that you can use to aid your real estate investing business. 

1. Build Your Real Estate Social Media Profile

The first step is to step up in the social media Industry. Make a professional account that represents who you are and what you do. 

Mention all your details properly like contact details where people can find you, your email, background, what’s your business about, and similar details. 

Great, you have an official real estate website for your business! 

2. Start Sharing Photos Of Your Properties

Whether you are a home seller or a full-time real estate broker, start sharing the property you want to sell. 

You can also share pictures of your previous happy customers standing in front of the sold property. This adds more real effect to your business and attracts real-time investors. 

3. Share Industry and Market News. 

One important thing to keep in mind while using social media as a real estate agent is to be lively and interactive. 

Don’t just talk about your sale deals or property you own or want to sell. Talk about other industry trends and market news too. Like which land will have more value after 5 years or what talk about the development that will take place in the areas nearby. 

Let people relate to what you are sharing and in between, you can share the sale deeds too.

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4. Take Notes Of What Worked Best For Your Business. 

It’s very important to understand what worked right for growing your business idea. Was it the daily updates that you were posting on your stories or the home tips that you shared on social media? 

This can help you do even well in those benefiting areas and bring positive results in the future. Also, keep checking what other people from the same business background do daily for their business hike and adapt those ideas. 

To Sum Up:

Social media for real estate agents is an essential marketing tool kit. But how to use these platforms and how to grow that depends totally on your actions. 

Don’t just sit and wait for an opportunity to strike your door. Go and create it yourself. In this post, we discussed various real estate social media sites and platforms along with tips to network on social media for real estate investors. 

You can use these sites and all my tips to attract audiences to your business portal, engage with them, plan marketing strategies and bring in more business. 

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