Myriad Reasons A Woman Might Cheat! The Psychology Of Infidelity!!

reasons a woman might cheat

Does your tinder profile make you a cheater in a relationship? What is cheating exactly apart from what we’ve done in our usual exams? What do we actually mean by infidelity? Let’s find all our answers here! Wasn’t Infidelity associated with men all along? Let’s step out of these gender biases and look at the reasons why people in general cheat! Here obviously we’ll be looking at the gender that is almost always regarded as Faithful and all its Synonyms, WOMEN! Let’s identify various reasons a woman might cheat!!!

The definition of a woman in a relationship is often LOYAL and all the synonyms of loyal like faithful! But have you ever wondered when and why these definitions change? OR are they inherently unfaithful that are better than men at hiding their adultery? We’ll have to look at a number of factors to arrive at a conclusion here!

Breaking the commonly held belief here, a survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey (GSS) showed that women (age 18-29) were more prone to cheating than men! What does this say about a woman’s psychology? Nothing except that they are cheaters but are they really? You’d be surprised to know that there are some biological factors that may bring out our polygamous tendencies! Keep reading to find out! 

7 Major Reasons Why People Cheat In...
7 Major Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship

So should you be worried that your girlfriend or wife might be a cheater? I wouldn’t promptly say yes but let’s find out the reasons a woman might cheat!

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Reasons A Woman Might Cheat

Unfaithfulness in women isn’t a new phenomenon and is widely criticized all over the world. But do you know what leads them into this path? There are a couple of reasons that can drive women into the path of infidelity. They can be her own self-perceptions to her partner’s! But before jumping onto the why’s, let’s see what infidelity actually is?

reasons a woman might cheat
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What Is Infidelity?

Infidelity is unfaithful behavior in a relationship that can be both sexual or emotional. If a person who is in a committed relationship with another, shares their partner’s exclusivity, then that act is infidelity. But what is exclusivity here? You’ve all heard of monopoly right? So supposedly if you’re in a relationship, then you’ll be having some sort of emotional or sexual monopoly over your partner! But what if he/she shares your exclusive monopoly rights? That’s a breach of contract! That’s what infidelity is! 

So what are you doing to be considered unfaithful or a cheater? You’re sharing yourself with a person who isn’t your partner, hence conducting infidelity or adultery! It can be both physical or emotional. Disloyalty and unfaithfulness are commonly associated with infidelity. And you can also be considered one if you’re engaging in promiscuous acts online. This means, even if you don’t meet your cheating partner, you’ll still be unfaithful because of the acts you’re doing and hiding from your committed partner.

Infidelity While Dating! Why Does A Girlfriend Cheat On Her Boyfriend?

Unfaithful tendencies in a relationship can be a result of many factors ranging from biological, gender, psychological and emotional. Let’s look at the gender and biological factors! 

reasons a woman might cheat

Gender Factor:

Gender Factors have played a huge role in determining unfaithful behaviors. Men were mostly considered to have disloyal tendencies than women who desire commitment in a monogamous relationship. But researchers have found some surprising facts! It has been observed that financially independent women can engage in a polygamous relationship that is on par with men. Thus, breaking the long-held belief that men are more unfaithful than women!

On the same page, emotional responses according to gender may vary too. Where women recognize emotional Infidelity as more hurtful, men find physical cheating as more damaging. 

In the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, Andreoli-Mathie and his colleagues wrote that men are prone to sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity and the same is the opposite for women. Emotional dissatisfaction may lead to women’s unfaithfulness in a relationship while sexual dissatisfaction can lead to men cheating on their partners. 

Biological Factor:

Anthropologist Helen Fisher states numerous reasons for Infidelity and one of them is biological. According to Helen’s research, it is believed that Infidelity has BIOLOGICAL ROOTS! The research maintained that humans have two brain systems where one responds to romance, the other is motivated by and works on a pure sex drive! Thus, if there’s a disconnect between the two brain systems, it can lead to a person gaining unfaithful tendencies and working purely on their instincts, and looking for sexual satisfaction! 

But this biological factor, if seen through the lens of gender, can be drawn out that a man’s brain might be more prone to this dysfunction as they can go look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere! 

Environment Factors

It is believed that, if a person lives in a challenging environment with competition and stress, then the need for loyalty and commitment increases. But on the other hand, if the environment a person lives in is without any stress, it can encourage unfaithfulness as the need for commitment lowers in this case. 

Now let’s look for reasons why our mothers, wives, or girlfriends might cheat!

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Reasons A Girlfriend Might Cheat:

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Psychologically, there are a number of factors that can lead to women cheating. 

  • Emotional Dissatisfaction- Emotional Dissatisfaction in a relationship can lure women into acts of infidelity. As we all know the phrase, “there are many fishes in the pond!”, Thus, if you don’t give her what she wants, then she’ll surely go look for it somewhere else. As noted above, women look for emotional attachment when in a relationship, thus if the prerequisite is missing, then this can lead them to develop unfaithful tendencies! 
  • Sexual Dissatisfaction- Although not in all women sexual dissatisfaction is a cause for unfaithfulness, but many times it can be the case. If she isn’t sexually satisfied, then she can go look for momentarily pleasure elsewhere. Also, the Journal of sex research has shown that it is one of the three main reasons why women cheat sometimes. 
  • Attention Seeking- Women love attention but sometimes this factor can go a little overboard. If a girl thinks she’s being more taken care of somewhere else, then she’ll go look for that attention. 
  • Revenge- This is your “tit for tat kind” of behavior. If the girl is suspicious of your behavior, then out of spite or anger, she can indulge in a relationship elsewhere which she may or may not regret later. 
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  • Thrill- If there is a lack of excitement and thrill in a relationship, then this can too lead to Infidelity. Women come into a relationship with certain expectations in their hearts. If these expectations aren’t met, then she might go look for it somewhere else! 
  • Validity-  Psychological findings have shown that people with low self-esteem go look for the same elsewhere, that is outside! If a woman has low self-esteem, then she’ll look for validation everywhere. This at times may lead her into seeking the same from a partner that isn’t her own! 
  • Unhappiness- An happy person will always seek fun and a lonely person will seek company! If a girl lacks happiness in her relationship, then she’ll surely go out in search of the one who gives her that happiness. 
  • Fallen Out Of Love- This is the most simple reason where a woman can commit Infidelity. If she no longer loves the person she’s in a relationship with, then she will look for reasons to break up in search of finding a new lover. 

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reasons a woman might cheat
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Men have long been blamed for having promiscuous polygamous relationships but women are no better in that regard. There can be a number of reasons for a woman’s unfaithfulness and these reasons may not be gender-specific. Anyone, may it be a girl or a boy, can and will go searching for what he/she is lacking! 

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