5 Reasons To Believe In Astrology And Natal Charts!

Reasons To Believe In Astrology

Have you ever wondered why so many people believe in astrology? Is there any strong evidence or scientific security behind their belief? For centuries people have been trying to base their lives on signs. 30% of people from the U.S. believe in astrology. Do you believe in signs and stars? In this post, I’ll be talking about the 5 most reliable reasons to believe in astrology that attracts most of the people out there.

According to psychologists, there are many reasons why a person can be attracted to astrology. Yes, astrology indeed has no scientific basis!! But it’s an art, not a science. Secondly, some things are beyond science. People often search for reasons to believe in astrology. But the truth is you just need that willingness to see beyond the rational and astrology will provide you the lens.

Studies have shown that people are often pulled by the stress and anxiety factors towards astrology. We as humans always tend to seek narratives about our past, present, and future. That’s where astrology drives in. While there can be so many reasons to believe in astrology, most of the time it’s the accurate readings in astrology that work as a driving force towards astrology. Here find out more reasons to believe in astrology.

There are so many lifestyle apps available online to find out your daily horoscopic readings. Do you know astrology is often called manipulative science? Why is it so? Is it true? Well, this can better be understood through the Barnum effect.

Why Do People Believe in Astrology? – The Barnum Effect!!

The Barnum Effect: Reasons To Believe In Astrology
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Do you believe that horoscopes can tell you something about what will happen in the future? Whether astrology or horoscopes, fortune tellers, or psychic mediums, there is a history of people claiming to possess paranormal insight.

A long line of believers willingly looks for their advice. But why might someone believe in such claims? 

Barnum Effect

An explanation to this question is the Barnum Effect. Barnum effect is a psychological phenomenon that we have all likely fallen for at some point.

The Barnum effect describes the tendency for people to accept generalized personality descriptions as accurate descriptions of their unique personalities.

For example, if someone tells you any generalized fact like “ there are problems in your life but you are dealing with them strongly” or “you are worried about your future”, 95% chances are there for these statements to be true for everyone.

We all are worried about our careers, we all have some or the other problems in life. But when we get to hear about our lives from a third person, especially an astrologer, we tend to believe it more. That’s what the Barnum effect is all about!! Pretty generalizations!!

Reasons To Believe In Astrology

Here are the 5 reasons that make you believe in astrology truly. For ages, it has been providing results to people and the chain keeps ongoing.

Astrology provides customized Self Reading

Astrology provides customized Self Reading: Reasons To Believe In Astrology
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Think of having a blueprint of your life ahead!! Umm! Is it possible? 

Yes, with astrology, it is possible. Astrology is especially aimed at creating your personalized life map to guide you through your lows and highs, to help you know when is the right time to do something and when the time’s not in your favor, to help you come over the big and small obstacles of your life.

Your horoscope reveals so much about you. You like, dislike characteristics, personality, destiny, nature, etc. Each planet’s placement has something unique to tell you about in your chart.

It’s not like astrology gives you complete confirmation that nothing bad will ever happen to you. It’s just like giving you pre-signs that something vital or good or bad is going to happen to you. To prepare you for the changes ahead and to tell you what can be done to seize the opportunities coming your way.

It’s like a road map of your life. Created precisely through your birth details astrological charts are as unique as your fingerprints.

Get to know your Weaknesses and Strengths and Work On Them

Get to know your Weaknesses and Strengths and Work On Them: Reasons To Believe In Astrology
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One of your biggest strengths is that no one is you. Everyone is created differently and has different traits. We all have certain weaknesses and strengths too. 

Astrology keeps a track of your strengths and weaknesses through your unique signs like the sun and moon. And one of the best things about astrology is that it is like a mirror. If you reveal your strengths, it puts front your weaknesses too. Nothing is hidden from you.

Some of these qualities are by birth and some are attained as we grow up. Now how much to believe in them? Well, believing and not believing are completely up to you. It’s just that astrology throws light on some paths that can be beneficial for you in the long run. And if you are willing to polish your skills in that direction, there are chances for positive results.

Astrology has been proven a Lifesaver for many!! 

Astrology has been proven a Lifesaver for many: Reasons To Believe In Astrology
Source: Horoscopius Astrology App

No hard rules, no pressurizing, no fake promises, just proven results!! 

It’s fine to think that if astrology did good to one person, it still doesn’t guarantee that it will do good to others as well. 

You never know what will happen next to you. But with astrology, you can find out what’s happening next. Not like revealing the event that will be happening in your life, but will alert you with signals of good and bad.

Astrology has changed so many lives. So many people saved themselves from mishappenings by following the provided suggestions. That’s why it can be called a lifesaver!! You can save yourself from a lot of pain and suffering just by following the suggestions and precautions suggested to you in your birth chart.

The best part is that you don’t lose anything. If you follow the advice well, if you don’t, then also it’s all right. Nothing to lose at all!! 

Provides an Insightful and Progressive vision!!

Provides an Insightful and Progressive vision: Reasons To Believe In Astrology
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Astrology is insightful and progressive as it tells you to move on no matter what happens!! 

There are bad times, there are good times. But holding onto the past will never set you free to enjoy your present. 

Astrology gives a much broader insightful reading of the coming time. It helps you come out of the past and pushes you towards fresh beginnings.

Astrology motivates you by showing new positive paths to look up to and leave the past happenings behind. You grow only when you learn to let go of your past.

Rituals Protect Us From Rationality

Rituals Protect Us From Rationality: Reasons To Believe In Astrology
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Another entry in the list of reasons to believe in astrology is rituals. What are these rituals? 

Most of us have faced this, especially if we belong to an Indian family, that wearing certain colors can allow and restrict good luck in life. Like in many families some colors are considered inauspicious. Likewise, there are other things like foods to eat and avoid, etc. Rituals are performed to have cognitive biases. Astrology is also considered a type of ritual to manifest cognitive biases. 

Astrology is a belief system. For people who believe in astrology, it means so much. For those who don’t, it’s just a myth and calculated perceptions. What’s your take on astrology? Do you find these reasons to believe in astrology reliable? Or like many others, do you also believe it’s just a play of numbers? Do share your view with us in the comment section below!

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